A jobs miracle is happening in Britain, thanks to tax cuts. Why don't the Tories say so?

21 March 2015

If a jobs boom also creates demand for immigrants, it is apparently too embarrassing to mention


How we drive our children mad

21 March 2015

If Britain really does have a youth mental health crisis, it’s not hard to see why


A lesson in bias on private schools

21 March 2015

The ‘rigorous review’ for DFID of private education in poor countries is anything but


I know just the vicar for my parish church. Pity he’s fictional

21 March 2015

Church of England recruitment ads are full of leftism and management speak. Here’s what I’d prefer


The real Iran-US deal is happening in Iraq

21 March 2015

In the battle against Isis, two separate spheres of influence are emerging

Cheeky Squirrel

What to do with a squirrel (without getting prosecuted)

21 March 2015

Well, you could set it an obstacle course. Or serve it up with shallots

The guilty man: Johann Strauss

Vienna is a crossroads of the world again – but something’s missing

21 March 2015

A city of dark doorways and guilty secrets, Vienna is beautiful, romantic, but never nice


The end of childhood - what we lost when we dropped the age of consent

14 March 2015

For a society obsessed with paedophilia, we're disturbingly comfortable with sexualising childhood

Melinda Gates, Clinton Foundation Release Report On Status Of Women And Girls

Why Hillary Clinton always seems to have an inbox full of scandal

14 March 2015

Hillary’s presidential race will be over an obstacle course


Andy Burnham interview: 'I wanted a different approach, because I'm mainstream Labour'

14 March 2015

The shadow health secretary on NHS scandals, Hillsborough and his party's leadership


Ten years after the ban, why are there still hunt saboteurs?

14 March 2015

It’s clearly not about animal welfare. But then it never was

Detail relief depicting warriors on horses, from Palace of Ashurbanipal, Nineveh, Iraq

When Isis destroy ancient monuments, it’s not always true that ‘people are more important’

14 March 2015

Civilised people balance the short-term interest of one generation against the values enshrined in the past, and the right of future generations to share that past


Sorry, but I can’t hate Atos. Here’s why

14 March 2015

When my Employment Support Allowance was stopped, I was angry and upset. But looking back, it was a turning point in my life


Exciting new ways of not writing a novel

14 March 2015

Procrastination used to be an honest business – cleaning the bath, putting CDs back in their cases. Now we have Google

Prime Minister David Cameron Delivers His Keynote Speech At The Conservative Party Conference

The teachers who (quietly) miss Michael Gove

14 March 2015

Yes, he’s unpopular – except with the people who can see the results

Jawaab explained

14 March 2015

It is not easy to be young, British and Muslim. Since the atrocities of 9/11 and 7/7, the media has been awash with stories of the threat of terrorism and… Read more

Manet would recognise it: the Jardin des Tuileries

Seeing Paris through Impressionist eyes

14 March 2015

The National Gallery gave me a new perspective on a familiar city


The shocking truth about police corruption in Britain

7 March 2015

It’s a growing problem. But they’re hunting whistleblowers instead

Muslims Celebrate The Festival Of Eid In London

Where the battle for the future of British Islam is being fought – and perhaps lost

7 March 2015

Unless we’re to have a religious underclass, we need activist groups like this one

Illustration by Carla Millar, after Banksy

What Ukip wants: get Farage elected, then prepare for a Labour collapse in the north

7 March 2015

It all hinges on Farage winning South Thanet. But what if he doesn’t?


Interview: George Osborne's Manchester manifesto

7 March 2015

The Chancellor on elected mayors, northern cities and the need for ‘a bit of the Michael Heseltine’

"Rapid Trident" Military Exercises In Western Ukraine

It’s Nato that’s empire-building, not Putin

7 March 2015

Two sides are required for a New Cold War — and there is no obvious need for an adversarial system in post-Soviet Europe


Shelling, militiamen and shattered villages: welcome to eastern Ukraine’s ceasefire

7 March 2015

Here, near the airport, the war has never really stopped. Soon it will resume everywhere

A reliable escape: Mikrolimano

Grim, generous, decaying and hip: the paradoxical charms of Athens

7 March 2015

Is a ‘new’ Athens emerging from the smog of ages and the rubble of a collapsed economy? Maybe…