Moving swiftly on

20 May 2009
Chaplin’s Girl Miranda Seymour

Simon & Schuster, pp.369, 15.99

Love Child Allegra Huston

Bloomsbury, pp.289, 17.99

Chaplin’s Girl, by Miranda Seymour Love Child, by Allegra Huston Virginia Cherrill was an exceptionally pretty young woman when she turned up in Los Angeles in the late 1920s, looking… Read more

Perfectly unreliable

28 January 2009
Ticks and Crosses: Personal Terms 4 Frederic Raphael

Carcanet, pp.221, 18.95

Memoirs? No one writes them any more. If you wish to distinguish yourself from the sweaty masses, you are far better off publishing a diary, or notebook, call it what… Read more

The Millers’ tale

29 December 2008
Arthur Miller, 1915-1962 Christopher Bigsby

Weidenfeld, pp.739, 30

Arthur Miller, 1915-1962, by Christopher Bigsby Arthur Miller was born in 1915 in Jewish Harlem, the son of immigrants from the shtetl, enjoying comfortable family wealth until his father’s business… Read more

Living the legend

3 December 2008
My Judy Garland Life Susie Boyt

Virago, pp.309, 15.99

My Judy Garland Life, by Susie Boyt The story of Judy Garland is a magnificent example of the truth that life imitates art. Things would surely have been different had… Read more

Gruff Justice

26 November 2008
James Robertson Justice: What’s the Bleeding Time? James Hogg, with Robert Sellers and Howard Watson

Tomahawk Press, pp.208, 12.99

James Robertson Justice: What’s the Bleeding Time? by James Hogg, with Robert Sellers and Howard Watson ‘You — what’s the bleeding time?’ Sir Lancelot Spratt, consultant surgeon at St Swithin’s,… Read more