Cockfighting: the last, hidden link to Bali’s warlike past

3 January 2015

The island’s image as a new-age nirvana isn’t much older than the middle-aged hippies who love it

The parks are empty and the landscapes are yours

If you want a real safari, head to Botswana

3 January 2015

Kenya has the rush hour of ungulates, the gang bang of predators — but Botswana offers consistently superb encounters with wildlife


Black flags and Christmas lights: a letter from Beirut

13 December 2014

The assumption here is that Lebanon will be the next place the jihadis target


What’s behind the Boris Johnson show?

13 December 2014

To interview the Mayor of London is to witness an extraordinary performance


Penelope Lively’s notebook: Coal holes and pub opera

13 December 2014

Plus: Seasonal Shakespeare with six-year-olds

Christmas Choir

The threat to Christmas carols – and how to save them

13 December 2014

Singing, like swimming, is natural, healthy and intensely pleasurable — but you have to try it to know


The transvestite, the fat cyclist and the woman from Chest Monthly: writers' tales of weird dates

13 December 2014

Stories of the path of romance from A.L. Kennedy, Jack Whitehall, Celia Walden, Toby Young and many others

UKIP Prepares For Rochester And Strood By-Election

How to fix Britain’s immigration crisis (without leaving Europe)

13 December 2014

The problem Ukip has highlighted is real. But there are better solutions


Europeans no longer fear Germany. But do the Germans still fear themselves?

13 December 2014

The need for a ‘more active foreign policy’ clashes with the deep-seated pacifism of the federal republic


David Hare’s notebook: The National Theatre belongs to taxpayers, not corporate sponsors

13 December 2014

Plus: The forward-thinking elderly, and agreeing with a critic


Why are we abandoning the Middle East's Christians to Isis?

13 December 2014

If the Christians of Iraq and Syria are to survive, they may have to do it in Acton


The Christmas lunch

13 December 2014

A short story by Nina Stibbe, illustrated by Carolyn Gowdy


Alexander McCall Smith’s notebook: America vs my diet

13 December 2014

Plus: Changing manners in baseball caps and grammar

Ofsted Chief Inspector visits school

Has the Chief Inspector of Schools really gone rogue?

13 December 2014

Sir Michael Wilshaw must revamp his power-crazed organisation


Edie Campbell’s catwalk notes: the joys of the hunt ball, and mystery of Grozny fashion week

13 December 2014

Plus: Trying to interview a model, and glamour in Earl’s Court


Interview: Alex Salmond’s game plan for the Commons

13 December 2014

Scotland’s former first minister on the allure of the Queen and Prince Charles – and the defects of Cameron and Miliband


Pippa Middleton on wine, fishing and Kim Kardashian

13 December 2014

Plus: Eulogy for a church, and my first go at country dancing


Valérie Trierweiler’s notebook: Christmas as a singleton

13 December 2014

Plus: Throwing out books, and #BringBackourGirls


Straight white males are the winners in the sexual counter-revolution

13 December 2014

Forget the culture war rhetoric. We squares have won


Alan Turing's last victory

13 December 2014

Once secret, then misrepresented, the story of Bletchley Park has become a worldwide cult

Berlin And Ladies

From the archive: Sound of the season

13 December 2014

How ‘White Christmas’ invented the modern festive song

Illustrated by Michael Heath

The Servant

13 December 2014

A Christmas short story by Mark Forsyth, illustrated by Michael Heath

The aurora: you really have to see it for yourself

The Northern Lights

13 December 2014

Getting here took a long time. First a flight to Seattle, then a connection to Fairbanks, followed by a coach to Coldfoot Camp and a final stage by minibus. It’s… Read more


The difference between real journalism and Russia Today

6 December 2014

It looks like a news channel. It talks like a news channel. It says whatever Putin wants

Credit: Fast FT

Putin's great gamble is about to backfire

6 December 2014

Since the invasion of Crimea, Russia's President has been conducting an experiment in anti-western rebellion