Only Muslims can stop more terror attacks

17 January 2015

Neither they, nor their religion, stand accused. But nor, for all our sakes, can they stand aside

60 Years Wed

The rise of ‘living apart together’ – and why I’ve stopped doing it

17 January 2015

I know it could all be over by springtime. But I think this time I’ll stay

UK Braced For Further Storms As Rain And Snow Bring More Flood Misery

How long will it be before the climate forces us to change?

17 January 2015

To judge by the story of the little ice age, there will be decades of terrible suffering before we adapt


Archbishop John Sentamu on why politicians are like men arguing at a urinal

17 January 2015

The Archbishop of York on immigration, poverty and persecution

Beauty and exhilaration: hunting in Norfolk

The sheer joy of hunting

17 January 2015

It’s the simple pleasure of being out in the field, watching the hounds do what they do best, and discovering the pure beauty of the sport


Welcome to the election race that everyone will lose

10 January 2015

Even if David Cameron or Ed Miliband secures a majority, the next parliament looks impossible to handle


Stephen Hawking is a mysogynist. And The Theory of Everything is a whitewash

10 January 2015

Based on his first wife’s memoir, the film refuses to tell her complicated and disturbing story

Enoch Powell

The deep instinct that Britain’s immigration debate still ignores

10 January 2015

No politician today would dare to speak about a ‘national soul’. No one will believe them until they do

Mu'ath Safi Yousef al-Kaseasbeh was burnt alive by Isis. The wider objective is to give Isis a media significance that distorts our sense of its power

Isis has conquered the media. It's not doing as well on the ground

10 January 2015

The Islamic State’s real social media skill makes commentators too willing to believe its shaky territorial claims

Winter Hits Germany

The charming little airport that ruins thousands of holidays

10 January 2015

Chambéry airport just isn’t built for peak skiing season – as I discovered in the most unpleasant way


Check yourself: have you succumbed to this corporate speak epidemic?

10 January 2015

Soon the day will arrive when someone asks ‘Would it be OK if myself puts yourself on hold?’


The Tory barrister who defended the Krays and Dennis Nilsen on why Chris Grayling has gone too far

10 January 2015

Famed criminal barrister and former MP Sir Ivan Lawrence on why he went up against the Justice Secretary and the duties of a defence lawyer

Incredible shrinking county: the tides at Freshwater Bay

How the NHS silenced a whistleblowing doctor

3 January 2015

Pity the healthcare professionals who dare to speak out about problems in the NHS


Elizabeth is about to become Britain’s longest-reigning queen. Here’s how she’s changed monarchy

3 January 2015

Whatever has or hasn’t happened over the last 63 years and seven months, we have shared a single blessing of ‘steadiness, staying-power and self-sacrifice’


Barack Obama: anatomy of a failure

3 January 2015

The President is heir to a mistaken sense of America’s place in the world. But he has played a bad hand poorly

Bob Dylan Performing In England

Bob Dylan and the illusion of modern times

3 January 2015

To grasp the real shape of recent history, you have to stop using yourself as a measure


Return of the fairy-hunters

3 January 2015

An eccentric English tradition acquires some new academic firepower


Why I detest clothes with words on

3 January 2015

And as for carrying a clutch bag made in the image of a book…


Onsen: dive into another side of Japan

3 January 2015

Soaking in piping hot springs, the tranquillity, the beautiful settings, the deep sense of relaxation — I can’t get enough


The beautiful Balkans on horseback

3 January 2015

There’s no better way to see Bulgaria’s mountains


Brazil: Rio without the grande

3 January 2015

Ed Cumming seeks a seething city’s quiet side


My perfect island – and the posher one next door

3 January 2015

The more you pay for your Maldives holiday, the more privacy you can expect, and the less chance there will be of dancing

Dallas’s art deco Fair Park

Dallas, city of culture

3 January 2015

That famous painter George W. Bush must fit right in

Johannesburg: a city trying hard to revamp its image

Low life’s Limpopo legend

3 January 2015

Around a safari campfire, they’re still telling tales of Jeremy Clarke