Danny Alexander on Scottish independence, income tax, Nick Clegg and George Osborne

21 June 2014

An interview with the coalition’s senior Scot


The only trouble with Tel Aviv – flying there doesn’t feel scary any more

21 June 2014

Plus: Orthodox beaches, the rise of Israeli bacon, and a breakfast request


Churchgoing is good for you (even if you don’t believe in God)

21 June 2014

Forget being ‘spiritual but not religious’. It’s much better to be religious but not spiritual

A Pearl by any other name: the Rosewood hotel

From prisons to offices to police stations – London's turning everything into hotels

21 June 2014

And they're good hotels, too


It's not just schools – Britain has let Islamists run riot

14 June 2014

The Birmingham schools row is the logical outcome of years of weak policy and political correctness

Muslims Gather To Condemn Extremism In The UK At Baitul Futuh Mosque

British mosques aren't that moderate after all

14 June 2014

In America, most mosques profess to teach a version of Islam adapted to the modern world. That's not what I've found here...

Michael Owen

I'm sick of pretending not to care about the World Cup. Come on England!

14 June 2014

Let's drop the cynicism and support Roy Hodgson's England team

Granville Sharp

The conservative anti-slavery hero who Belle leaves out

14 June 2014

Granville Sharp was not the sort of young radical that films like Belle celebrate. That’s exactly why we should remember him


You're never alone with a Kindle

14 June 2014

Ebooks are turning reading into a communal event. And that’s a good thing


How the NHS fails new mothers on breast-feeding

14 June 2014

So much distress could be spared if a breast-feeding counselling service could be available universally and on demand

More than just a pretty place: Salzburg

Salzburg – more than just a ridiculously pretty place

14 June 2014

It's the touch of darkness underneath the Mozart and Von Trapp trimmings that makes it so fascinating


France's political system is crumbling. What's coming next looks scary

7 June 2014

Marine Le Pen has the centre-right in her sights. And Hollande has no clue and little hope


A Russian occupation and a veterans' revolt – it's D-Day all over again

7 June 2014

Notes from Normandy as the 70th anniversary approaches


Two stonings and a beheading – witnessing Islamic justice

7 June 2014

A tipper truck dumped heaps of red sandstone for those without sin to fling at the women under their shrouds


Why Weight Watchers doesn’t deserve taxpayers’ money

7 June 2014

To keep weight off you need to understand and control your diet. That’s the opposite of what happens at slimming clubs

Mary and Papa, Downing Street, July 1942

‘Papa told us everything’: Winston Churchill and the remarkable Mary Soames

7 June 2014

Churchill’s youngest daughter did her country great service – in the war and after


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain – what Putin's really up to

7 June 2014

Russia’s foreign policy has become a ‘Wizard of Oz’ mixture of fake grandiosity and real menace

A place to sit and dream: Co. Wexford

The wonders of Wexford

7 June 2014

It's more than an opera festival – great as that is


Ukip aren’t going away – and David Cameron has no idea what to do

31 May 2014

The Prime Minister’s sniffy attitude to some of his own natural supporters seems quite likely to cost him power

Ronald Reagan (R) and Margaret Thatcher

The revolution the West needs (and won't get)

31 May 2014

Without a smaller state, decline is inevitable


Why Ken Loach hasn’t made a decent film since Kes

31 May 2014

He’s so keen to parade the virtue of those he feels have been robbed of a voice that his work sinks under the weight

Daily Life In Kiev Ahead Of The Ukrainian Presidential Election

Viktor Yanukovych’s palace is full of tasteless treasures – and London auction-house tags

31 May 2014

A little bit of Britain in Ukraine’s newest tourist attraction

Sweden v England - Group D: UEFA EURO 2012

Meet Alex Salmond’s secret weapon: the England football team

31 May 2014

Nothing makes Scots feel more Scottish than the World Cup – especially when the other lot are playing


Jonathan Dimbleby’s notebook: In defence of Chris Patten

31 May 2014

Plus: The glories of the Chelsea Flower Show, and the secret to a good night at the opera


Humans hunger for the sacred. Why can’t the new atheists understand that?

31 May 2014

Look at life under communism, and you’ll see why religion will never die