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There’s only one sane way David Cameron can meet the foreign aid target

30 May 2015

In this week’s Queen’s Speech, the government promised as usual to cut red tape for businesses. But David Cameron is remarkable in his enthusiasm for simultaneously wrapping his own government… Read more

Isis is our worst possible enemy

23 May 2015

In recent months, as the country went through a general election, our focus has been on our own domestic debates. Meanwhile, the situation in Iraq has deteriorated significantly. After intense… Read more

'One nation' politics works. Just ask Nicola Sturgeon

16 May 2015

As David Cameron lined up beside Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband at the Cenotaph on the day after the general election, he said that he had thought he would be… Read more

Do you think the age of boom and bust is over? All our party leaders are betting that it is

9 May 2015

After working for Bill Clinton, the political strategist James Carville said he had changed his mind about where power really lies. ‘I used to think that if there was reincarnation,… Read more

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Matt Ridley

30 May 2015

Martin Williams, former head of the government’s air quality science unit, has declared that the… Read more

Nigel Farage

23 May 2015

The aftermath of a general election is a difficult time for any party leader, unless… Read more

Zoe Williams

16 May 2015

For the 2005 general election, I had a party featuring a gigantic cheesecake with differentiated… Read more


30 May 2015 Aus

Baume strikes gold Sir: It is interesting that the above competition between the two largest… Read more

30 May 2015

Why we don’t need mayors Sir: There are a number of arguments against Steve Hilton’s… Read more

23 May 2015

Soldiering on Sir: Max Hastings’s article about demobbed army officers trying for a job after… Read more

16 May 2015 Aus

Modern migrant families Sir, In recounting the positions in print of the likes of Miranda… Read more

Ancient and modern


The northern powerhouses of ancient Turkey

30 May 2015

Government claims that it will ‘free’ northern cities to turn… Read more

Lessons for Red Len

23 May 2015

With Len McCluskey, general secretary of the union Unite, keen… Read more

Cicero’s advice for defeated politicians (Alastair Campbell, take note)

16 May 2015

The great Robert Harris has defended the pollsters who got… Read more