Valérie Trierweiler’s notebook: Christmas as a singleton

13 December 2014

Plus: Throwing out books, and #BringBackourGirls


Straight white males are the winners in the sexual counter-revolution

13 December 2014

Forget the culture war rhetoric. We squares have won


Alan Turing's last victory

13 December 2014

Once secret, then misrepresented, the story of Bletchley Park has become a worldwide cult

Berlin And Ladies

From the archive: Sound of the season

13 December 2014

How ‘White Christmas’ invented the modern festive song

Illustrated by Michael Heath

The Servant

13 December 2014

A Christmas short story by Mark Forsyth, illustrated by Michael Heath

The aurora: you really have to see it for yourself

The Northern Lights

13 December 2014

Getting here took a long time. First a flight to Seattle, then a connection to Fairbanks, followed by a coach to Coldfoot Camp and a final stage by minibus. It’s… Read more


The difference between real journalism and Russia Today

6 December 2014

It looks like a news channel. It talks like a news channel. It says whatever Putin wants

Credit: Fast FT

Putin's great gamble is about to backfire

6 December 2014

Since the invasion of Crimea, Russia's President has been conducting an experiment in anti-western rebellion


How HS2 has blighted my parents’ lives

6 December 2014

My dad’s back working in a car factory at 77, a lifetime’s work wrecked by a blighted house


The grim state of South Africa one year after Nelson Mandela

6 December 2014

It's not that he presided over a golden age; it's that the problems have become clearer since


Uncovering the hidden key to Pope Francis’s politics

6 December 2014

It’s in his leadership of Argentina’s Jesuits, when he laid emphasis on the perspective of the ordinary faithful poor, that the truth is to be found


The perils of being a posh boy on the telly

6 December 2014

The Tatler documentary brought me instant fame – and mockery

Singers Recording

A beautiful speaking voice is a window to the soul

6 December 2014

The best voices draw attention to the words spoken, not the speaker


A middle-class show-off’s guide to craft beer

6 December 2014

Few recent trends have provided as many delicious ways to assuage your status anxiety

Islay as seen from the gates of the Bruichladdich distillery

Not all single malts from Islay are for peat freaks

6 December 2014

The subtle lure of Bruichladdich

‘Do you come here often?’ A theatre bar goes on stage in a revue from 1933

A critic’s guide to theatre bars

6 December 2014

There’s no way of avoiding the sky-high prices – but you’ll have a better time if you avoid the basement


The uneasy marriage of Jamaica’s two greatest exports

6 December 2014

Rum and music should go together. It’s finally starting to happen


At last, trendy gins are tasting like gin again

6 December 2014

Gins which deny their juniperiness and taste of roses or cucumber are just flavoured vodka

‘I wanted my wine to have deeper shadows’

Michael Seresin – from film noir to pinot noir

6 December 2014

The cinematographer and winemaker on seeking vintages with ‘deeper shadows’


Seven apps to help you drink wine

6 December 2014

The ideas are good – but they’re still a work in progress

Hector's Bar

Favourite cocktails from Matthew Parris, Jeremy Clarke, Martin Vander Weyer and more

6 December 2014

What goes into an ‘Iron Lady’? Or a sloegasm?

‘The plan was to pour the apple juice into an oak hogshead, freshly emptied of its whisky’

The birth of a barrel of cider

6 December 2014

The plan was to pour the apple juice into an oak hogshead, freshly emptied of its whisky...


Google vs governments - let the new battle for free speech begin

29 November 2014

It is too easy, sometimes, to forget that new media is media at all


The technology giants are breathtakingly irresponsible about terrorism

29 November 2014

We know they can be good citizens when they want to be. So why are they acting in ways that could endanger us all?

The National Newspaper Launches In Scotland

The National shows just how much danger the Union – and Scotland – is still in

29 November 2014

This new newspaper, whatever its quality, is a reminder that the thirst for change in Scotland remains unquenched