We've got gay rights, now let's have gay responsibility

5 April 2014

Monogamy matters, and not just for straight people


Before you talk about 'Lessons from Rwanda', read this

5 April 2014

I saw what happened. I will never forget the smell of death. And I don't trust anyone who says 'never again'


Michael Lewis vs Wall Street's new predators

5 April 2014

His latest book has started a war of words. It deserves to

Illustrated by Carolyn Gowdy

The Visit

5 April 2014

A reprint of Clarissa Tan's first, award-winning Spectator piece

Roger’s version: the mosaic of Christ Pantokrator in Cefalù cathedral

Secrets of Sicily

5 April 2014

An island of myths and wonders


It's time to reclaim Islam from the fanatics. Here's how

29 March 2014

Can my religion be reconciled with free expression? The answer is yes


Please stop trying to raise my awareness

29 March 2014

Once, campaigners and charities tried to fight social evils. Now they just tell us about them


Why Simon Stevens - more radical than most Tories - may save the NHS

29 March 2014

Simon Stevens may make more difference as chief executive of NHS England than anyone has yet realised


Why I won’t let my children learn French

29 March 2014

It’s ‘the language of human rights’, says François Hollande. Not in Africa it isn’t


Let Putin have Crimea – and it will destroy him

29 March 2014

Why losing this province could be the making of Ukraine

Women Pickets

The equal pay bomb that could wipe out public sector jobs

29 March 2014

Birmingham's £1 billion settlement on 'comparable jobs' makes outsourcing look very attractive

A street in Madrid: there is something more interesting behind the sunny façade…

The right way to see Madrid

29 March 2014

It's not the idealistic, innocent city you might walk through at first. It's more interesting than that


How to buy your way into the British establishment

22 March 2014

Money isn't quite everything. But it's getting there

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin  l

Putin is making the West's Cold Warriors look like fools

22 March 2014

For all the anti-Russian rhetoric, we've been exposed as posturing, weak and divided


Is Hamas finally losing its grip on Gaza?

22 March 2014

With Egypt closing the tunnels, its economy is in trouble


The joy of less sex

22 March 2014

I used to think nothing would ever be more important. I was wrong


I don’t want to rate the restaurant. I want to rate the date

22 March 2014

Why are customer satisfaction surveys always for the wrong thing?


Why working class grandparents are better than middle class ones

22 March 2014

Working-class people do grandparenting right. Middle-class ones, increasingly, don't


When I pick the right share, I shout about it. And here’s what I do when I get it wrong...

22 March 2014

The confessions of a newspaper stock tipster


The bull market is five years old. Does that mean it’s nearly over?

22 March 2014

Share prices have had a long rise, yes – but not an exceptionally steep one


How to tell a tech bubble from a tech revolution

Technology investing has come a long way since the dotcom bust

Marte Armitage's ‘Cobweb’ in turquoise and taupe, available at Hamilton Weston

I never thought I'd write about wallpaper. But I'd never seen wallpaper like Marthe Armitage's

22 March 2014

These hand-printed patterns aren't just charming or even lovely – they're magical


I always defended Michael Gove. Then I met him

15 March 2014

My fellow children’s writers hate the Education Secretary. Now I finally understand why

Chemistry Class

Teacher training’s war on science

15 March 2014

There’s an increasing amount of evidence about how we learn.But you won’t hear about it at teacher training college

The Prime Minister And Education Secretary Open A Free School In Birmingham

Schools need freeing from the right as well as the left

15 March 2014

And free schools are doing that