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Britain needs to get fracking

4 July 2015

That democracy is a superior form of government to any other goes without saying. But in order to function, it has to be conducted in such a way and on… Read more

Why lawyers deserve Michael Gove

27 June 2015

A great test of political leadership is how well you deal with vested interests on your own side. In his first speech as Lord Chancellor this week, Michael Gove has… Read more

Greece should remember the lesson of Black Wednesday

20 June 2015

The campaign to keep Greece in the euro has resulted in five years of groundhog days. The unfortunate country seems to be forever approaching a day of repayments it cannot… Read more

Cameron’s EU referendum tactics make Harold Wilson look clever

13 June 2015

David Cameron is now facing the biggest challenge of his leadership: how to renegotiate Britain’s membership of the EU without destroying his party. His dilemma mirrors the situation of Harold… Read more

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Fraser Nelson

4 July 2015

‘Hello. I’m lesbian threesome,’ the young lady tells Taki. ‘And I’m Mongolian rampage,’ says the… Read more

Rachel Johnson

27 June 2015

My husband says I only write books in order to have a launch party. Not… Read more

Elisa Segrave

20 June 2015

Off to prison to visit a writer friend, first jailed led some years ago for… Read more


4 July 2015 Aus

Response to Michael Easson Sir: I have been afforded an opportunity to respond to the… Read more

4 July 2015

How to fix Detroit Sir: When I last flew over my native Detroit five years… Read more

27 June 2015 Aus

Hidden Reids Sir: In his piece on Alan Reid Peter Coleman has asked if there… Read more

27 June 2015

Free trade with Africa Sir: Nicholas Farrell suggests that a naval blockade is the only… Read more

Ancient and modern


How Solon would have solved the Greek crisis

4 July 2015

The combination of terror and outrage with which Brussels has… Read more

Why Hesiod would have gone for Grexit

27 June 2015

Why do Greeks want to keep the euro, or remain… Read more

What Aristotle would have made of Cambridge’s Lego-sponsored professor

20 June 2015

So Cambridge University has accepted £4 million from the makers… Read more