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Margaret Thatcher

Her brilliant career

13 April 2013

In 1975, when Keith Joseph dropped out of the race for the Tory leadership and his campaign manager stepped into his place, almost no one took it seriously. She was… Read more

Campaign Trail

Clear choice for the Tories

13 April 2013

If I start with a reference to the sorry condition of the Tory party, I hope readers will not immediately turn to another page. If only the Tories can take… Read more

Thatcher Family

Mrs Thatcher’s triumph

13 April 2013

There was never a more disenchanted victory. The moment the size of the Tory swing was known, the doubts began, not least among those hundreds of thousands who had voted… Read more

Margaret H. Thatcher

The Falklands victory

13 April 2013

A little rejoicing is now in order, but only a little. We may rejoice that the Falklands war did not end in a bloodbath at Port Stanley, that the Argentinians… Read more

A file photo dated 29 March 1982 of Luxembourg's P

Mrs Thatcher goes to Brussels

13 April 2013

‘Délégation Royaume Uni. Salle 4’ announces a scruffy piece of paper projected onto the black and white television screens of the Centre Charlemagne. The journalists hurry upstairs for the latest… Read more

Brighton Hotel Bombing

After the Brighton bomb

13 April 2013

It is worth pointing out yet again that Mrs Thatcher really was very brave last Friday. It would have been no disgrace to her if, once she had realised how… Read more

Baroness Thatcher death

Three faces of Thatcher

13 April 2013

Politicians can be divided into two categories; those whose public face is different from their private face and those for whom they are the same; put another way, those who… Read more

Thatcher At Cadbury's

Trying to get the mad, broody chicken off her addled eggs

13 April 2013

A friend who is not normally receptive to left-wing or republican ideas suddenly exclaimed at dinner in my house the other day that he was bored, sickened and disgusted by… Read more

Thatcher Cabinet

Working for Mrs Thatcher

13 April 2013

A doctor providing geriatric care once told me of the damage Mrs Thatcher had done to the NHS. He used to employ a simple test to find out whether his… Read more


All the Iron Ladies

13 April 2013

The day Mrs Thatcher became Leader of the Opposition was a nightmare. Her victory over Mr Heath meant that I had to do a cartoon featuring her for the next day’s… Read more