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How to fix our defence budget mess

28 March 2015

With the exception of 1983, when Michael Foot promised unilateral nuclear disarmament, defence has played little role in modern election campaigns. This is not least because the two main parties… Read more

The Conservatives should be the party of immigrants — and here’s how they can be

21 March 2015

For a long while, the Conservatives have been puzzled about their lack of popularity among immigrants. In theory, the Conservative party should be the natural home of new voters who… Read more

James McAvoy is wrong – the arts are better off without subsidy

14 March 2015

The season of cringe-making acceptance speeches at arts awards ceremonies is nearly over, thank heavens. But it hasn’t passed without a most fatuous contribution from James McAvoy as he accepted… Read more

If you really love the NHS, you know it needs to change

7 March 2015

To adapt Aeschylus’s aphorism on war and truth, the first casualty in a general election campaign is objectivity. Over the next eight weeks NHS staff can expect nothing but saccharine… Read more

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Harry Mount

28 March 2015

I never knew classicists could be so scary! Last week I wrote a Telegraph article… Read more

Danny Alexander

21 March 2015

It’s dangerous, in my line of work, to promise you’ll be anywhere by 8 p.m.… Read more

Jeffrey Archer

14 March 2015

This last week, in India, I visited six cities in seven days: Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore,… Read more


28 March 2015

The referendum parties Sir: Zac Goldsmith and Sir John Major are each of them both… Read more

21 March 2015 Aus

White Ribbon Sir: Tanveer Ahmed wrote an article in The Spectator Australia (14 March) about… Read more

21 March 2015

The Goldsmith effect Sir: Much as I admire filial loyalty, I cannot allow Zac Goldsmith’s… Read more

14 March 2015 Aus

Praise indeed Sir: Congratulations on the best arguments, articles and editorial I have personally witnessed… Read more

Ancient and modern


When Rome’s 99 per cent stood up

28 March 2015

In the UK the richest 1 per cent — 300,000… Read more

Allah, Zeus and the Church of England

21 March 2015

A ‘prominent liberal cleric’ in London has held an Islamic… Read more

The Green party isn’t nearly tough enough on Ancient Greece

14 March 2015

The Green party’s manifesto appears to make saving the planet… Read more