Margaret Thatcher

Food and fuel prices are set to fall Photo: Getty

Don't believe the gloom-mongers: deflation will be good for Britain

24 January 2015

Campaigning in Putney in 1978, Mrs Thatcher famously took out a pair of scissors and cut a pound note down the middle, telling her audience that the remaining stump represented… Read more

Actor, playwright and broadcaster, Alan Bennett Photo: Getty

Without childhood traumas, how did Alan Bennett ever become a writer?

10 January 2015

‘So — take heart,’ said Alan Bennett, sending us out from his play, Cocktail Sticks, on a cheery note. The treatment for cancer had been gruelling, but that was 15… Read more

Fair Maid Of Kent

All you’ll ever need to know about the history of England in one volume

13 December 2014
The English and their History Robert Tombs

Allen Lane, pp.1012, £35, ISBN: 9781846140181

Here is a stupendous achievement: a narrative history of England which is both thorough and arresting. Very few writers could pull it off. Either they’d have an axe to grind,… Read more

Hector's Bar

Favourite cocktails from Matthew Parris, Jeremy Clarke, Martin Vander Weyer and more

6 December 2014

We asked our writers to write about their favourite cocktails, from aperitifs to nightcaps, all the way through to the hangover cures. Here’s what they said. Matthew Parris The Iron… Read more

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Richard Madeley

22 November 2014

Oh God, it’s happened again. Another evening where I’m surrounded by people I know personally or have interviewed, and I can’t remember a single name. Multiple blanks. It’s a sort… Read more


Mark Amory

20 September 2014

Until recently I used to claim that I had been literary editor of The Spectator for over 25 years; now I say almost 30. The trouble is I am not… Read more

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Speech At The Science Museum

You can't spin yourself into authenticity – as Ed Miliband is finding out

2 August 2014

For a politician to draw attention to his own deficiencies is a desperate attempt to curry favour with the electorate that has been tried before with dismal consequences. The most… Read more

Eurovision winner, Conchita Wurst Photo:AFP/Getty

My tax avoidance tip – win literary prizes!

17 May 2014

David Cameron is said to want a woman to be chairman of the BBC Trust, now that Chris Patten has had to retire early because of ill health. Perhaps he… Read more

Most people are conservative with a small ‘c’ when it comes to the subject of death (Photo: Getty)

Death brings out everyone’s inner Mary Whitehouse

15 March 2014

Shortly after Bob Crow’s death was announced on Tuesday, Nigel Farage sent the following tweet: ‘Sad at the death of Bob Crow. I liked him and he also realised working-class… Read more


Behind the scenes at Spitting Image

8 March 2014

If Margaret Thatcher is remembered by many more as a caricature than as her actual self, then blame Spitting Image. The show, which ran from 1984 to 1996, portrayed her… Read more

Hugh Gaitskell at the Labour Party Conference Photo: Harry Thompson/Evening Standard/Getty

Nigel Lawson

30 November 2013

The long-discussed meeting between a group of climate scientists and Fellows of the Royal Society on the one side, and me and some colleagues from my think-tank, the Global Warming… Read more

Conrad Black

3 August 2013

The astonishing level of enthusiasm over the birth of the new prince goes far beyond the pleasure that people naturally feel for an attractive young couple who have had a… Read more


18 May 2013

Was Margaret Thatcher brought up in a grocery? I wouldn’t say so. The Americans would. I’d call her father’s shop in Grantham a grocer’s. He sold grocery. Yet I saw… Read more


The Spectator’s Notes

4 May 2013

It is fascinating watching the great welfare debate as the universal credit starts its life. The ruling elites have very, very slowly caught up with public understanding. The simplest way… Read more

Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography, by Charles Moore, and Not for Turning, by Robin Harris - review

4 May 2013
Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography, Volume One Not for Turning Charles Moore

Allen Lane, pp.859, £30, ISBN: 978071399282

Not for Turning: The Life of Margaret Thatcher Robin Harris

Bantam, pp.493, £20, ISBN: 9780593058916

It is a measure of Lady Thatcher’s standing that her death has been followed not only by the mealy-mouthed compliments from political opponents which are normally forthcoming on such occasions… Read more

A burned out car sits on a roundabout ne

Peter Oborne

27 April 2013

One of the first world statesmen to send a message of sympathy to Boston after last week’s outrage was Gerry Adams, president of Sinn Fein. ‘Just watching news of the… Read more


A rare mood of unity descends on the Conservatives

27 April 2013

The idea that ‘loyalty is the Conservative party’s secret weapon’ was always dubious. Benjamin Disraeli, for instance, made his name attacking a sitting Conservative prime minister. This, though, did not… Read more

The Spectator’s Notes

27 April 2013

The first volume of my biography of Margaret Thatcher was published on Tuesday. Since Lady Thatcher had stipulated that the book could appear only after her death, we were, in… Read more

Mrs T’s unfinished business

13 April 2013

Soon after Margaret Thatcher was elected leader of the Conservative party she came for lunch at The Spectator and our then proprietor, Henry Keswick, wanted to offer his congratulations —… Read more

Barry Humphries

13 April 2013

Whenever feminists have complained in my presence about neglect of female high-achievers, other than rock singers and courtesans, I always like to mention brilliant Margaret Thatcher. It always makes them… Read more

David Cameron Welcomes Lady Thatcher To Downing Street

The Tory modernisers are Margaret Thatcher's true heirs

13 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher’s death has inevitably prompted intense reflection among Tories about what lessons the party should learn from her time in office. ‘We must finish the job’ is the refrain… Read more

The Spectator’s Notes

13 April 2013

It is strange how we are never ready for events which are, in principle, certain. The media have prepared for Margaret Thatcher’s death for years, and yet there was a… Read more

Margaret Thatcher: faultless on the Falklands but a disaster at home

13 April 2013

I’m afraid we have to use Nelson Mandela as an example once again. He is proving very useful in his dotage, old Nels, as a comparison for stuff. A sort… Read more

Thatcher changed the City for the better – but human nature led it astray

13 April 2013

‘Margaret had no love for the banks,’ Nigel Lawson wrote in The View from No. 11. The idea that the amoral greed of the City and the banking crisis it… Read more