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Aid is no substitute for helping refugees

23 August 2014

The tale is now familiar: shouts are heard from inside a freight container and police are called. A cargo of human beings is discovered, some gravely ill. This happened last… Read more

Violence, fear, confusion: this is what comes into a leadership vacuum

16 August 2014

The old cliché that ‘nothing happens in August’ has again been brutally disproved. From the centenary of the outbreak of the first world war to the Russian invasion of Georgia… Read more

Sorry, but trains can’t really replace welfare lines

9 August 2014

George Osborne proposed an attractive idea this week: that spending on state benefits should be diverted into new infrastructure in the North. His conceit was that while welfare spending produces… Read more

Stricter benefits limits shouldn't stop with immigrants

2 August 2014

With Ukip snapping at the Conservatives’ heels, it is not difficult to see why David Cameron has hit upon the idea of limiting the entitlement of EU migrants to working-age… Read more

Portrait of the week



A.N. Wilson

23 August 2014

Like many inward-looking children, I always doodled stories and poems. Knowing one wanted to be… Read more

Radek Sikorski

16 August 2014

I made a welcome escape from sweltering Warsaw to the cloudy cool of Bodø, halfway… Read more

David Frum

9 August 2014

 Wellington, Ontario A British visitor to this village might be disoriented by the flags. They… Read more


23 August 2014

Worth the candle Sir: I was saddened by Charles Moore’s account of the Westminster Abbey… Read more

23 August 2014 Aus

Disgraceful 18C retreat Sir: The articles by Brendan O’Neill (A Dark Day for Australia 9/8)… Read more

16 August 2014

Hamas’s human shields Sir: Unlike the rockets fired at Basra air base by Iraqi fighters… Read more

16 August 2014 Aus

Debating Israel Sir: I want to respond to Alan Gold’s article ‘Betraying Israel for the… Read more

Ancient and modern


Why the Ancient Greeks didn’t have middle-aged spread

23 August 2014

A drug has been invented to halt what is known… Read more

Demosthenes’ lessons in ambition for Boris Johnson

16 August 2014

The ancient Greek word for ‘ambition’ was philotimia: ‘love of… Read more

Roman emperors understood more about democracy than Hamas

9 August 2014

There must be some reason why Hamas seems to remain… Read more