Death online

The brave thing now: don’t write about your death

25 July 2015

In the age of social media, ‘breaking the final taboo’ is becoming de rigueur. But death is taboo for good reason


Is popping bubble-wrap like sex – or just like killing ticks?

25 July 2015

We need releases for our nervous energy, and resistance-followed-by-surrender sensations do seem to work

Please don’t faint: Florence at sunset

The first things you should do in Florence

25 July 2015

Once you’ve been, you’ll be back. But everyone needs somewhere to start


The enemy's enemy: how Arab states have turned to al-Qa’eda

18 July 2015

Fear of Isis is leading the Arab states to lend support to the lesser of two evils


Please come on holiday to poor, broken Greece. It needs you

18 July 2015

Despite the sadness, it feels very safe here. Even the riot police are relaxed, cheerfully feeding the birds


The world’s most wanted people-smuggler

18 July 2015

An Ethiopian called Ghermay Ermias is the dangerous and elusive criminal behind Europe’s migrant crisis

Clerical Crowd

God’s management consultants: the Church of England turns to bankers for salvation

18 July 2015

Justin Welby wants to focus on growth – and has City high-flyers on hand to help him do it. Can he take his fractious Church with him?

Red Riding Hood

Why a wolf’s place is not in the kitchen…

18 July 2015

The fad for owning animals from films is a reflection of humans’ disrespect for nature

British actor Christopher Lee poses for

Who dares lies: why do so many men pretend to have been in the SAS?

18 July 2015

Christopher Lee never exactly lied about his creditable wartime record, but he encouraged its embellishment. It’s a surprisingly common story


Meet the Tories’ Welsh Wizard: an interview with Stephen Crabb

18 July 2015

Stephen Crabb, the working-class Welsh Secretary with a fondness for Margaret Thatcher

Selling power: a Spitting Image Thatcher puppet

Which political souvenirs are worth hanging on to

18 July 2015

Some signatures are ten a penny – others will fetch serious money


Unions vs workers – this is David Cameron’s chance to strike back

11 July 2015

We shouldn’t put up with this blackmail and arrogance — and with a majority Tory government, we don’t have to


The hunting ban could be gone soon – but the hypocrisy will linger on

11 July 2015

Cameron looks like making good on his promise to deal with the worst law of our time. He still won’t admit to enjoying hunting, however

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is greeted by Pope Francis during the Ordinary Public Consistory at St. Peter's Basilica in February (Photo: Franco Origlia/Getty)

The return of Benedict XVI

11 July 2015

The Pope Emeritus has not vanished into monastic silence. He’s still offering comfort for those who prefer his vision to that of Pope Francis

Migrants warm up beside a campfire on the Macedonian-Greek border (Photo Robert Atanasovski/Getty)

Ali Baba and the 300 hostages: the kidnappers who prey on desperate migrants in Europe’s border badlands

11 July 2015

In the ‘Wild West’ between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia, being beaten up and robbed is far from the worst that can happen


My letter from Harper Lee

11 July 2015

Keeping out of the public eye doesn’t stop her being sharp-eyed, curious and impeccably well-mannered. I have the evidence


Susan Hill’s French notebook: My struggle to avoid local cuisine

11 July 2015

Plus: the Champagne conspiracy; overstaffing in action; and the glory of French storms

Tides of wealth: Polzeath beach

Would Betjeman recognise anything about today’s north Cornwall?

11 July 2015

The new-build houses, the galleries, the 4x4s… it’s a long way from sand in the sandwiches and wasps in the tea


'We need a new word for crisis': the view from Athens

4 July 2015

The cash machine queues are calm – for now. But where does it go from here?


Let's fight terror - by holidaying in gorgeous, welcoming Tunisia

4 July 2015

The worst possible response to these horrible killings would be to abandon the country to the Islamists


Osborne’s false prophet: why Jim O’Neill will never deliver a ‘northern powerhouse’

The economist entrusted with reviving the North is a Goldman Sachs B-teamer who spouts airline-lounge nonsense

England v New Zealand - 5th ODI Royal London One-Day Series 2015

Hallelujah! The England cricket team is fun again

4 July 2015

Few would have expected it before the start of the summer, but we have an Ashes worth looking forward to


If Putin comes, the Poles are waiting - a report from Nato's new frontline

4 July 2015

Nato’s Exercise Noble Jump was an impressive sight – and a deeply ominous one


The wonderful, vanishing world of the handwritten letter

4 July 2015

The people in your postbag as a newspaper columnist could not be more different from those who comment online

First he brought limp salad, and now it’s drizzling

The pitfalls of picnics (and how to avoid them)

4 July 2015

Drizzle, dressed salads and the failure to pack a spare gazebo – most of these are problems that can be solved