Bantry Bay

South-west Ireland

1 February 2014

Of course one feels free on a holiday: that’s what holidays are for. But I have rarely felt freer than when my younger brother, two wild Irish cousins and I,… Read more


Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East's 30 year war

25 January 2014

Why the great Sunni-Shia conflict is getting ever closer to the surface


MPs grope men too

25 January 2014

It's tough being young and blond in the Commons. I should know

South African Relief Group Reaches Refugees In Famine Stricken Somalia

Why foreign aid fails - and how to really help Africa

There just isn't the political will, in Britain or elsewhere, to really act on our analysis

Taken lying down: Thomas Edison demonstrates the cat-nap, Virginia, July 1921

America's war on sleep

25 January 2014

It all goes back to Thomas Edison

Sesame Street Live charactors (L-R), Ern

Agitprop for toddlers: the oddly strident politics of CBeebies

25 January 2014

Children's shows now put environmentalism ahead of entertainment


Clarissa Tan's Notebook: Why I stopped drinking petrol

25 January 2014

Plus: The problem with Michelangelo's David; Florentine food is actually Cantonese food

The Algarve: a risky place for occasional golfers

Golf in the Algarve

25 January 2014

My second tee shot soared high and straight, then hurtled down towards the lake; a repeat of my first. I didn’t hear the disheartening plop this time because the breeze… Read more

Benefits Street

Benefits Street exposes Britain's dirty secret - how welfare imprisons the poor

18 January 2014

The left should be angry at how we treat those at the bottom. Instead, they're angry at people talking about it


The fight for compassionate Conservatism

18 January 2014

Why Iain Duncan Smith winces whenever a Tory denounces benefit claimants

Segolene Royal, Valerie Trierweiler and  Julie Gayet Photo: AFP/Getty

François Hollande - all the president's women

18 January 2014

His affair shows that the French are becoming more puritanical


The Spectator book review that brought down Macmillan's government

18 January 2014

Did Harold Macmillan stitch up his succession – or did Iain Macleod’s famous Spectator piece, 50 years old this week, stitch up Macmillan?


What a lost prison manuscript reveals about the real Nelson Mandela

18 January 2014

New light is shed on the president's politics, smoothed over in 'Long Walk to Freedom'


Harry Shearer on bringing out Richard Nixon’s feminine side

18 January 2014

The Simpsons star explains what it takes to bring America’s most reviled president back to sympathetic life


Ten reasons why conservatives should take Edward Snowden seriously

18 January 2014

Snooping shouldn't be a conservative principle. In the US and elsewhere, the right understand that

A city of character: Amsterdam


18 January 2014

‘What are people in your country saying about Holland these days?’ one Dutch friend recently asked me. I hadn’t the heart to reply that no one was talking that much… Read more


Sorry — but Pope Francis is no liberal

11 January 2014

Trendy commentators have fallen in love with a pope of their own invention

Stephen Ward and friends, 1963. Christine Keeler is on the right

William Astor: My father, his swimming pool and the Profumo scandal

11 January 2014

I was a boy of ten when the Profumo affair began at Cliveden, my family’s home. Andrew Lloyd Webber has captured some of the story – but not all

The view from the trapped ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy

Global warming's glorious ship of fools

11 January 2014

Has there ever been a better story? It's like a version of Titanic where first class cheers for the iceberg


Don't tax sugar - it doesn't make you fat. Gluttony does

11 January 2014

Obesity is about self-control – and most of us no longer have any


'I laughed until I cried, then retched': Boris Johnson on the wit of Simon Hoggart

11 January 2014

The former Spectator editor remembers his brilliant wine correspondent

The Everly Brothers (Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty)

A girl, a train and a miniature pistol: how I met the Everly Brothers

11 January 2014

Five decades of delight began at midnight on the platform for the Flying Scotsman


The Navigators

11 January 2014

The 2014 winner of The Spectator’s Shiva Naipaul Memorial Prize for unconventional travel writing, illustrated by Carolyn Gowdy

A visit to Orlando: Hatfield House

Gardens for all seasons

11 January 2014

Winter garden visiting is a solitary pastime, lending itself to the misanthrope, and is highly recommended. When it’s so cold not even your dog wants to come with you, seize… Read more


Watch out Eurocrats, here come the Pirates!

4 January 2014

The Brussels establishment see their diverse new opponents as just a bunch of extremists. They won't know what's hit them