An education revolution in seven bullet points

6 September 2014

 • In practice most of the changes are designed to make exams tougher. From a student’s perspective, the most challenging reform is the abolition of modular examining. All exams will… Read more


Why many Tory MPs think they'll lose – and some want to 

6 September 2014

Some Conservative MPs are planning their careers on the assumption that the election is already lost

New Counter-Terrorism Measures To Be Announced

After Carswell, the Eurosceptics have Cameron over a barrel

6 September 2014

Douglas Carswell's defection gives others on the Tory right new leverage – and they're not afraid to use it

Probably not coming to Holyport College: the Eton Wall Game

A new way over the wall

6 September 2014

By sponsoring academies, public schools can not only justify their charitable status but can extend their influence, says Ross Clark


'Unless you're pushing it, it will go backwards': Justine Greening's warning on social mobility

6 September 2014

The International Development Secretary says her party needs to get back to Thatcher's message of aspiration for all

Helmut Kohl

Revealed: the Kremlin files which prove that Nato never betrayed Russia

6 September 2014

Secret official records contradict the stab-in-the-back myth that justifies Russian expansionism


Early editions

6 September 2014

Contributing to a homegrown school magazine can inspire a passion for writing that endures into adulthood, says Emily Rhodes


I know that Richard Dawkins is wrong about Down’s syndrome, because I know my son

6 September 2014

Eddie is capable of living a fulfilling life, and if he’s a luxury society can’t afford then that’s not a society I want to live in


Pushing the right buttons

6 September 2014

The changes being introduced in teaching computer science are long overdue, says  Rhiannon Williams


Libya's boat people, and Italy's tragic folly

6 September 2014

The 'mare nostrum' policy has acted as a magnet for boat people; the crisis is only growing

Second Television Debate Between Alex Salmond And Alistair Darling

The surprise winners from the referendum? Scotland. Politics. Big ideas are back at last

6 September 2014

This campaign has brought back conviction politics. It’s been as invigorating as a seaside walk on a raw and windswept spring morning

Girls sitting South Korea’s famously competitive university entrance test. North London Collegiate offers IBs instead

Escape from the hothouse

6 September 2014

Molly Guinness visits the British school that’s giving Korean children a more rounded alternative to their country’s fearsome exam culture

The BNP Hold A Demonstration In Central London

Is Britain hardening its heart against Muslims?

6 September 2014

Attitudes in this country are still tolerant. But current headlines give reason to fear that might change

Sicily’s answer to the Cotswolds: Ragusa

Sicily – notes from a large island

6 September 2014

This isn't some Italian Isle of Wight. It's an ancient cultural treasure with enough variety in landscape for a continent


Great masters

6 September 2014

It only takes one excellent teacher to transform someone’s entire school career, says Mark Palmer


Decline and rise again

6 September 2014

Verb says to noun, ‘Would you like to conjugate?’ Noun replies, ‘No, I decline.’ A nice witticism for Latin-lovers brought up on L.A. Wilding’s Latin Course for Schools; but do… Read more


History of art needn't be a subject just for posh public-school girls

6 September 2014

Lara Prendergast says it’s a shame that the study of history of art fails to flourish in state schools

Going green remains a pressing obligation that schools cannot afford to ignore

It is easy being green

6 September 2014

Johnnie Kerr on how one school’s efforts to overhaul its ancient heating system will end up saving both energy and money


More than just paying the bills

6 September 2014

Mark Milling on the role of a modern school bursar


Hard times

6 September 2014

Why are the greatest schools in literature so steeped in Gothic severity? By Harry Mount


Pipe dreams

6 September 2014

The tuba defeated John Newton as a schoolboy. Now, as a headmaster, he’s taking it on again


Tough luck, old boys

6 September 2014

Contrary to public perception, there are ever fewer Old Etonians in Parliament, says Tim Wigmore


Keeping the flame alive

6 September 2014

A religious ethos still makes a real difference in education, says Abbot Aidan Bellenger


Revealed: The hidden crisis in Britain's ambulance services

30 August 2014

Paramedics are fleeing. Needless callouts are mounting. When will the government notice?


Igor Strelkov: the face of Russia's frightening future

30 August 2014

Ultra-nationalists like the bizarre Igor Strelkov are the force that Putin feels most need to bend to