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To 2224: All here

5 September 2015

The unclued lights (paired at 14/38. 23/17 and 34/2) are SPECTATOR journalists or contributors. First prize Dr David Jerwood, Keighley, W. Yorkshire Runners-up Michael Moran, Penrith, Cumbria; Trevor Evans, Drulingen,… Read more


To 2223: Clerihew

29 August 2015

Edmund Clerihew Bentley wrote: The art of Biography/ Is different from Geography/ Geography is about maps/ But Biography is about chaps. First prize Val Urquhart, Butcombe, Somerset Runners-up A. Mulholland,… Read more


To 2222: Exquisite

22 August 2015

TOO-TOO is a HOMOPHONE (38) of TUTU (defined by 1A and 8, and the surname of 17, the former 11 of 25). The highlighted words, both starting at 22, combine… Read more


To 2221: Shielded

15 August 2015

The unclued lights are heraldic terms. First prize Simon Horobin, Kidlington, Oxon Runners-up Mick O’Halloran, Dunsborough, Australia; John Roberts, Cheltenham, Glos


To 2220: Poem II

8 August 2015

The Poem was ‘Kubla Khan’ by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 3A, 23, 42, 43, 3D, 4, 10 and 16 are words from the poem. KUBLA KHAN appears in the twelfth row.… Read more


To 2219: Keep going

1 August 2015

Unclued lights complete the titles of Carry On films. First prize Tony Hankey, London W4 Runners-up Mark Roberts, Hostert, Luxembourg; Tony Dew, London SW13


To 2218: Fab!

25 July 2015

The unclued lights are all preceded by GREAT to form the phrases that can be confirmed in Brewer. (The clue at 40A suggests GREATEST LIE, also listed in Brewer). First… Read more


To 2217: Poem

18 July 2015

The poem was Ode on a Grecian Urn by John Keats. 1A, 16, 21A, 30, 38, 8, 13, 27, 29 and 35 all appear in it. A GRECIAN URN appears… Read more


To 2216: Riddle

11 July 2015

Films starring AUDREY HEPBURN (4 29) include MY FAIR LADY, BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S, SABRINA FAIR and ROMAN HOLIDAY in the perimeter, and (defined by the puzzle’s title) CHARADE.   First prize Ray… Read more


To 2215: IVOs

4 July 2015

The unclued lights include at least four Os (IV Os), and other clued solutions contain two or three. OROONOKO at 6D is the novel and has five Os.   First… Read more


To 2214: What’s Up?

27 June 2015

The theme word is CLIMBER. All unclued lights are therefore entered going upwards. There are three different types of climbers: plants (1, 8 and 22), mountaineers (4 and 27) and… Read more


To 2213: Surprising

20 June 2015

The unclued Down lights are books, entered in reverse as indicated by the phrase TURN-UP FOR THE BOOKS (1A 27 28 43). First prize Daniel Angel, Twickenham, Middlesex Runners-up Rhidian… Read more


To 2212: : Plus Ça Change

13 June 2015

The unclued Across lights (15, 23/21, 38 and 39) are LITERAL anagrams of the unclued Down lights (3, 19, 32/37, 2) First prize Anthony Harker, Oxford Runners-up E.A. Wright, Fleetwood,… Read more


To 2211: Toddler hero

6 June 2015

‘THE OLD ORDER CHANGETH YIELDING PLACE TO NEW’, from Tennyson’s IDYLLS OF THE KING, suggests the outcome of ANAGRAMMATISM (2). ALFRED LORD TENNYSON is an anagram of 9/20/22/38. Title: anagram… Read more


To 2210: Game Theory

30 May 2015

The future is not for parties ‘playing politics’ (16 29 1A 15) is a quotation by Woodrow Wilson. 1A provides a cryptic indication of 5, 13, 23 and 28. First… Read more


To 2209: Safe-blowers

23 May 2015

The unclued lights were preceded by PETER (translation of 32A) to form phrases listed in Chambers or Brewer. First prize Christopher Bellew, London W6 Runners-up Alexander Caldin, Salford, Oxfordshire; Mark… Read more


To 2208: MORT

16 May 2015

The fictional SCHOLAR (28) was Billy Bunter, described by his creator, Frank Richards, as a ‘FAT GREEDY OWL (22A/31/26)’ (in ODQ). SILLY (13) and PUFFING (18) are associated with ‘Billy’… Read more


To 2207: An unusual angle

9 May 2015

PERCH (13A), SCAR (21A and 10D), SHAD (40A), EEL (5D) AND CARP (19D) were ignored in wordplay in their clues. The other unclued lights are listed in Chambers as things… Read more


To 2206

2 May 2015

The thematic unclued lights (4D, 20D, 34D, 40A and 41A+27A) are COUNTRIES, and the other unclued lights are their anagrams, respectively 38A, 13A, 7D, 16A and 28A+15A. First prize Sebastian… Read more


To 2205: In shape

25 April 2015

Unclued lights were set out in the form of two squares in the grid (shown here in red). The theme word was 18. 1, 10, 12 and 38 are defined… Read more


To 2204: Security

18 April 2015

Five perimeter entries, and 29 and 30, are types of BODYGUARD. First prize Amanda Spielman, London SW4 Runners-up Dr S.M. Sheerin, Princes Risborough, Bucks; Vincent Clark, Frant, East Sussex


To 2203: Peeping toms

11 April 2015

The theme is CATS; the unclued Across lights are breeds of cats and unclued Down lights and TOPCAT (which had to be highlighted) are cats in literature or film.  … Read more


To 2202: Problem XI

4 April 2015

Seven unclued lights are ANAGRAMS (23) of numbers. 2 (7A) + 11 (17) + 10 (40) + 16 (5) + 18 (6) + 3 (31) = 60 (36). First prize… Read more


2201: Facility

28 March 2015

The words FAST FORWARD (given by letters added to definitions in clues) define 42 and 11, both indicating the way in which loans (1, 13, 18, 25, 32 and 43)… Read more


To 2200

21 March 2015

The unclued Down lights can be abbreviated as MM, and the unclued Across lights as CC. Together as MMCC, they confirm puzzle number 2200. First prize David J. Carpenter, Sutton… Read more