Netanyahu Meets With Cameron

Israelis don’t care that we hate them. But they’d like to know why

15 March 2014

Travels in the Millwall of the Middle East


The battle against the dog police

15 March 2014

Councils are banning dogs from places they’ve been walked for generations. Here’s how owners are fighting back


Crimean notebook: ‘They’ll have to break all my bones to make me a Russian citizen’

15 March 2014

Where the men with unmarked uniforms walk the streets, rebellion is stirring

Paris in the springtime: the Jardin des Plantes


15 March 2014

No city really multitasks like Paris, shorthand for romance, culture, fashion, gastronomy and the kind of street life you find on Robert Doisneau calendars. The £69 Eurostar return opens up… Read more


Europe's 'new world order' is letting Vladimir Putin run riot

8 March 2014

Pax Americana died six years ago. We're now seeing what has taken its place


Today Crimea, tomorrow Estonia?

8 March 2014

In Estonia, what's happening in Ukraine looks painfully familiar


Is any kind of sex still taboo in literature?

8 March 2014

Yes. But there are novelists working on that…


Patrick McLoughlin on HS2, rebellion and Ukip

8 March 2014

The Transport Secretary and former miner admits High Speed 2 won't be through parliament by the next general election


How the politically correct garden grows

8 March 2014

Beauty and pleasure have made way for moralising


Simon Callow’s notebook: What it’s like to lose at an awards ceremony

8 March 2014

Plus: Being Shakespeare (and Mary, and Judas, and Pontius Pilate)

Children At Auschwitz

When a survivor of Auschwitz asks for your story, what do you say?

8 March 2014

I didn’t know. I still don’t


If homophobia is a problem for bobsled, why is it OK for cricket?

8 March 2014

The Twenty20 World Cup and a tale of sporting double standards


Notes on... Venice

8 March 2014

The inspirational power of a unique city


Why David Cameron's 'Northern Alliance' may reshape Europe

1 March 2014

He may finally have the allies he needs to remake the EU

Kenneth Baker

Back to school with Lord Baker

1 March 2014

The former Education Secretary is still set on reform at 79


I’m scared to admit to being a Tory in today’s C of E

1 March 2014

Believe me, it’s not easy to be a Tory in today’s C of E


The joy of online hatred

1 March 2014

If you're tough enough, there's nothing more bracing than an online bitch-fight


George Osborne's letter from Australia

1 March 2014

After that flight, I know what their ministers have been putting up with all these years

Viking Defeat

The night that saved England

1 March 2014

If King Alfred hadn’t escaped the midwinter raid, the country as we know it might never have existed

The Rainbow Portrait of Elizabeth I at Hatfield

The great art of country houses is still getting better

1 March 2014

At Chatsworth and Waddesdon Manor, and other places, the tradition of patronage lives


Vladimir Putin's new plan for world domination

22 February 2014

After Sochi and Crimea, the world


The Environment Agency cares more about wildlife than people

22 February 2014

In fact, if you're a depressed river mussel, it's handled the floods perfectly

Women's Rights Marchers, 1969

Don’t you dare tell me to check my privilege

22 February 2014

Today’s left is a competition in shouting one another down

WASHINGTON, D.C.., NOVEMBER 6, 2013: British comedians Sanderso

The church of self-worship: Sunday morning with the atheists

22 February 2014

I’ve never been asked about my beliefs at a regular church service. Sunday Assembly was different


Why has Britain signed up for the world’s most expensive power station?

22 February 2014

MPs owe it to the taxpayer to throw out the Hinkley Point deal