A place to sit and dream: Co. Wexford

The wonders of Wexford

7 June 2014

It's more than an opera festival – great as that is


Ukip aren’t going away – and David Cameron has no idea what to do

31 May 2014

The Prime Minister’s sniffy attitude to some of his own natural supporters seems quite likely to cost him power

Ronald Reagan (R) and Margaret Thatcher

The revolution the West needs (and won't get)

31 May 2014

Without a smaller state, decline is inevitable


Why Ken Loach hasn’t made a decent film since Kes

31 May 2014

He’s so keen to parade the virtue of those he feels have been robbed of a voice that his work sinks under the weight

Daily Life In Kiev Ahead Of The Ukrainian Presidential Election

Viktor Yanukovych’s palace is full of tasteless treasures – and London auction-house tags

31 May 2014

A little bit of Britain in Ukraine’s newest tourist attraction

Sweden v England - Group D: UEFA EURO 2012

Meet Alex Salmond’s secret weapon: the England football team

31 May 2014

Nothing makes Scots feel more Scottish than the World Cup – especially when the other lot are playing


Jonathan Dimbleby’s notebook: In defence of Chris Patten

31 May 2014

Plus: The glories of the Chelsea Flower Show, and the secret to a good night at the opera


Humans hunger for the sacred. Why can’t the new atheists understand that?

31 May 2014

Look at life under communism, and you’ll see why religion will never die

German Foreign Minister Westerwelle Visits Egypt

If we have to let generals run Egypt, must we pay for them, too?

31 May 2014

The old military oligarchy is back. It’s time for the US to terminate support

A place to feel comfortable in a bathrobe: Lime Wood

The only place I feel comfortable in my bathrobe

31 May 2014

Ah, the wonders of a good spa!


Whatever the European election result, Ukip has already won

24 May 2014

Ukip has changed the shape of politics – for the better

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage Unveils New Campaign Poster For European Elections

'Every pub is a parliament': on the campaign trail with Nigel Farage

24 May 2014

Ukip's leader is now a genuine celebrity – go out on the street with him and you'll see

Michael Heaver and Jack Duffin at Ukip HQ. Photo: Sebastian Payne for The Spectator.

The most shocking thing about young Ukip supporters: they’re normal

24 May 2014

I went expecting to find mustard trousers. I found down-to-earth ex-Labour voters


Has Thomas Piketty met his match?

24 May 2014

Well, I think I might have met his match. She's called Deirdre McCloskey


Why it’s time for a Cad of the Year Award

24 May 2014

Nominations are now open


Happy birthday, spam! Do you mind if we don’t celebrate?

24 May 2014

Junk mail is 20 years old – and there’s more of it every day

Stirling Moss at last year’s Goodwood

Goodwood Festival of Speed

24 May 2014

You smelt them, it was said of the Mongol hordes, before you heard them, and by the time you heard them it was too late. At the Goodwood Festival of… Read more


Why education is no longer the best way to invest in your child’s future

24 May 2014

Investment plans to make even a teenager say thank you


What is an investment trust?

24 May 2014

And is there one for you?


They made me sit an exam on giving financial advice. And I'm glad

The old British tradition of unqualified advisers is one we should be happy is gone


The genome of history

17 May 2014

DNA explains more than you think

ben sullivan 3

Rape suspects need anonymity

17 May 2014

There’s no way to live down a rape allegation, true or not.It’s time suspects were granted anonymity

President Barack Obama talks with President Hassan Rouhani of Iran

Would Obama bomb Iran?

17 May 2014

Yes, and here’s why, says a former adviser to his defence department


Why the BBC will never match Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation

17 May 2014

No modern critic would dare to match his sweeping statements – indeed, few were up to it in his day

Maajid Nawaz, Mehdi Hasan and Mo Ansar on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman.

How did Mo Ansar become the voice of British Muslims?

17 May 2014

How did a former bank employee from Hampshire become the voice of British Islam?