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Tony Benn Joins Remebrance Ceremony For 204 Dead Soldiers

We have to tell the truth about Tony Benn now. Who will hear it later?

22 March 2014

I could start by remarking that we should not speak ill of the dead, quoting the pertinent Latin phrase: de mortuis nil nisi bonum (‘of the dead, only good’). But… Read more

Education Secretary Michael Gove Speech On Education Reform

Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and the return of Tory wars

15 March 2014

From the moment he took his job, Michael Gove knew that he would make energetic and determined enemies. The teachers’ unions, local councillors and even his own department all stood… Read more

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Any other business: Britain’s chaotic energy policy puts us in Putin’s hands

8 March 2014

To have written last month that the headline ‘Kiev in flames’ looked like a black swan on the economic horizon hardly makes me Nostradamus — but sure enough, the tension… Read more

Main Political Parties Take Heavy Losses In UK Euro Vote

Welcome to the age of four-party politics

1 March 2014

Two things will make the next general election campaign quite unlike any previous election in this country. The first is that we now have four-party politics right across Britain. In… Read more

Sun Rises As Somerset Levels Recovers From Recent Flooding

Britain needs small government, not weak government. That means strong flood defences

15 February 2014

There is nothing inevitable about the by now familiar sight of residents being towed away from flooded homes, of shops and businesses submerged, and all the misery and economic turmoil… Read more


If David Cameron can't get the floods right, all his hopes will wash away

15 February 2014

It is all hands to the pump in Downing Street. The entire No. 10 operation from the Prime Minister down to the Policy Unit is focused on the floods. ‘We… Read more


Revealed: how green ideology turned a deluge into a flood

15 February 2014

It has taken six long weeks to uncover the real hidden reasons why, from the West Country to the Thames Valley, the flooding caused by the wettest January on record… Read more


Alex Salmond is within striking distance of victory. Why hasn’t England noticed?

8 February 2014

 Edinburgh A century ago, with Britain in peril, Lord Kitchener’s stern countenance demanded that every stout-hearted Briton do their bit for King and Country. ‘Your country needs you’ rallied hundreds… Read more

David Cameron And Jeremy Hunt Visit A Hospital To Mark The 65th Anniversary Of The NHS

What the NHS owes the Tories

25 January 2014

Pinned to the wall of Jeremy Hunt’s office in the Department of Health is an A1 piece of paper detailing that week’s ‘Never Events’. It catalogues the mistakes that have… Read more


Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East's 30 year war

25 January 2014

Syria has fallen apart. Major cities in Iraq have fallen to al-Qa’eda. Egypt may have stabilised slightly after a counter-coup. But Lebanon is starting once again to fragment. Beneath all… Read more

British Prime Minister David Cameron Visits China

Cameron’s mission for 2014: stay out of third place

18 January 2014

European elections are normally an afterthought in British politics. As even David Cameron admits, most of us struggle to remember who our MEPs are. Two-thirds of us don’t even bother… Read more


When trolling pressure groups cause real harm

18 January 2014

My grandmother, Nanny Nancy, is 99 and going strong. But it can’t be denied that while she’s all there mentally, physically she’s not the lithe young thing she was in… Read more

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Any other business: Oh dear... perhaps Standard Chartered isn't as dull as it looks

18 January 2014

The cautionary tale of the Co-operative Bank, its black hole and its naughty chairman has recently taught us that if a financial institution has the reputation of being dull, earnest… Read more

Benefits Street

Benefits Street exposes Britain's dirty secret - how welfare imprisons the poor

18 January 2014

No scandal has been more successfully covered up than the appalling truth about what happens to Britain’s poorest people. We have, as a country, grown used to pretending they don’t… Read more


The fight for compassionate Conservatism

18 January 2014

‘Has the Secretary of State, like me, managed to watch programmes such as Benefits Street and On Benefits & Proud? If so, has he, like me, been struck by the… Read more

Yvette Cooper (Photo: Getty)

Ed Miliband's immigration nightmare

11 January 2014

Victor Spirescu came to Britain last week looking for work washing cars, but seems to have landed himself with a career in broadcasting. The Romanian, who arrived on the first… Read more

Enoch Powell and a farmer (Photo: Express/Express/Getty)

Why should Nigel Farage have to fight the ghost of Enoch Powell?

11 January 2014

One of the genuine seasonal pleasures to be enjoyed as 2013 slipped around the U-bend was Enoch Powell making his familiar comeback as the Evil Ghost of Christmases Past. Enoch… Read more

The Labour Party Annual Conference

Rod Liddle: Under New Labour, it really was the loony left

28 September 2013

There is a little vignette in the first volume of Alastair Campbell’s diaries that makes it abundantly clear that, at the time, we were being governed by people who were… Read more

Rowan Atkinson

Max Hastings

21 September 2013

The looming centenary of the outbreak of the first world war offers an opportunity to break away from the Blackadder/Oh! What a Lovely War vision, which dominates popular perceptions. Nobody… Read more


Coalition with Labour would suffocate the Liberal Democrats

21 September 2013

I write this in Glasgow, at the Lib Dem conference. Nick Clegg has invented a constitutional doctrine. The doctrine teaches that after a general election, the party that comes third… Read more


Why I want my schools to ban the burka (and the miniskirt)

21 September 2013

For most people, the question of whether to ban the burka is a purely theoretical one. Not for me. As the chairman of a charitable trust that sits above two… Read more

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage Campaigning In South Shields

The importance of not being called Nigel

14 September 2013

You know what the real problem with Nigel Farage is? It’s not his politics, for they are a matter of personal taste. No, it’s something more objective. His name. And… Read more

Ian Richardson

Parliament has finally woken up – because voters are keeping their MPs in line

7 September 2013

They should have seen it coming. A government defeat on an issue of war may be unprecedented, but defeat on the Syria vote did not come out of the blue.… Read more

Dot Wordsworth: We've been self-whipping since 1672

7 September 2013

Isabel Hardman of this parish explained after last week’s government defeat that a deluded theory among the party leadership had held that Tory backbenchers were now self-whipping. When she aired… Read more

Phase Two Route Of The Proposed HS2 Rail Link Announced

As high speed rail is being dropped in California and France, it's time for Britain to take the hint

24 August 2013

In June last year I predicted in these pages that the government would allow High Speed 2 to die a quiet death. Although the government has since reaffirmed its commitment… Read more