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The day I discovered what worry was

19 April 2014

Before I had children I don’t think I appreciated what anxiety was. I’d been anxious at various points in my life up until that point — when taking exams, for instance… Read more


The books I couldn't get written

12 April 2014

There’s nothing quite so burdensome as having a book to write. Maybe it’s not so bad when it’s your first book, but after that it’s a terrible chore. The publishing… Read more

The Great Fire of London - a memorable date

Knowing things isn’t ‘20th century’, Justin Webb. It’s the foundation of a successful life

5 April 2014

It’s scarcely possible to open a newspaper or magazine these days without reading an article about how the latest technological gizmo has rendered traditional education obsolete. According to Justin Webb,… Read more

Women In The World Foundation CEO Tina Brown Interview

Lessons from Tina Brown on the art of failing upwards

29 March 2014

Shortly after I started working at Vanity Fair in the mid-1990s, I suggested to my boss Graydon Carter that I write an article about the number of New York society… Read more


I was all for press freedom. Then I heard from Gary Lineker...

22 March 2014

It looks as though Hacked Off has finally won its three-year battle for tighter regulation of the press. Why do I say this? Because on Tuesday it published a list… Read more

Most people are conservative with a small ‘c’ when it comes to the subject of death (Photo: Getty)

Death brings out everyone’s inner Mary Whitehouse

15 March 2014

Shortly after Bob Crow’s death was announced on Tuesday, Nigel Farage sent the following tweet: ‘Sad at the death of Bob Crow. I liked him and he also realised working-class… Read more


Sorry, campaining mums – it’s faith that makes faith schools work

8 March 2014

An email popped into my inbox on Tuesday morning urging me to join a ‘fair admissions campaign’ that’s been launched by a couple of mums in Shepherd’s Bush. Their children… Read more

Labour Hold Their Annual Party Conference

What’s happened to Harriet Harman?

1 March 2014

Watching Harriet Harman being interviewed by Laura Kuenssberg on Newsnight earlier this week was a strange experience. I felt as if I’d entered a political twilight zone where nothing was… Read more


Playground bullies and the contradiction at the heart of democracy

22 February 2014

A new book by a Swedish psychiatrist has just come out that I like the sound of. It’s called How Children Took Power and argues that the child-centred approach to… Read more

The Conservative Party Annual Conference

My battle with Michael Gove’s Blob

8 February 2014

Michael Gove has been under fire this week for ‘sacking’ Sally Morgan as chair of Ofsted. You’d think he’d be within his rights not to re-appoint her, given that she’s… Read more

Martin and Saga (Photo: Carolina Romare/BBC)

What The Bridge tells us about Scandinavian social democracy – and why it’s not all good news.

1 February 2014

This Saturday night I’ll be staying in to watch the final two episodes of The Bridge, the Scandinavian detective series on BBC4. I missed the first season of The Bridge… Read more

Toffs And Toughs

Britain's upper class is now too snobbish to speak its name

25 January 2014

Last week, YouGov conducted a poll in which people were asked to judge how middle class the party leaders are. Ed Miliband was the winner, with 45 per cent deeming… Read more

Facebook Holds Its Fourth f8 Developer Conference

Want to create the next Mark Zuckerberg? Teach Latin!

18 January 2014

I was disappointed to read an article in the Times about a new free school in Hammersmith being proposed by Ian Livingstone, one of the founders of the UK games… Read more


Toby Young: Why I'm giving up drinking. And chocolate. And ice cream...

11 January 2014

I’ve gone completely overboard with New Year’s Resolutions this year. I’ve sworn off three illicit substances — alcohol, chocolate and ice cream — and vowed to eat an apple every… Read more


Toby Young: Join my campaign to save the country

4 January 2014

This is going to be the year I do my Flash Gordon routine and launch a campaign to save the universe from Ming the Merciless. By which I mean some… Read more


Toby Young: The surprising lesson of my old friends - middle age makes you nicer

14 December 2013

When I first suggested to my closest male friends that we have a boys’ Christmas lunch, it didn’t occur to me that this would turn into an annual institution. We… Read more


Toby Young: Nobody appreciates you sending Christmas cards of your children's 'art'

7 December 2013

I’ve just had a massive row with Caroline about Christmas cards. We usually send about 120 and this year we’ve each ordered them from a different source — Caroline from… Read more

Toby Young: Why I'm not going to be an MP

30 November 2013

Damn and blast. I was quite keen on becoming the Conservative candidate for Hammersmith, but the timing isn’t going to work. My hope was that the local association would delay… Read more

Health Fears grow As Leeds Rubbish Piles Up Due To Ongoing Bin Strike

My life as a litter monitor

23 November 2013

The think tank Policy Exchange has just published an excellent report on Britain’s urban green spaces called ‘Park Land’. The report’s author, Katherine Drayson, argues that we need to take… Read more

Labour Attempt To Hold On To Stoke As The BNP Target The Seat

Toby Young: Tristram Hunt, the Spectator's 'Newcomer of the Year'?

16 November 2013

I love The Spectator’s Parliamentarian of the Year Awards. On the face of it, they’re a great advertisement for just how broadminded and sophisticated the editors of this magazine are.… Read more


Fighting dirty

9 November 2013

Why is local politics so much dirtier than national politics? Is it because the players are fighting over relatively trivial matters, like Oxbridge dons competing for college posts? As Henry… Read more

A Waitrose in Bristol

Toby Young: Please, Boris, don't allow a Waitrose in my neighbourhood

2 November 2013

Five years ago I joined forces with some local worthies to object to the opening of a strip joint on Acton High Street. We weren’t successful, but the owner of… Read more


Toby Young: It's biological, I become a caveman when my child is sick

26 October 2013

The first sign that something was wrong with Ludo was when he complained of a tummy ache. This was after school and hardly a rare occurrence so I didn’t think… Read more


Toby Young: Am I in denial about turning 50?

19 October 2013

By the time you read this I’ll be 50. A couple of years ago, when President Obama passed this milestone, I wrote a piece for the Telegraph about how much… Read more