2191: Bunk

6 December 2014

The other unclued entries, in pairs around 3D, provide the key words in a definition of 11D.   Across   1    Nouns hidden in secret and manuscript sentences (8) 10   … Read more


2190: Petra

29 November 2014

‘1D/19’ (six words in total) is a work by 18/13. Remaining unclued lights form two pairs suggested by 13.   Across   1    Rhubarb hems in humungous hen house (5)… Read more


2189: Offering

22 November 2014

One unclued light is the name of a 15A activity requiring the 4A of three things. Answers to clues in italics must be treated before entry in the grid in… Read more


2188: Pieces of eight

15 November 2014

Each unclued light is somehow related to a clued one. Elsewhere, ignore an acute accent.   Across   4    Clone 33 recreating the Crocodile (11, two words) 11   … Read more


2187: River and Islands

8 November 2014

The ten unclued lights consist of a theme word and three groups of three answers of a kind, each group relating differently to the theme word. Unchecked and cross-checking letters… Read more


2186: From the off

1 November 2014

Unclued lights (two of two words and one doing double duty), singly or paired, reveal some that are to be gone over, and two that famously did so. Ignore one… Read more


2185: Over the sea — and bridge

25 October 2014

Two unclued lights describe the location of the others, individually or as a pair. One of these unclued lights does double duty. One square must contain a beetle showing possible… Read more


2184: Airline

18 October 2014

Nine unclued lights each contain a different 20 from the same source. The title suggests a further such 20. Elsewhere, ignore an accent.   Across   1    First off clochards… Read more


2183: Group theory

11 October 2014

Each of 31 clues comprises a definition and a hidden consecutive jumble of the answer including one extra letter; the extras spell five words of a quotation in ODQ. The… Read more


2182: Tops

4 October 2014

The unclued lights are of a kind, verifiable in Brewer.   Across   1    Poet has overdose first (5) 6    More than one figure of speech is about… Read more


2181: Obit II

27 September 2014

The 19 of a great 1A of 6 and for the 1D occurred in 37 25 years ago this month. He was born in 21 and was a friend of… Read more


2180: Superfluous

20 September 2014

Each of nine clues contains a superfluous word. Initial letters of these words spell a word which can be read as an indicator of the unclued lights in each of… Read more


2179: Cos

13 September 2014

The unclued lights are of a specific kind. Additionally each is a legitimate inflected headword in Chambers. Elsewhere, ignore one acute accent and an apostrophe.   Across   4   … Read more


2178: Saint and playwright

6 September 2014

The unclued lights are connected by 33/23. One pair of unclued lights gives one context, in which two further pairs of unclued lights are followers of 33/23; remaining unclued lights,… Read more


2177: Amaze

30 August 2014

The titles of four of an artist’s works (9,7; 6,6; 6,2,4; 12) read clockwise round the perimeter from a square to be deduced. In eleven clues, cryptic indications omit reference… Read more


2176: ,

23 August 2014

The unclued lights (one hyphened, one of two words), individually or as four pairs, are of a kind.   Across   4    Small thief accepting a lead album for… Read more


2175: Elated grunt

16 August 2014

Across unclued lights combine with down ones to form anagrams of the titles (one of two words) of four works by an author whose name (three words) will appear diagonally… Read more


2174: Difficulty

9 August 2014

Five clues consist of cryptic indications of partial answers; in each case, the indicated part must be treated thematically to create the full answer to be entered in the grid.… Read more


2173: Men of note

2 August 2014

The unclued lights are of a specific kind.   Across   11    Top flier backs help for sloth (6) 12    Birds on the barriers (5) 14    Mayfly… Read more


2172: Para

26 July 2014

In June we lost a popular 40. Clockwise round the grid from 3 run the titles of two of his works (2,5,2,4,4,5,9 and 4,3,4,2,8). A third title (three words) appears… Read more


2171: 31 Across

19 July 2014

Seven identical two-by-two squares in the completed grid must be highlighted to depict the unclued entries, each of two words.   Across   1    Eyesores left out of designs… Read more


2170: Hector’s Summer Nights

12 July 2014

The unclued lights (one of three words and three of two), as three pairs and three individually, are of a kind. Ignore four accents and one apostrophe, in total.  … Read more


2169: Land

5 July 2014

Six items of one kind, reading clockwise, form the perimeter, whilst four unclued lights are of another kind. All ten are in roughly appropriate positions. Solvers must highlight one clued… Read more


2168: History exam

28 June 2014

Each of twenty-two clues contains a superfluous word. Initial letters of these words spell three specimens of 5; these are represented respectively by 43, 40 and 27 18 in the… Read more


2167: Groupies

21 June 2014

The unclued lights are of a kind and are listed together in Chambers 2011. Solvers should highlight two normally clued solutions which together form another theme-word.   Across   1… Read more