Warning: upspeak can wreck your career

15 February 2014

A caution to my daughter that’s worth passing on

Here are little towns as pretty as any in Tuscany

The Marche

15 February 2014

It's always meant to be the next Tuscany. It's still blessedly quiet


Alex Salmond is within striking distance of victory. Why hasn’t England noticed?

8 February 2014

We could be seven months away from the end of Britain. It's time to worry


America’s right still hates Hillary Clinton. And it still can’t stop her

8 February 2014

The next president and the people she drives crazy


The comedy club theory of dictatorship

8 February 2014

If you want to understand mass hysteria, watch a second-rate stand-up pick on an accountant


The quango state: how the left still runs Britain

8 February 2014

David Cameron’s government continues to subsidise its enemies

A little girl climbing into the confessi

Forgive me, Father

8 February 2014

What Catholics really talk about in the confession box


How the first world war inspired the EU

8 February 2014

How the first world war inspired the EU. And why its supporters won’t tell you

Bear-faced exploitation

Valentine’s Day

8 February 2014

One of the many things I love about my wife is that she doesn’t make me do anything for Valentine’s Day. Bloody Valentine’s. It brings nothing but resentment and misery.… Read more


Britain's accidental one-child policy

1 February 2014

Why big middle-class families are an endangered species


Why we should let Faroe islanders hunt whales

1 February 2014

It's one of the world's most ancient traditions - and it does little lasting harm

London 2012 - London Transport

The case against London cabbies

1 February 2014

It's time to end the archaic privileges of taxi drivers

Palestinian men at the Israeli West Bank barrier (Photo: Uriel Sinai/Getty)

Israel's other A-bomb

1 February 2014

It's not only Iran that threatens the Jewish state


Will Test cricket survive the Age of India?

The coup at the ICC - and its consequences

Russian gay icons: Sergei Diaghilev and Igor Stravinsky (Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty)

Sochi Olympics: Why picking on gays has backfired so horribly for Vladimir Putin

1 February 2014

This time, Russia's thuggish president has picked on the wrong minority

Bantry Bay

South-west Ireland

1 February 2014

Of course one feels free on a holiday: that’s what holidays are for. But I have rarely felt freer than when my younger brother, two wild Irish cousins and I,… Read more


Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East's 30 year war

25 January 2014

Why the great Sunni-Shia conflict is getting ever closer to the surface


MPs grope men too

25 January 2014

It's tough being young and blond in the Commons. I should know

South African Relief Group Reaches Refugees In Famine Stricken Somalia

Why foreign aid fails - and how to really help Africa

There just isn't the political will, in Britain or elsewhere, to really act on our analysis

Taken lying down: Thomas Edison demonstrates the cat-nap, Virginia, July 1921

America's war on sleep

25 January 2014

It all goes back to Thomas Edison

Sesame Street Live charactors (L-R), Ern

Agitprop for toddlers: the oddly strident politics of CBeebies

25 January 2014

Children's shows now put environmentalism ahead of entertainment


Clarissa Tan's Notebook: Why I stopped drinking petrol

25 January 2014

Plus: The problem with Michelangelo's David; Florentine food is actually Cantonese food

The Algarve: a risky place for occasional golfers

Golf in the Algarve

25 January 2014

My second tee shot soared high and straight, then hurtled down towards the lake; a repeat of my first. I didn’t hear the disheartening plop this time because the breeze… Read more

Benefits Street

Benefits Street exposes Britain's dirty secret - how welfare imprisons the poor

18 January 2014

The left should be angry at how we treat those at the bottom. Instead, they're angry at people talking about it


The fight for compassionate Conservatism

18 January 2014

Why Iain Duncan Smith winces whenever a Tory denounces benefit claimants