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To 2192: Never again

24 January 2015

Eight unclued lights were papal names used only once. Pope JOAN (30) was the fanciful ninth.   First prize Michael Grosvenor Myer, Haddenham, Cambridge   Runners-up Roderick Rhodes, Goldsborough, N.… Read more


To 2191: Bunk

10 January 2015

Ambrose Bierce defined history as an account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools. ‘Bunk’ is another famous definition… Read more


To 2190: Petra

3 January 2015

‘ROCK OF AGES CLEFT FOR ME’ (1D/19) is a work by AUGUSTUS TOPLADY (18/13). ELIZABETH WINDSOR (4A/26) and MICHELLE OBAMA (12/34A) were each suggested by TOPLADY. Title: associated hymn tune.… Read more


To 2189: Offering

13 December 2014

Answers to clues in italics — stramash (1A), pasteboard (33) and lineated (36) — are treated as in the ROMAN (15A) custom of SUOVETAURILIA (1D), involving the SACRIFICE (4A) of… Read more


To 2188: Pieces of eight

6 December 2014

The eight unclued lights are anagrams of eight clued solutions: 2/12, 3/13, 8/35, 16/40, 18/28, 19/30, 24/27 and 26/38. First prize Eileen Robinson, Sheffield Runners-up John Bartlett, Shirley, Solihull; M.… Read more


To 2187: River and islands

29 November 2014

The theme word is PHOENIX (38A). 6A, 12A and 26A are legendary birds; 15A, 28A and 4D are state capitals; 16A, 30D and 37D are the ‘Southern Birds’ constellations. The… Read more


2186: From the off

22 November 2014

Unclued lights (11/1D, 12/35, 15, 18/1D and 22/17) are fences of the Grand National course, together with two famous winners (19 and 29). First prize Barry Butler, Birmingham Runners-up Mrs… Read more


To 2185: Over the sea

15 November 2014

The unclued are locations on SKYE, ‘The Misty Isle’ (solutions at 15 and 31). ISLE does double duty in 15/31 and 31/33. The title suggests ‘Over the sea to Skye’,… Read more


To 2184: Airline

8 November 2014

Unclued lights each contained a different TREY (20) from the alphabet: AFGHAN (24), CANOPY (27), DINGHIES (42), DABCHICK (1D), HYMNODY (5), KARSTIFY (6), ASTUTE (10), CALMNESS (26) and MADEFY (30D).… Read more


To 2183: Group theory

1 November 2014

Extra letters in clues plus 1A give ‘the separation of philosophers into sages and cranks’, an extract from a quotation by QUINE (35). 24, 25, 29 are sages; 17, 39,… Read more


To 2182: Tops

25 October 2014

The unclued lights are ROMAN CROWNS. First prize Philip Hawkins, Wirksworth, Matlock, Derbyshire Runners-up G.H.Willetts, London SW19; Chris Edwards, Pudsey, Leeds


To 2181: Obit II

18 October 2014

The END (19) of Rameau, a great COMPOSER (1A) of OPERAS (6) and for the CLAVECIN (1D), occurred in PARIS (37) CCL (25) years ago, on 12th September 1764. Born… Read more


To 2180: Superfluous

11 October 2014

FURBELOWS — given by initial letters of superfluous words in clues — can be read as FUR BELOW S, indicating the unclued lights in each of four columns in the… Read more


To 2179: Cos

4 October 2014

The unclued lights are abbreviations of seven English and one Welsh county, which themselves are inflected headwords in Chambers. (Consequently, Hants at 35 Across was disallowed) First prize Christina Casement,… Read more


To 2178: Saint and playwright

27 September 2014

In Vanity Fair (18/2), George Osborne is associated with 6/30 and 10/31. As Chancellor, he was preceded by 8, 26 and 29. First prize Stephen Gore, Seer Green, Bucks Runners-up… Read more


To 2177: Amaze

20 September 2014

Songs by KATE BUSH include WUTHERING HEIGHTS, HAMMER HORROR, HOUNDS OF LOVE and CLOUDBUSTING in the perimeter, and (defined by the puzzle’s title) WOW.   First prize Chris James, Ruislip… Read more


to 2176: ,

13 September 2014

The unclued lights are BUTTERFLIES (as is the ‘comma’ in the title). The pairs are 7/34A, 13/24, 33/6 and 35/25.   First prize Sheila Beesley, Coventry Runners-up J. Caldwell, Winster,… Read more


to 2175: Elated grunt

6 September 2014

The four works were Waverley (anagram of 12/21), Kenilworth (15/8), The Talisman (29/2) and Ivanhoe (38/37) by SIR WALTER SCOTT (diagonally NW to SE) which was to be shaded. Title: anagram… Read more


To 2174: Difficulty

30 August 2014

The key phrase is KNOW WHERE THE SHOE PINCHES (12 38 43). Each of the partially indicated answers is pinched by a shoe, creating entries at 1D, 20, 21, 24… Read more


to 2173: Men of note

23 August 2014

The unclued lights are COMPOSERS whose surnames start with the letter C.   First prize C.R. Haigh, Hassocks, West Sussex Runners-up Kenneth Robb, Linlithgow, West Lothian; Dr R.L.H. Barnard, Emsworth, Hampshire


Solution to 2172: Para

16 August 2014

Gerry Goffin, popular LYRICIST (40), died on 19 June 2014. He wrote the perimetric songs IT MIGHT AS WELL RAIN UNTIL SEPTEMBER and WILL YOU LOVE ME TOMORROW and also… Read more


to 2171: 31 Across

9 August 2014

The seven 2×2 squares each used the letters STAR in order, and depicted the seven major stars that make up the GREAT BEAR (URSA MAJOR) in THE PLOUGH (aka the BIG… Read more


to 2170: Hector’s summer nights

2 August 2014

The unclued lights are the titles of the six movements of Nuits d’Eté (Summer Nights in translation) by Hector Berlioz: 38, 10/6D, 30/25, 19, 15, 12/18.   First prize Philip… Read more


to 2169: Land

26 July 2014

The grid represents Germany, with six bordering countries round the edge, and four cities in the interior, positioned roughly appropriately in relation to each other. 21 across is an anagram… Read more


to 2168: History exam

19 July 2014

Initial letters of superfluous words in clues give nightingale, quail and cuckoo, specimens of AVIFAUNA (5) represented by FLUTE (43), OBOE (40) and TWO CLARINETS (27 18) in the SIXTH… Read more