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George Osborne has bet the house (and other people's houses) on there being no new crash

29 August 2015

When George Osborne visited Sweden, Finland and Denmark  the stock markets of each country promptly fell by about 5 per cent. As soon as he left, they recovered. A coincidence,… Read more

At last, Britain can have its shale gas revolution

22 August 2015

Over the past week, the government has finally made a decisive move to kickstart a fracking industry in Britain. Licences have been issued for shale gas exploration and the planning… Read more

To defend the NHS, stop health tourism

15 August 2015

Speaking after the Stafford hospital scandal in 2010, the then newly appointed Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, grandly announced plans for a charter to support whistleblowers. The government, he said, would… Read more

Edward Heath and a very modern witch-hunt

8 August 2015

There was a grim inevitability that the name Edward Heath would one day be trawled up in connection with allegations of sexual abuse of children. As one of our few… Read more

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Val McDermid

29 August 2015

There are many good reasons for being in Edinburgh in August, when the population doubles… Read more

Andrew Marr

22 August 2015

This is the Corbyn summer. From the perspective of a short holiday, my overwhelming feeling… Read more

A.N. Wilson

15 August 2015

Should we have celebrated VJ Day? Hearing the hieratic tones of the Emperor Hirohito on… Read more


29 August 2015

Trimming the ermine Sir: I am a new boy in the House of Lords compared… Read more

22 August 2015 Aus

Justified bombing Sir: A.N Wilson’s suggestion that the 1945 nuclear bombing of Japan was “without… Read more

22 August 2015

The morality of the A bomb Sir: In questioning whether we should celebrate VJ Day… Read more

15 August 2015 Aus

End of Entitlements Sir: Having read David Flint’s article on parliamentary “entitlements” (Bronny bad, Adam… Read more

Ancient and modern


How to tell if Jeremy Corbyn is a proper republican

29 August 2015

True to his antique, bearded ideology, guru Corbyn is a… Read more

What Tacitus would have made of the Heath rumours

22 August 2015

The press and police have been condemned for the way… Read more

Tips for Boris from imperial Rome

15 August 2015

While the Labour party rakes over its past in an… Read more