Israel abandoned

19 July 2014

The anti-Semitic West almost seems to want Israelis to suffer


'We have had so many martyrs, so many injured'

19 July 2014

As long as Gaza feels ignored, isolated and abandoned, Hamas will continue to draw support


Faster, higher, stronger

19 July 2014

A story that has become the stuff of legend in Kenya


My secret lust for right-wing women

19 July 2014

The lust that dare not speak its name


Farewell, Speccie

19 July 2014

After 23 years, The Spectator’s brilliant and much-loved arts editor is leaving

A literary city: Prague

The glorious bohemia of Prague

19 July 2014

A playful city, and above all, a writer’s city.


We'll stop at nothing to catch powerful paedophiles (as long as they're retired or dead)

12 July 2014

With the good old 30-year rule, Britain can have self-righteous hysteria without anyone in charge ever suffering the consequences

Theresa May Speech On Organised Crime

Now that we can't even trust the church, who can we trust?

12 July 2014

One by one our great institutions have tumbled


Sloane Rangers vs Arabs – the battle for Chelsea

12 July 2014

On one side: old affluence. On the other: shiny new supercars

Wave Energy Equipment At Pelamis Wave Power Ltd

Wave power is a really, really stupid idea. That’s why it’s getting so much taxpayer subsidy

12 July 2014

Civil servants think they can transform our clean energy prospects. The market doesn’t agree. But you’re paying for their hunch anyway


All this airport security is utterly useless

12 July 2014

All those ritual checks distract from the intelligence work that actually catches terrorists

Celebrity Sighting At Monte Carlo Grand Prix - May 27, 2012

Now that everyone’s a journalist, anyone can be sued

12 July 2014

The plight of Dominic Prince shows why legal costs are a free-speech issue

Queen Elizabeth II Visits Wales - Day Two

The policies that have wrecked Wales – coming soon to a Miliband government near you

12 July 2014

We’ve lived with the Labour leader’s alternative to free-market reform for 15 years. The results are horrendous

President Obama Departs White House En Route To Colorado

Impeaching Obama would be crazy. But the Republicans will probably try

12 July 2014

The President’s second term is a perfectly ordinary disaster. This response is as irrational as it is counterproductive

Kingston Crowds Wait For Haile Selassie I

Why I’m now scared of book clubs

12 July 2014

And why I loved this one

Damp, green and beguiling: Killarney

Damp, green and beguiling – the joys of Killarney

12 July 2014

Expect beauty. Pack waterproofs


Without Scotland, England will be a weedy laughing stock

5 July 2014

Our future disunited kingdom could be more of a mess than anyone has really grasped

The Annual Cowal Highland Games

Vote yes, Scots – and set the English free

5 July 2014

Scottish independence will indeed be a disaster. But only north of the border


The sinister cult of the Singularity (and how it's shaping your future)

5 July 2014

A geek religion that aims to exalt machines instead diminishes humanity

Ray Honeyford Headmaster At Drummond Middle School In Bradford. Pictured With Asian Pupils. (received In Library 24/10/1984)

Let's face it – Ray Honeyford got it right on Islam and education

5 July 2014

The Bradford headmaster was dismissed. He should have been applauded

Photo: Alex Kouprianoff

How Napoleon won at Waterloo

5 July 2014

The battle went to Wellington. But for once, it was the losers who wrote the history

Saddam on money

Baghdad notebook: "Things were better in Saddam's time"

5 July 2014

Notes from uneasy Baghdad


The terminal confusion of Dignity in Dying

5 July 2014

The closer you look at the campaign to legalise assisted dying, the less reassuring it all becomes

Sometimes, only experts can tell the difference

Hundreds of years of history in a £2 plate

5 July 2014

Blue-and-white china tells a fascinating story – even the modern fake stuff


It's not just Islam – a global religious revival is changing politics for ever

28 June 2014

Increasingly, not to understand faith is not to understand the world