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You can buy happiness. Here’s how…

12 April 2014

If you are reading this article online, perhaps you could go to the comments section and let us know what single slightly unusual item you have bought which has brought… Read more


The engagement-ring theory of property bubbles

29 March 2014

Google ‘the bread market’ and you get 135,000 hits, mostly from specialist food industry websites. Google ‘the property market’, however, and you get over 180 million. ‘The financial markets’ nets you… Read more

The plan with three brains

15 March 2014

This month Daniel Kahneman turned 80. Long revered among experts in the decision sciences, his work reached much wider public attention with the publication of the bestseller Thinking Fast and… Read more

O.J. Simpson Seeks Retrial In Las Vegas Court - Day 5

What the O.J. Simpson jury didn’t know (and schools should teach)

1 March 2014

During the O.J. Simpson trial, the prosecution made much of the fact that Simpson had a record of violence towards his wife. In response, Simpson’s legal team argued that, of… Read more


Will self-driving cars know what to do in the middle lane?

15 February 2014

I am convinced that when I took my driving test in 1983 I was asked by the examiner, ‘What lane of a three-lane motorway should you use when driving at… Read more


What I learned in a Qatari jail cell

1 February 2014

This column nearly didn’t appear. Another 24 hours and I would have trumped the late Jeffrey Bernard with the single sentence ‘Rory Sutherland is in prison.’ Having just spent a… Read more


How James Goldsmith's wisdom on mistresses could revolutionise mobile phones

18 January 2014

I wouldn’t worry much about the future of the British economy. Because I have a simple plan to make the UK the world’s leading exporter of mobile phones. They will… Read more


Rory Sutherland: Why don't Americans have kettles?

4 January 2014

I enjoy reading reviews of kitchen gadgetry. Clever new kitchen products are often under-appreciated. Many rituals around food preparation are intended to signal personal effort, rather than to produce edible… Read more


Rory Sutherland: If there's no answer, the question's probably wrong

14 December 2013

Until the late 1960s, the advertising agency J. Walter Thompson ran something called a ‘copy test’. It was a series of questions designed to uncover people with the kind of… Read more

Player Tries To Master The Newly Released Grand Theft Auto IV

How Grand Theft Auto prevents crime and violence

7 December 2013

It was about a week ago, at 8 p.m., when our blackout happened. In the 1980s people would have headed for the bedroom or out to loot the local off-licence.… Read more

Rory Sutherland: The one issue where we accept the idea of genetic determinism

23 November 2013

Some people are gay. Get over it’ — this was the slogan for a campaign against homophobia. A series of YouTube videos follows the same approach: a cameraman asks people on… Read more


Rory Sutherland: How to improve journey times without HS2

9 November 2013

I am still waiting for someone to refute my argument that it would be possible to reduce the journey time between London and Manchester or Birmingham for many rail passengers… Read more

Telsa Motors Opens New "Supercharger" Station In Fremont, California

My £30k alternative to HS2

26 October 2013

Someone in New York told me this story. I admit that I didn’t believe it when I first heard it. But a little online research seems to confirm that it… Read more


The real reason for rotten online reviews on TripAdvisor

12 October 2013

‘Sorry, I’d love to go the pub this evening, but I have to go out. It’s my wife’s wedding anniversary.’ This Freudian slip was uttered by one of my colleagues… Read more


Nobody takes a flight from London to Manchester. So why would we take HS2?

28 September 2013

From Edinburgh airport there are more than 45 flights a day to London. And, I imagine, the same number back. You can fly from Edinburgh to London Heathrow, -London Gatwick,… Read more

Most Expensive Property In The UK

My mansion tax solution: hit rich foreigners. But no one else

14 September 2013

I am surprised no more attention has been given to Martin Vander Weyer’s suggestion in The Spectator two weeks ago that a mansion tax should be levied on those buyers… Read more


Think fracking’s bad for the countryside? Just look at farming…

31 August 2013

I’m off to Balcombe this weekend. In fact I might even carry a placard and paint my face with a clever pun, like ‘F*** off!’ or ‘Go f*** yourself.’ Because it’s time… Read more


Never seen the need for a class system? Take a long-haul flight

17 August 2013

Usually it is annoying when you have to board an aeroplane via a shuttle bus rather than an airbridge. The exception is when the plane is a 747. That’s because,… Read more


Why the NHS is like a kitten

3 August 2013

Of all the strange behaviours of the rich, owning horses long struck me as the most bizarre. A horse, when you think about it, is a hopelessly unsuccessful attempt to… Read more


Rory Sutherland: Don't abolish The Knowledge

20 July 2013

Now that most taxi drivers use satnavs, should ‘the Knowledge’ be abolished? Shouldn’t we ditch the requirement that all London black cab drivers spend several years acquiring an insanely detailed… Read more

Where are all the hippies, the potheads and the commies? Photo: Getty

Why I’m hiring graduates with thirds this year

6 July 2013

Whenever I return to my old university, I am always struck by how incredibly focused, purposeful and studious everyone seems to be. It fills me with despair. It’s hard to… Read more

Charles Darwin.Photo: Rischgitz/Getty Images

Why politics needs more Darwinists – and fewer economists

22 June 2013

An ardently left-wing friend of mine is travelling over from Thailand next week to look for a private school for his daughter. My email to him was short. It read… Read more


Why does anyone drink wine?

8 June 2013

You will be scandalised by the suggestion, of course, especially those of you who spend several hours every week drinking it, reading about it or discussing it. But most wine… Read more

Controversial High Speed Rail Link Given Government Approval

The ludicrous 20-year timescale for HS2 is reason enough to abandon the whole thing

25 May 2013

If I stand on the forecourt of Euston station tomorrow morning, I will be able to get to Manchester by high-speed train in 20 years, one hour and eight minutes.… Read more

'Do you vote for the party of our leader, Adolf Hitler? Yes. No.’

The Hitler guide to rigging a referendum

11 May 2013

In 1964 Harold Wilson was so afraid that a scheduled election-night broadcast of Steptoe & Son would cost him at least a dozen marginal seats that he successfully pressured the… Read more