Children At Auschwitz

When a survivor of Auschwitz asks for your story, what do you say?

8 March 2014

I didn’t know. I still don’t


If homophobia is a problem for bobsled, why is it OK for cricket?

8 March 2014

The Twenty20 World Cup and a tale of sporting double standards


Notes on... Venice

8 March 2014

The inspirational power of a unique city


Why David Cameron's 'Northern Alliance' may reshape Europe

1 March 2014

He may finally have the allies he needs to remake the EU

Kenneth Baker

Back to school with Lord Baker

1 March 2014

The former Education Secretary is still set on reform at 79


I’m scared to admit to being a Tory in today’s C of E

1 March 2014

Believe me, it’s not easy to be a Tory in today’s C of E


The joy of online hatred

1 March 2014

If you're tough enough, there's nothing more bracing than an online bitch-fight


George Osborne's letter from Australia

1 March 2014

After that flight, I know what their ministers have been putting up with all these years

Viking Defeat

The night that saved England

1 March 2014

If King Alfred hadn’t escaped the midwinter raid, the country as we know it might never have existed

The Rainbow Portrait of Elizabeth I at Hatfield

The great art of country houses is still getting better

1 March 2014

At Chatsworth and Waddesdon Manor, and other places, the tradition of patronage lives


Vladimir Putin's new plan for world domination

22 February 2014

After Sochi and Crimea, the world


The Environment Agency cares more about wildlife than people

22 February 2014

In fact, if you're a depressed river mussel, it's handled the floods perfectly

Women's Rights Marchers, 1969

Don’t you dare tell me to check my privilege

22 February 2014

Today’s left is a competition in shouting one another down

WASHINGTON, D.C.., NOVEMBER 6, 2013: British comedians Sanderso

The church of self-worship: Sunday morning with the atheists

22 February 2014

I’ve never been asked about my beliefs at a regular church service. Sunday Assembly was different


Why has Britain signed up for the world’s most expensive power station?

22 February 2014

MPs owe it to the taxpayer to throw out the Hinkley Point deal


Ian Buruma’s notebook: Teenagers discover Montaigne the blogger

22 February 2014

Plus: A discussion in George Soros’s flag, the irrationality of Vladimir Putin, and the mystery of Britain’s brilliant actors


Investment trusts – the way the City saves

22 February 2014

My favourite investment class is finally coming back into fashion

Shale Gas Drilling Operation By Polish State Gas Operator

You, too, can be a shale profiteer

22 February 2014

How to get a slice of the fracking action


The American economy vs gravity

22 February 2014

Reality may be about to reassert itself after an extraordinary hot streak

You’ll think you’ve gone to heaven: Lynmouth pier

A perfect haven of peace in north Devon

22 February 2014

We needed a break. We found one


Revealed: how green ideology turned a deluge into a flood

15 February 2014

Somerset saw the floods coming. The Environment Agency should have, too.

The British Academy Film Awards - Heads On Sticks

And the prize for most fatuous awards ceremony goes to...

15 February 2014

Gosh, has the competition ever been tougher?

Taylor Swift's RED Tour - London, England - 2/10/2014

Why I've started my own Mail Online

15 February 2014

Media moguls aren’t philosophers. So it’s time for philosophers to become media moguls

Race Demo

Britain has many major problems - racism isn't one of them

15 February 2014

It has less prejudice than the countries where I’ve lived before – and more people taking offence

60 Playmate Bunnies Celebrate Playboy's 60th Anniversary

I’m nearly 60. I’m still interested in sex. Is that a problem?

15 February 2014

In defence of 'dirty old men'