BOOKENDS: Xmas with the exes

20 November 2010
Comfort and Joy India Knight

Fig Tree / Penguin, 14.99

‘I only see radiators these days’, announces one of the characters in this novel — ‘You know, people who give out heat and warmth.’ A radiator is a pretty good… Read more


BOOKENDS: Flesh and blood

13 November 2010
The Art of Hammer Marcus Hearn

Titan, 24.99

Flesh. Lots of flesh. That was the simple promise of a Hammer horror film. In this collection of classic Hammer posters (The Art of Hammer by Marcus Hearn, Titan, £24.99)… Read more


BOOKENDS: Inspiration for a cult hero

6 November 2010
Vivian and I Colin Bacon

Quartet, 12

This is an odd book: the exhaustive biography of a complete nobody. Vivian Mackerrell was the primary inspiration for the cult that is Withnail. In that, at least, he doesn’t… Read more


BOOKENDS: A Tiny bit Marvellous

23 October 2010
A Tiny Bit Marvellous Dawn French

Michael Joseph, 18.99

Criticising Dawn French feels like kicking a puppy. She’s so winning that the nation was even tempted to let The Vicar of Dibley slide. Criticising Dawn French feels like kicking… Read more


BOOKENDS: The Diary of a Lady

16 October 2010

On the evidence of Rachel Johnson’s latest book (Penguin/ Fig Tree, £16.99), Julia Budworth, the owner of The Lady, was wrong in her recent accusation that the magazine’s editor is… Read more


BOOKENDS: The Elephant to Hollywood

9 October 2010

The three knights of British cinema have taken disparate routes in their twilight years. Roger Moore jettisoned a hokum career for more worthwhile pursuits as a Unicef ambassador, while Sean… Read more


BOOKENDS: Jump! by Jilly Cooper

29 September 2010

Never eat at restaurants where they picture the food on the menu. Steer clear of books which explain the characters in a glossary. If you have to give your customers an idea in… Read more