Sometimes, only experts can tell the difference

Hundreds of years of history in a £2 plate

5 July 2014

Blue-and-white china tells a fascinating story – even the modern fake stuff


It's not just Islam – a global religious revival is changing politics for ever

28 June 2014

Increasingly, not to understand faith is not to understand the world


Does Nigel Farage really know who he's allying with?

28 June 2014

Italy's stand-up populist has some alarming statements in his record – and some even more alarming supporters


Should I report my boyfriend to the police?

28 June 2014

He made a joke about punching. Unlike Michael Fabricant’s, it was funny


The creepy campaign for masturbation

28 June 2014

It's the perfect cause for our narcissistic times


How the internet can – and should – destroy estate agents

28 June 2014

If ever there was a business model ripe for disruption, it’s theirs

Thailand's Military Coup Continues As General Prayuth Receives Royal Endorsement

Why Thailand's elite fell out of love with democracy

28 June 2014

The rise of China is giving the developing world a new, authoritarian model

An artist’s impression: Radøy as Claudia saw it

The immigration museum that travelled 4,000 miles

28 June 2014

And other joys of Radoy, Norway


Rose Prince’s summer wine match menu

28 June 2014

Potted crab, oysters with pastis, salt marsh lamb with samphire, apple and rhubarb sherbert


Discovering bourbon on Brick Lane

28 June 2014

It took an east London bowling alley to make me understand the taste of home

Grape preparation: the preferred method in north London

Politically correct wines worth drinking

28 June 2014

These bottles satisfy my need for middle-class virtue – and my tastebuds

So, how’s your branding?

My own private craft beer World Cup

28 June 2014

The big brands are harder to beat than you might think


Red wine... with a hint of Diet Coke

28 June 2014

Improvise in my wine tasting? Is this what you meant?


The delicious return of Gin Lane

Two centuries after Britain banned small distillers, they’re back – and brilliant

How it used to be done: practice for the 1955 Soho Waiters’ Race, from Soho Square to Greek Street

What it takes to be Best Sommelier of the World

28 June 2014

I saw the competitors face off in Tokyo. It’s absurdly rigorous


The deadly cycle of terror that has Iraq and Syria in its grip

Al-Qa'eda in Iraq faded away. ISIS may well do too. But don't you dare say 'mission accomplished'...

The Trip to Italy Screening - Sundance London Film And Music Festival 2014

Since when has Steve Coogan stood against censorship?

21 June 2014

Why is Index on Censorship cosying up to the tribune of Hacked Off?


Cad of the year 2014: The nominations are in…

21 June 2014

…from Jilly Cooper, Rod Liddle, Petronella Wyatt, Rachel Johnson and more


Danny Alexander on Scottish independence, income tax, Nick Clegg and George Osborne

21 June 2014

An interview with the coalition’s senior Scot


The only trouble with Tel Aviv – flying there doesn’t feel scary any more

21 June 2014

Plus: Orthodox beaches, the rise of Israeli bacon, and a breakfast request


Churchgoing is good for you (even if you don’t believe in God)

21 June 2014

Forget being ‘spiritual but not religious’. It’s much better to be religious but not spiritual

A Pearl by any other name: the Rosewood hotel

From prisons to offices to police stations – London's turning everything into hotels

21 June 2014

And they're good hotels, too


It's not just schools – Britain has let Islamists run riot

14 June 2014

The Birmingham schools row is the logical outcome of years of weak policy and political correctness

Muslims Gather To Condemn Extremism In The UK At Baitul Futuh Mosque

British mosques aren't that moderate after all

14 June 2014

In America, most mosques profess to teach a version of Islam adapted to the modern world. That's not what I've found here...

Michael Owen

I'm sick of pretending not to care about the World Cup. Come on England!

14 June 2014

Let's drop the cynicism and support Roy Hodgson's England team