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All things for everyone, everywhere. You can even buy the shop. Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

What is to be done about a world where everything is for sale?

20 September 2014

Next time you read about an auctioneer’s gavel coming down on a $150 million painting bought by some flunkey representing the ruling family of Qatar, don’t ooh or aah, but… Read more


The Olympic spirit may be dead in Ibiza, but at least the hookers are world-class

13 September 2014

Ibiza This island is the Spanish equivalent of  the Greek sex rock of Mykonos, except its waters are murkier, its nightclubs and restaurants far more expensive. But its hookers are… Read more

Aristotle Onassis with Elsa Martinelli in Paris (Photo: Central Press/Getty)

Come back Aristotle Onassis – all is forgiven

6 September 2014

Back in the very early Sixties there was an uninhabited islet off the west coast of Greece by the name of Skorpios. It was wild, with neglected olive groves, and… Read more


You can't make friends with Uncle Sam and survive for long

30 August 2014

Can somebody tell me when America last got it right? Uncle Sam’s track record in selecting leaders in faraway places reminds me very much of my own where libel is… Read more


Anyone for a spot of how's-your-grandfather?

23 August 2014

 Gstaad In this freewheeling Swiss village of the 1950s, the unconventional was the norm and monumental drinking commonplace, but the manners of the players were always impeccable. Yes, there were… Read more

Jean-Claude Juncker (L), visits Prime Minister of Greece, Antonis Samaras Photo: Getty

How dare they sell the beaches where I played as a child

16 August 2014

 Porto Cheli Nothing is moving, not a twig nor a leaf, and I find myself missing the cows, the mountains and the bad weather. The sun has become the enemy,… Read more


Greece is calling – three more years and then I move south

9 August 2014

Porto Cheli I have been thinking about my children and my own strange boyhood as I gaze up at the clear blue skies of summer. Summers lasted an eternity back… Read more


Even Switzerland is turning lefty. Am I going to have to move to Wyoming?

2 August 2014

 Gstaad I am looking out of my window at the green landscape and forested mountains rising beyond, as peaceful a scene as there is in this troubled world, but this… Read more

A Palestinian boy inspects the damage from behind a shrapnel riddled piece of metal following an Israeli air strike  Photo: AFP/Getty

What Poland could teach Israel

26 July 2014

One event I regretted missing on my last visit to London was a party at the Polish Club, which has been refurbished and has a new Polish prince as its… Read more


I’ve just met the future Mrs Taki — again

19 July 2014

 Gstaad I write this on 14 July, France’s big day and the 25th anniversary of my father’s passing. He died at dawn, on the bicentennial of the uprising, as if… Read more

Father Julian Large and Taki at the Spectator's summer party

With a hangover like this, my soul is ready to be saved

12 July 2014

 Island of Rhodes When I’m on the water, I feel I was born to it. Yachting has always been a way to enjoy the sea and the nature associated with… Read more

Galen and Hilary Weston Photo: Getty

I think I just went to the greatest ball in history

5 July 2014

To Fort Belvedere for a ball that most likely will discourage any more balls because of its brilliance and perfection. Galen and Hilary Weston, who lease the historic house that… Read more

Olga Georges-Picot In 'The Day Of The Jackal' Photo: Getty

After 100 years, the mess we made of the Middle East is coming full circle

28 June 2014

When I hear the words Sykes-Picot I more often than not feel like punching an Englishman or a Frog — any Englishman, any Frog — in the mouth, but then… Read more

(Photo: Getty)

Coming soon: my engagement to Kristin Scott Thomas

21 June 2014

As everyone who has ever joined a club knows, Pugs is the world’s most exclusive one, its members ranging from German nobility and Greek and Danish royalty to the British… Read more

Seriously? (Photo: Evan Agostini/Getty)

We old men are afraid of death – but not much else

14 June 2014

 Gstaad A slight bump at 30,000 feet concentrates the mind, as the good Dr Johnson said about an appointment with the gallows. Halfway over the Atlantic and lost in a… Read more

Thomas L. Friedman Photo: Getty

The EU is the greatest danger since Uncle Joe

7 June 2014

Last week in the Bagel, and then London here I come. As I write, hundreds of thousands of Jews are marching up 5th Avenue in ‘Salute to Israel Day’. They… Read more

Former New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson Photo: Getty

Why don’t any of the sisterhood take up the banner of poor Noor Hussain’s wife?

31 May 2014

 New York Here’s a question for you loyal readers: if a hubby asks his wife to cook him a hearty meal of goat meat and she serves him lentils instead,… Read more


Being the father of the bride has matured me – as I discovered in the nightclub afterwards

24 May 2014

So the wedding of my little girl to Andy Bancroft Cooke went off without a hitch, a wonderful ceremony in a beautiful Catholic church off Manchester Square, and even the… Read more

Donald Sterling Photo: AFP/Getty

The First Amendment guarantees the right of free speech

17 May 2014

Like the late Christopher Hitchens who only discovered his Jewish roots once he had moved to New York in the early Eighties, Donald Sterling has also had a revelation and… Read more

Movie moguls Samuel Goldwyn (right) and Jack Warner and his wife Photo: Getty

The accidental wit and wisdom of Samuel Goldwyn

10 May 2014

For some of you younger readers the name Schmuel Gelbfisz will not ring a bell. Yet back in the Thirties Schmuel Gelbfisz’s identity was a dinner-party quiz question, and the… Read more


I’m off the booze. My daughter insists that I walk her down the aisle – not vice versa

3 May 2014

The vicissitudes of getting old are linked to the mystical innocence of childhood as one daydreams the precious time away. I’m a daydreamer par excellence, and lately I’ve been thinking… Read more

Peaches Geldof, her husband Thomas Cohen and their son Astala visit  London Zoo last year Photo:  Getty

The death of three young people I knew

26 April 2014

New York The poet was right: April is the cruellest month. We at The Spectator lost Clarissa Tan, my good friend Bob Geldof’s 25-year-old daughter Peaches died, and my oldest… Read more


When Taki met Al Sharpton

19 April 2014

 New York This is a tale of two escape artists in one city. Let’s start with my old friend the Rev. Al Sharpton. I call him an old buddy because… Read more

Reality 'star' Kim Kardashian and Kanye West appeared on the cover of Vogue Photo: Getty

Vogue, the Boston bombers and the end of civilisation as we know it

12 April 2014

America and western Europe sure have their priorities right, blanketing our newspapers, magazines and the airwaves with newsworthy items that reflect our culture. For example, the April cover of Vogue… Read more


My New York is gone forever. The internet has seen to that

5 April 2014

 New York Back to the mythic city, dreamed into existence by the movies long ago and instantly memorable, a visually stunning place built for action and adventure, a city of… Read more