Forget the matchstick men

4 December 2010
L.S. Lowry: The Art and Artists T.G> Rosenthal

Unicorn Press, pp.320, 40

Here at last is a book that takes L. S. Lowry’s art seriously and treats it with the scholarly attention it deserves. Here at last is a book that takes… Read more


Light relief

4 December 2010

The so-called Glasgow Boys had no manifesto, common background or style, apart from working in and around the city of Glasgow and sharing a belief in the importance of painting… Read more


The folly of ambition

27 November 2010

Andrew Lambirth talks to the artist Keith Coventry about drawing inspiration from Sickert, Churchill and Ladybird Books Keith Coventry has no time to visit the two lap-dancing clubs that lurk… Read more


On the charm offensive

27 November 2010
Derek Hill Bruce Arnold

Quartet, pp.448, 35

Derek Hill (1916–2000), writes Bruce Arnold, was an English representational landscape and portrait painter of ‘haunting and evocative creative spirituality that is perhaps indefinable’. Derek Hill (1916–2000), writes Bruce Arnold,… Read more


Small blessings

20 November 2010

As I pointed out last week, one of the chief attractions of the Treasures from Budapest show at the Royal Academy is the inclusion of two rooms of Old Master… Read more


Picasso by Picasso

30 October 2010

In an upstairs room in an unfrequented corner of Zurich’s Kunsthaus, there is a portrait of one of the unsung heroes of modern art. In an upstairs room in an… Read more


Taking a firm line

23 October 2010
A Life In Pictures Alasdair Gray

Canongate, pp.303, 35

This book collects nearly 300 examples of Alasdair Gray’s work as a painter and illustrator. This book collects nearly 300 examples of Alasdair Gray’s work as a painter and illustrator.… Read more


Double exposure

18 September 2010

I never thought I’d write these words. I never thought I’d write these words. This book is unclassifiable. It belongs to a whole new genre. The field of literature has… Read more

Surprising literary ventures

9 September 2009
Miranda the Panda is on the Veranda Doris Sanders and Patricia Highsmith

Patricia Highsmith, as readers will know, was the author of the upmarket thrillers Strangers on a Train and The Talented Mr Ripley, among others. She was also a keen artist,… Read more

From worthless to priceless

15 April 2009
The Ultimate Trophy: How Impressionist Painting Conquered the World Philip Hook

Prestel, pp.223, 17.99

A combination of art history ‘lite’ and the personal touch — a common yoking together these days, even in books supposedly of art history ‘full strength’ — makes for, in… Read more