Clive James on his late flowering: ‘I am in the slightly embarrassing position where I write poems saying I’m about to die and then don’t’

4 October 2014

Poetry, civilisation and the critical benefits of facing leukaemia


What will it take for us to stop doing business with Qatar?

4 October 2014

We’ve let the desert state face both ways on funding extremism

A police horse guards Buckingham Palace, 1937

The lost horses of London

4 October 2014

The city of the horse and carriage is gone. But some traces remain...


Cameron is, deep down, a Tory radical cutting back the state. It’s time he admitted it

27 September 2014

It's time for the Prime Minister to make up his mind. Will he seize the chance to reshape British politics?

British Treasury Secretary Danny Alexand

How an Oxford degree – PPE – created a robotic governing class

27 September 2014

Most of our prominent politicians studied the same subject at Oxford. Is it any wonder we’re so badly governed?


Vaclav Klaus: the West’s lies about Russia are monstrous

27 September 2014

An interview with the former Czech president, possibly the West’s last truly outspoken leader


The Manchester dogs’ home fire has shown up our strange attitude to animal suffering

27 September 2014

There is a glaring double standard in our adoration for our pets and our tolerance for intensive farming


Do adults really need to be taught about the moment of ‘consent’ in sex?

27 September 2014

They should be left in their digs to learn on the job


Michael Fallon: after Iraq, we need to think about bombing Syria.

27 September 2014

An interview with the new, hawkish Defence Secretary

Barbara Hepworth’s St Ives garden

Artists’ houses

27 September 2014

I’m not sure what took me to Salvador Dalí’s house in Port Lligat, but it sure as hell wasn’t admiration. As a public figure, I hold him alone responsible for… Read more


The Union is saved – but at what cost?

The Nos have it, but Britain has been left a divided country. How did our politicians get the referendum battle so wrong?

Photo: Getty

The brutal truth? Britain lacks the reach to bring any ISIS killer to justice

20 September 2014

Politicians’ promises to bring those who murder British hostages to justice almost never come true

Photo: Jonathan Nackstrand/Getty

The fatal mistakes of Sweden's David Cameron

20 September 2014

Here's what he should teach the British one


I thought I loved motorbikes – until I tried a Cessna

20 September 2014

Nothing beats taking to the air when you’re piloting the plane yourself


Women on Facebook are too bitchy even for me

20 September 2014

I love my Facebook friends. They make me feel young again. But the fighting is preposterous

Photo: Mary Turner/Getty

When women bishops come, here's where conservative Anglicans will go

20 September 2014

The Anglican Mission in England looks like a support group. But if required, it could turn into rather more than that


Henry Kissinger interview: ‘I don’t see the wisdom there once was’

20 September 2014

The former US Secretary of State, now 91, on statesmanship from Richelieu to Obama

Deal: a zoo of domestic architectural styles

Drunkenness, theft, fighting and smuggling: the indiscreet charm of Deal

20 September 2014

It's not as rough as it was in Daniel Defoe's day, but it remains a town for people who won't be told what to do


'Please, stay with us': the best of Spectator readers' letters to Scottish voters

13 September 2014

It's not about economics – it's about Britain, its values, and what might be destroyed if the country is snapped in two


Countries shape character (so get ready to like Scots less)

13 September 2014

'National character' is real, and it's not simply down to geography, language, religion or even genetics


So, Ken Livingstone, do you like Boris personally? 'No'

13 September 2014

The former mayor on Ireland, Scotland, his great rival, and his right-wing Uncle Ken


The secrets of London's Athenian golden age

13 September 2014

Democracy and competition – the spirit of the best of ancient Greece – are what make my city great


From a field of bones to a field of dreams: Brian Lara on how cricket is bringing hope to Rwanda

13 September 2014

Cricket has provided education and direction in the lives of thousands


A summer's social whirl, from Bette Midler to Satan

13 September 2014

Nicky Haslam's notebook of a season of laughter and sadness


How to Ed-proof your portfolio

13 September 2014

The investment winners and losers if Balls and Miliband get in