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Spring 2015

Meet Dave’s secret A-list

Women and ethnic minority candidates are being selected for the safest Tory seats, just like the ‘Tatler Tories’ of 2008. But they’re keeping quiet and this time there will be no photoshoots

Spectator Life turns 3


Spectator Life’s 3rd birthday party in pictures

28 March 2015

Spectator Life turned three last night and it was wonderful to see so many of our friends, readers and writers celebrating with gusto. The Bellinis flowed, and guests tucked into… Read more

Editor's Letter

Olivia Cole

Editor’s letter

28 March 2015

Seven years ago I came up with a list of Conservative would-be MPs to photograph and profile: the now infamous ‘Tatler Tory Totty.’ When the piece came out, David Cameron… Read more



The spy who snubbed me: 007's Etonian side

28 March 2015

The James Bond of the books has a ruthless sense of social status. The films have always downplayed it. Until now...

Ian Fleming Photo: Getty

Why James Bond ran away to Fettes

28 March 2015

William Boyd on how Ian Fleming's unhappy schooldays made him move his hero from David Cameron's old school to Tony Blair's


'You're very Canadian!': Sarah Gadon on the challenge of playing a young Elizabeth II

28 March 2015

...and what she thinks the real Queen might make of her performance


To write a bestseller, I had to change sex

28 March 2015

Sean Thomas explains why his new thriller Ice Twins appears to be written by a woman

Hippy Protestor

Tune in, drop out, cash in: fake Sixties spirit – and the survival of the real thing

28 March 2015

Richard Goldstein hates greedy reincarnations of the 1960s



New York has lost its sleaze and gained – well, what?

28 March 2015

In a glossy new hotel on the cleaned-up Times Square, I contemplated the city's changing face


London's new owners are Chinese

28 March 2015

A wave of foreign money is transforming the city (again). Here's what the new guys want


David Cameron's secret A-list

28 March 2015

The high-flying candidates that the Tories don't want photographed


The plot to replace the internet

28 March 2015

'Ethical hackers' in Fulham think they have a way to make your online life truly private, secure and anonymous. The world will be very different if they succeed



Flashy floristry is for oligarchs. The terrarium is the elegant way to bring plants inside

28 March 2015

The rise of the terrarium is bringing style and intrigue where of late there has been only bling

Dahlia’s design for a plane bed

My little oligarch: inside the playrooms of the 0.1%

28 March 2015

Handcrafted cots, luxury treehouses – the dreams of super-rich kids (and their parents) have specialst contractors to make them come true


The Wish List

Above. Clockwise from left: Sea urchin spine necklace, £525, Patrick Mavros; Daisy Tryst ring, £21,500, Theo Fennell; Chrysoprase Amulette de Cartier, £1,840, Cartier; Soleste® yellow, white and pink diamond ring, £41,500,… Read more



Stay in the picture

28 March 2015

On location with James Bond, sipping tea with the Middletons — our latest travel favourites


Holidays in Rwanda? No, this is not a sick joke

28 March 2015

Expect beautiful, freakishly fertile landscapes – and, if you're lucky, an encounter with a silverback



James Mumford

How I screwed up in Hollywood (and how not to)

28 March 2015

My script for messing up almost everything in a movie pitch


Harry Cole

The terrified fat blokes of Westminster

28 March 2015

Snide comments about looks and style aren't just for female MPs any more

One to watch

‘App for Replacement Characters III’, Benedikt Hipp, 2015

This is the young painter to watch

28 March 2015

Sean Scully on the disturbingly talented Benedikt Hipp