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2155: Poor Billy’s left out

19 April 2014

The unclued lights are SIBYLS (the title was an anagram of BILLY’S with L omitted). First prize Judith Bevis, Newport, South Wales Runners-up Dr Stephen Clarkson, Ipswich, Suffolk; Geoffrey Telfer,… Read more


to 2154: Clickety click

12 April 2014

The MUSICAL (33) BARON (29) Lloyd-Webber’s BIRTHDAY (40) was on 22nd March; he was 66 (hence the title). His works include EVITA (16A), MEMORY (24) and ANY DREAM WILL DO… Read more


to 2153: Selling

5 April 2014

Corrections of misprints in clues form the phrase BAIT AND SWITCH. Unclued lights are examples of bait (10, 16, 23, 38) and switch (15, 20, 31, 37).   First prize… Read more


to 2152: T20

29 March 2014

Each letter of each solution and each unclued light has to be represented in the grid by its numerical position in the alphabet — the title, T = 20, indicated… Read more


Solution to 2151: Sources

22 March 2014

The three theme words are CHAMBERS (12A, 16A, 40A), OXFORD (colleges) (24A, 4D, 8D), and (works by Wilkie) COLLINS (9D, 13D, 30D), each a publisher of a DICTIONARY, which needed… Read more


Solution to 2150: Content

15 March 2014

‘To fill the hour — that is happiness’ (given by initial letters of superfluous words in clues, and 3 4A) is a quotation by EMERSON (19). Thematically created entries at… Read more


to 2149: Super!

8 March 2014

When preceded by GREAT, each unclued light yields a phrase listed in Brewer 19th edition.   First prize Mrs T. Vernalls, Thame, Oxfordshire Runners-up J. Anson, London SE5; A. Fabian,… Read more


to 2148: Eighth of February

1 March 2014

Unclued lights can each be abbreviated so that together they give the letters of FEBRUARY: FAHRENHEIT (19), EARTH (32), BASS (35), RÖNTGEN UNIT (41), UNIVERSITY (1D), ATOMIC WEIGHT (4), RECTOR… Read more


Solution to 2147: Amazing Performance

22 February 2014

Taking one unchecked letter from each across solution gives EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION, whose victims, according to Chambers 2011, include TERRORIST SUSPECTs. The initial letters of unclued entries were S,T,R,R,T,I,E,R,O.   First… Read more


Solution to 2146: 4 ÷ 4 = 8

15 February 2014

One 4-letter word is to be placed in the middle of another to yield an 8-letter solution: 6 ÷ 19 = 44: 14 ÷ 8 = 1A; 31D ÷ 37… Read more


to 2145: Two in a row

8 February 2014

Each pair consists of two in a ‘row’ in a variety of meanings. PURL (14) & PLAIN (25) (line of stitches), MERCUTIO (17) & TYBALT (40) (brawl), ROT/TEN (24/27) (Rotten… Read more


to 2144: Leonids

1 February 2014

The work was ‘THE TAMING OF THE (1D) Shrew’. ‘Shrew’ is suggested by 15, 27 and 33. The ‘Shrew’ of the title is KATHARINA (38), addressed as ‘KATE OF KATE-HALL’… Read more


to 2143: Revising geography

25 January 2014

The unclued lights are all geographical locations – paired as anagrams: 13/9, 23/28. 30/17, 34/6 and 42/33. (33 Down is a river rather than a place-name, but DONETSK (33+K) would… Read more


to 2142: Wintry

11 January 2014

Extra letters in clues give ‘wrapped in wild snow’, a quotation from a poem by ALEXANDER BLOK (10). Partially indicated answers are treated accordingly, the resulting entries at 1D, 14,… Read more


to 2141: Megacant

4 January 2014

The unclued lights are examples of super slang listed on pp 7/8 in the Word Lover’s Miscellany section of Chambers 2011.   First prize Paul Boswell, Hook, Hampshire Runners-up M.… Read more


To 2140: Essex Man

14 December 2013

The hero is Father Brown, appearing in column 3. ‘The Innocence (22) / Wisdom (15) / Secret (6D) / Scandal (27) of Father Brown’ are four collections containing, respectively, the… Read more


to 2139: Separated

7 December 2013

The key word is BUTTERMILK (8), which can be separated into words defined by 15, 27, 40; 4, 23, 25; and 2, 7, 35.   First prize  Brian Midgley, Ettington,… Read more


to 2138: Hundred centimes

30 November 2013

The unclued Across lights are words abbreviated by C (= 100) and the unclued Down lights are abbreviated by c (= centimes).   First prize Mrs P. Bealby, Stockton-on-Tees Runners-up… Read more


to 2137: Speculation

23 November 2013

The two words were BULL and BEAR. BULL is suggested by 36, 41, 6 and 10; BEAR by 34, 37, 1D and 5.   First prize M. Purdie, Ceres, Cupar,… Read more


To 2136: Howdunit

16 November 2013

Six of the unclued entries contained the Cluedo character surnames; the remaining unclued entries were therefore a murder weapon and location from the game.   First prize Michael Hawkins, Matlock,… Read more


To 2135: Strange

9 November 2013

The unclued lights are CONDUCTORS (SARGENT is an anagram of the title STRANGE).   First prize Roderick Rhodes, Goldsborough, North Yorks Runners-up Ian Dempsey, Califon, New Jersey; Michael Ferguson, Berlin


To 2134: Mere letters

2 November 2013

The pairs of anagrams were of countries and their capitals: Dominica & Roseau (2 & 11); Latvia & Riga (20 & 8); Italy & Rome (21A & 35); Algeria &… Read more


To 2133: FM

26 October 2013

Initial letters of superfluous words in clues give titles of ALBUMS (29D) by FLEETWOOD MAC (39).  8A, 25, 33 and 34 are RUMOURS; 12 defines TUSK, and 1A defines MIRAGE;… Read more


2132: Ricochet

19 October 2013

The unclued lights, when paired 12/20, 16/33, 25/29, 31/6, 42/2, are RICOCHET or reduplicated words.   First prize Mrs Rhiannon Hales, Ilfracombe, Devon Runners-up Roger Sherman, Richmond, Surrey; D.V. Jones,… Read more


To 2131: present

12 October 2013

Redundant words were: IRAQI (1A), ADO (5A), AENEAS (39A), EPEE (5D), AREA (25D). In line with 16/17, remaining unclued lights were all anagrams of snakes: 18A ASP; 26A COBRA; 36A… Read more