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How fathers and sons bond over booze

29 March 2014

How discovering wine brought me closer to my father

Mikhail Baryshnikov Portraits - California

Interview: Mikhail Baryshnikov is on the hunt for a fresh challenge

29 March 2014

From the Kirov to the American avant garde, from Sex and the City to stage acting — what’s next for Mikhail Baryshnikov?

Peter O'Toole with his four-legged friend in Dean Spanley Photo: Kobal/Atlantic Film Production

Sam Neill on mad dogs and Englishmen

29 March 2014

Canines I have loved and canines I have lost

Rolls Royce Phantom EWB Celestial

Bespoke cars for the discerning petrol head

29 March 2014

Six routes for drivers prepared to pay dearly for a car like no one else’s


Hot Scots: Meet the new generation of Scottish actors

There’s an exciting new generation of actors coming from north of the border


The Index

29 March 2014
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Melissa Kite on a retreat to India

29 March 2014

A tour where everyone - elephants included - is steadfastly determined to please

Bill Nighy

Interview: Bill Nighy on David Hare, luck and fear of failure

29 March 2014

Bill Nighy on hard work, luck, success and the fear of failure

Nickolas Butler credit Olive Juice Studios resized copy

Silver Linings Playbook author Matthew Quick introduces Nickolas Butler

29 March 2014

I have never met Nickolas Butler but after reading his book I felt like I knew him

Rotterdam 6 Day Cycling

Sir Chris Hoy declines to discuss Scottish independence

29 March 2014

Sir Chris Hoy talks bikes, cars, thighs and books — but he’s keeping quiet about Scottish independence

A boozy lunch at Punch magazine, circa 19th century.

Save the boozy lunch

29 March 2014

This insidious tendency to forego alcohol in the middle of the day must be stamped out


Searching for intelligent life on Wall Street

29 March 2014

Forget charismatic devils like Jordan Belfort and Sherman McCoy — in New York, the real masters of the financial universe are dull and growing ever duller

blow_spectator_sofa copy

Escape from deco hell

29 March 2014

How Nicky Haslam rescued my sitting-room refurbishment project

Twelve Years A Slave

Oscar and the oppressors

29 March 2014

Hollywood loves a social conscience picture, but its own culture is more conservative than it looks


The scent of a memory

29 March 2014

Put on the first perfume you ever wore, and suddenly you’re a teenager again

Olivia Cole

Editor’s letter

27 March 2014

Ahead of the Scottish referendum in September, and as the country prepares for the Commonwealth Games, Spectator Life caught up with a new generation of fine Scottish actors who seem destined… Read more

Olivia Cole

Editor’s letter

2 December 2013

The late Anthony Minghella described our cover star, Ralph Fiennes, as a ‘held, slightly unknowable person’. Though I’ve long admired his work, I got to know him a little bit… Read more


Ben Saunders' digital expedition along Captain Scott's unfinished route

30 November 2013

With one companion and 200 kilos of food and equipment, Ben Saunders has set out along the polar route Captain Scott never finished — and you can follow him virtually every step of the way


The Index

30 November 2013
The San Jacinto and Santa Rosa mountain ranges, which give Palm Springs its sheltered microclimate

Palm Springs is still the perfect antidote to Hollywood

30 November 2013

Off to Palm Springs, the pressure valve for Hollywood stars in the golden age


Ewan McGregor has the tinkerer's spirit

30 November 2013

Talking tinkering – from motorcycles right down to watches – with Ewan McGregor


Playing croquet in post-revolutionary Cairo

30 November 2013

Revolution has not stopped play at Cairo’s croquet clubs


Cigar smoking has never been sexier

30 November 2013

People are being brought together by a shared love of cigars


British watchmaking strikes again

30 November 2013

The glorious resurgence of British watchmaking

Schools copy

A British education has become a commodity bought by wealthy foreigners

30 November 2013

To appeal to the international super-rich, boarding schools are taking on the trappings of luxury hotels. It’s a far cry from the cold baths and spartan dormitories of yore