2067: the end of British Christianity

13 June 2015

Projections aren't predictions. But there's no denying that churches are in deep trouble


Jonathan Portes, master of the political correction

13 June 2015

These days, when lefties are losing an argument, they nitpick until it looks as if they’ve won


Adultery websites should be as unacceptable as race-hate websites

13 June 2015

If we believe marriage is a social good, we must act on that belief


Why I love undertakers

13 June 2015

If you have seen your fair share of dead people, you’ll know what a relief it is to have the corpse removed

EU Arrest

We should celebrate Magna Carta by abolishing the European Arrest Warrant

13 June 2015

The European Arrest Warrant is incompatible with our traditions. If the only way to abolish it is to leave the EU, let’s leave

The Battle of Waterloo on 18th Juny 1815, 1816. Artist: Anonymous, 19th century

How the French won Waterloo (or think they did)

13 June 2015

Napoleon’s decisive defeat? Nonsense! It was a moral victory. Or at least a score draw…

Life on the fast track: Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

13 June 2015

Just so you don’t get it confused with the City That Never Sleeps, Tel Aviv — my favovurite place on earth — now markets itself as the Non-Stop City and,… Read more


Treat the NHS as a religion, and you give it the right to run your life

6 June 2015

Increasingly, we’re allowing the health service to boss us around to a ridiculous degree


The big fat myths of our ‘obesity epidemic’

6 June 2015

Childhood obesity is falling. Adult obesity is flatlining. And it’s longevity that really costs the NHS


The Charles Kennedy I knew, by Danny Alexander

6 June 2015

He was a phenomenally gifted politician, and a Highland crofter to his core

President Obama Welcomes Leaders And Delegations From The Gulf Cooperation Council

Why Saudi Arabia is kicking back against the USA

6 June 2015

It’s not just a new king. It’s a new world – one where desert oil is suddenly less important

First In The Nation Republican Leadership Summit Held In New Hampshire

Crazy runs for president don’t look so mad when you see what happens next

Laughably improbable candidates are an essential part of the process — and many of them do pretty well out of it…

Kate Middleton sits alongside Professor Louise Richardson (Photo: Getty)

How come our cash-strapped universities can afford so many administrators?

6 June 2015

As academic staff suffer and ever more power is granted to donors, one slice of university staff seem to be doing very well


Why I joined the smiley-face cult

6 June 2015

All my female friends are addicted to emoji. And now I finally understand

Would he rather have had the money?

How to buy a father’s day present (if you must)

6 June 2015

Sad, I know, but most men would much prefer the money


How to defeat a caliphate

30 May 2015

Private military contractors have a bad name, but a great record against the Islamist insurgency in Nigeria


Iraq may not have the will to survive – and that’s not even the biggest problem

30 May 2015

Airy talk of sending in troops distracts us from the hard work and tough thinking necessary to secure the international order


Smash Isis now – or we’ll all pay later

30 May 2015

We must assassinate its leadership and destroy its sense of destiny. US hesitation endangers the entire Middle East

BA Cabin Crew Staff Meet To Discuss The Recent Strike Action Ballot

Why is Len McCluskey paying Carter-Ruck to threaten me?

30 May 2015

In some cases, heavy legal tactics are a sign of strength. Not, I fear, in this one


‘The problem isn’t that we’ve been slaves to free markets’: Joseph Stiglitz interview

30 May 2015

The left’s favourite economist on setting capitalism free


A piece of primeval England reborn in Sussex

30 May 2015

At Knepp Castle, where once there was a modern, unprofitable dairy farm, something very special is happening

Russia's President Vladimir Putin And Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban News Conference

Why Viktor Orban could be David Cameron’s new best friend

30 May 2015

The controversial Hungarian prime minister is perfectly placed to be a bridge between Britain and Germany in EU negotiations

Alpine joys in summer

You don’t have to be super-rich to enjoy St Moritz in summer

30 May 2015

The snow is gone, but so are the designer-clad Russians and their bodyguards


Michael Gove vs the lawyers - his toughest fight yet

23 May 2015

The Justice Secretary's new mission makes education reform look like child's play


Should we fear a Mugabe-style land grab in rural Scotland?

23 May 2015

The rise in Scottish nationalism may have implications for landowners and immigrants alike