I thought I loved motorbikes – until I tried a Cessna

20 September 2014

Nothing beats taking to the air when you’re piloting the plane yourself


Women on Facebook are too bitchy even for me

20 September 2014

I love my Facebook friends. They make me feel young again. But the fighting is preposterous

Photo: Mary Turner/Getty

When women bishops come, here's where conservative Anglicans will go

20 September 2014

The Anglican Mission in England looks like a support group. But if required, it could turn into rather more than that


Henry Kissinger interview: ‘I don’t see the wisdom there once was’

20 September 2014

The former US Secretary of State, now 91, on statesmanship from Richelieu to Obama

Deal: a zoo of domestic architectural styles

Drunkenness, theft, fighting and smuggling: the indiscreet charm of Deal

20 September 2014

It's not as rough as it was in Daniel Defoe's day, but it remains a town for people who won't be told what to do


'Please, stay with us': the best of Spectator readers' letters to Scottish voters

13 September 2014

It's not about economics – it's about Britain, its values, and what might be destroyed if the country is snapped in two


Countries shape character (so get ready to like Scots less)

13 September 2014

'National character' is real, and it's not simply down to geography, language, religion or even genetics


So, Ken Livingstone, do you like Boris personally? 'No'

13 September 2014

The former mayor on Ireland, Scotland, his great rival, and his right-wing Uncle Ken


The secrets of London's Athenian golden age

13 September 2014

Democracy and competition – the spirit of the best of ancient Greece – are what make my city great


From a field of bones to a field of dreams: Brian Lara on how cricket is bringing hope to Rwanda

13 September 2014

Cricket has provided education and direction in the lives of thousands


A summer's social whirl, from Bette Midler to Satan

13 September 2014

Nicky Haslam's notebook of a season of laughter and sadness


How to Ed-proof your portfolio

13 September 2014

The investment winners and losers if Balls and Miliband get in

Scotland Prepares For Independence Vote

What it means for your savings if Scotland votes yes

13 September 2014

It’s time to take this referendum seriously. That may mean moving your money

A perfectionist at work, 1937

The perfectionist builder I always wanted

13 September 2014

It was one cowboy after another. Then a friend introduced me to Artur


Exams: the great leap forward

6 September 2014

GCSEs have already begun to change, and the A-level revolution comes next year. Sophia Martelli considers who benefits from the new rules – and who doesn’t

An education revolution in seven bullet points

6 September 2014

 • In practice most of the changes are designed to make exams tougher. From a student’s perspective, the most challenging reform is the abolition of modular examining. All exams will… Read more


Why many Tory MPs think they'll lose – and some want to 

6 September 2014

Some Conservative MPs are planning their careers on the assumption that the election is already lost

Probably not coming to Holyport College: the Eton Wall Game

A new way over the wall

6 September 2014

By sponsoring academies, public schools can not only justify their charitable status but can extend their influence, says Ross Clark

New Counter-Terrorism Measures To Be Announced

After Carswell, the Eurosceptics have Cameron over a barrel

6 September 2014

Douglas Carswell's defection gives others on the Tory right new leverage – and they're not afraid to use it


'Unless you're pushing it, it will go backwards': Justine Greening's warning on social mobility

6 September 2014

The International Development Secretary says her party needs to get back to Thatcher's message of aspiration for all


Early editions

6 September 2014

Contributing to a homegrown school magazine can inspire a passion for writing that endures into adulthood, says Emily Rhodes

Helmut Kohl

Revealed: the Kremlin files which prove that Nato never betrayed Russia

6 September 2014

Secret official records contradict the stab-in-the-back myth that justifies Russian expansionism


I know that Richard Dawkins is wrong about Down’s syndrome, because I know my son

6 September 2014

Eddie is capable of living a fulfilling life, and if he’s a luxury society can’t afford then that’s not a society I want to live in


Libya's boat people, and Italy's tragic folly

6 September 2014

The 'mare nostrum' policy has acted as a magnet for boat people; the crisis is only growing


Pushing the right buttons

6 September 2014

The changes being introduced in teaching computer science are long overdue, says  Rhiannon Williams