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Age-old truth

13 December 2014

We are living longer, healthier and more prosperous lives than ever — it’s one of the greatest advances of our time, and yet our politicians prefer to see it as… Read more

George Osborne's ambition deficit

6 December 2014

When George Osborne first became Chancellor, he asked to be judged on his ability to reduce the deficit. He does not make that request any more. This year’s deficit is… Read more

Playing chicken with Vladimir Putin

29 November 2014

An official end to the Cold War was declared at a summit between President George H. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev on a Soviet cruise ship moored at Malta on 2… Read more

Spare us a Bob?

22 November 2014

Anyone listening to the BBC this week could be forgiven for thinking that the musician Bob Geldof had just emerged from Africa, like a latter-day Dr Livingstone, the first westerner… Read more

Portrait of the week



Joan Collins

13 December 2014

Every year Christmas comes earlier and earlier in America. Cards, baubles and imitation trees were… Read more

Stig Abell

6 December 2014

Soon after I joined the Sun as managing editor (among other things, I used to… Read more

Jeremy Paxman

29 November 2014

The most unfashionable show on television, Songs of Praise, has had a makeover. The BBC… Read more


13 December 2014 Aus

Gay Marriage Sir, I don’t give a tinker’s curse about gay marriage (Brendan O’Neill 6… Read more

13 December 2014

Moscow writing Sir: After months of lamentations from western politicians and officials about losing the… Read more

6 December 2014 Aus

Friend or foe? Sir: The editorial piece ( Spectator Australia, 29 Nov.) and following article… Read more

6 December 2014

Times past Sir: ‘Imagine,’ says Hugo Rifkind in his excellent piece on the power of… Read more

Ancient and modern


How the Romans taught Latin (N.M. Gwynne would not approve)

13 December 2014

Barely a week passes without someone complaining about the teaching… Read more

Aristotle had David Mellor’s number (Andrew Mitchell’s, too)

6 December 2014

Andrew Mitchell and his ‘effing pleb’ of a policeman, David… Read more

Nicky Morgan vs Socrates

29 November 2014

After the Philae space-lab’s triumph, one can see why Education Secretary… Read more