Plus ça change

23 May 2015

The unclued Across lights (Individually or as a pair) are defined by the unclued Down lights (individually or as a pair).   Across   1    Consistent growth, as an… Read more


2211: Toddler hero

16 May 2015

Clockwise round the grid from 37 runs a quotation plus its source (3,3,5,8,8,5,2,3,6,2,3,4) suggesting the outcome of 2. Remaining unclued lights, combined and subjected to 2, identify the author (three… Read more


2210: Game theory

9 May 2015

Four unclued lights can be arranged to form an eight-word excerpt from a quotation (in ODQ). One of these lights provides a cryptic indication of each of the other unclued… Read more


2209: Safe-blowers

2 May 2015

The unclued lights (two of two words) are to be linked with one of the clued lights in translation. All resulting phrases, one doubly hyphened, can be confirmed in Chambers… Read more


2208: Mort

25 April 2015

Two words form the name of a fictional 28, described by his creator as a ‘22A/31/26’. Remaining across unclued lights are associated with the first word and down ones with… Read more


2207: An unusual angle

18 April 2015

In six answers the wordplay ignores an item. These items (two of them identical) are not listed as specific 27 of 22 in Chambers, unlike the other unclued entries.  … Read more


2206: Landslip

11 April 2015

Four of the unclued lights (one of two words) and an unclued pair are of a kind, and can become the remaining unclued lights, including a pair.   Across  … Read more


2205: In shape

4 April 2015

The unclued lights (including one of three words, one of two words, and one hyphened) form two thematic groups in the grid. They consist of a theme word, four lights… Read more


2204: Security

28 March 2015

In nine clues, cryptic indications omit reference to parts of answers; these parts must be highlighted, to reveal a definition applicable to each of the five members of the perimeter… Read more


2203: Peeping Toms

21 March 2015

The unclued lights are of a kind; the ones Across are one theme, and those Down (one of two words) on another related theme. Solvers must highlight another ‘Down’ theme-word… Read more


2202: Problem XI

14 March 2015

Seven unclued lights (one hyphened) are 23: 7A + 17 + 40 + 5 + 6 + 31 = 36. Ignore one accent. Elsewhere, ignore an apostrophe and two accents.… Read more


2201: Facility

7 March 2015

In each of eleven clues there is an added letter in the definition part. These letters, in clue order, spell two words, each of which is a definition of an… Read more



28 February 2015

The unclued Down lights (individually or as a pair) are of a kind in short, as are the unclued Across lights (one of two words) all paired. In short together,… Read more


2199: TV Comedy

21 February 2015

Fourteen solutions begin with the same letter as their clues. These letters in order are the initial letters of the twelve words of a 2014 quotation and the two initials… Read more


2198: Tuck in

14 February 2015

Each of sixteen clues contains one misprinted letter in the definition part. Corrections of misprints spell the name (three words) of a 1A, contents of which are given by five… Read more


2197: Missing

7 February 2015

Chambers 2014 is certainly not recommended this week theme-wise! But Chambers 2011 is.   Across   1    Cuckoo born to South Australian ox that’s extinct (12) 10    Lure… Read more


2196: Diverse

31 January 2015

Round the perimeter clockwise goes a place (6) followed by a description of it (10 words, one hyphened) by one of the unclued lights (two words). This description appears in… Read more


2195: In question

24 January 2015

Each clue contains a superfluous word. When these words are put in sequence according to alphabetical order of answers to clues, initial letters of thirty-three of them spell two 4D… Read more


2194: Joe Green

17 January 2015

The unclued lights (one of three words and two of two words), individually or as a pair, are of a kind.   Across   5    Bit of tiffin is… Read more


2193: Celebration II

10 January 2015

Clockwise round the grid from 31 run the titles of four works (6,3,5,7,5.1,5,7,8,5) associated with a 21 and 25A born 16 years ago. The twenty corner letters produce LIVELY ELEMENTAL… Read more


2192: Never again

3 January 2015

Eight unclued lights are of a kind; as is, fancifully, the ninth. Across 6    Hurry up to fill space with one big cup (6) 12    Ape, given exercise to open… Read more


2191: Bunk

6 December 2014

The other unclued entries, in pairs around 3D, provide the key words in a definition of 11D.   Across   1    Nouns hidden in secret and manuscript sentences (8) 10   … Read more


2190: Petra

29 November 2014

‘1D/19’ (six words in total) is a work by 18/13. Remaining unclued lights form two pairs suggested by 13.   Across   1    Rhubarb hems in humungous hen house (5)… Read more


2189: Offering

22 November 2014

One unclued light is the name of a 15A activity requiring the 4A of three things. Answers to clues in italics must be treated before entry in the grid in… Read more


2188: Pieces of eight

15 November 2014

Each unclued light is somehow related to a clued one. Elsewhere, ignore an acute accent.   Across   4    Clone 33 recreating the Crocodile (11, two words) 11   … Read more