Travails with an aunt

4 February 2009
The Flying Troutmans Miriam Toews

Faber, pp.219, 16.99

The Flying Troutmans, by Miriam Toews Suicidal single mothers, delinquent teenagers and unwashed children sound like the ingredients for a standard-issue misery memoir with an embossed, hand-scripted title and a… Read more

Troubled waters

21 January 2009
Empires of the Indus Alice Albinia

John Murray, pp.366, 20

Empires of the Indus, by Alice Albinia When Alice Albinia set off for the source of the Indus she was not embarking on a quest for the unknown: she knew… Read more

A rose-tinted view of the bay

3 December 2008
The Ancient Shore Shirley Hazzard and Francis Steegmuller

University of Chicago Press, pp.9.50, 127

The Ancient Shore, by Shirley Hazzard and Francis Steegmuller Variety of impression, diversity of atmosphere and mood, incongruities of many kinds, these are only to be expected in books on… Read more


At Home in Turkey

3 December 2008
At Home in Turkey Solvi dos Santos and Berrin Torolsan

Thames & Hudson, pp.192, 24.95

If you can’t afford the airfare you might take this delicious guided tour instead. Exploring some of the best contemporary Turkish houses (or caves), the photographer, Solvi dos Santos, divides… Read more