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The real problem with our MPs: they’re obsessed with the super-rich

28 February 2015

Had the public been asked, before Monday morning, to identify two MPs who stood for honesty and decency, the names Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind would have been prominent… Read more

Let Greece leave the eurozone

21 February 2015

To listen to Greek government ministers addressing the outside world during their breaks from negotiations with eurozone leaders this week, it would be easy to form the impression that Greece… Read more

In this election, won't someone please weaponise defence?

14 February 2015

Britain is forfeiting its position on the world stage. With no national debate, we are surrendering our claim to be a major player in international affairs and undermining the Atlantic… Read more

Proof that the schools revolution isn’t over

7 February 2015

For those who assumed that the removal of Michael Gove as Education Secretary marked the end of the Conservatives’ scholastic reforms, this month may hold a surprise. More free schools… Read more

Portrait of the week



Paul Mason

28 February 2015

It’ll be a Skype interview, says the producer from Greek television, and not live. In… Read more

Virginia Ironside

21 February 2015

All this fuss about Fifty Shades of Grey! I wonder how many people have actually… Read more

Sebastian Faulks

14 February 2015

Just back from Sri Lanka, a place I first went to in 1981. It was… Read more


7 March 2015 Aus

Vale of Praise Sir: Michael Baume’s article on Iron Ore’s Vale of Tears (Business/Robbery etc… Read more

28 February 2015 Aus

Bad behaviour Sir: A good number of years ago I was at the University of… Read more

28 February 2015

The presence of a church Sir: The challenge for the Church of England and the… Read more

21 February 2015 Aus

Japanese numbers Sir I refer to the article No Aussie Knighthood for Winston (31 January).… Read more

Ancient and modern


Today’s TV debates are pointless – here’s the real thing

28 February 2015

Ancients would have been astonished that parties never debate against… Read more

Julius Caesar could teach Isis a thing or two

21 February 2015

Isis disseminates videos of beheaded captives to spread simple terror.… Read more

What Cicero knew that David Davis doesn't

14 February 2015

The MP David Davis has lamented that the British seem… Read more