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Spare us a Bob?

22 November 2014

Anyone listening to the BBC this week could be forgiven for thinking that the musician Bob Geldof had just emerged from Africa, like a latter-day Dr Livingstone, the first westerner… Read more

Thank heavens for Justin Welby!

15 November 2014

For decades, interventions of the Archbishop of Canterbury in national debate were like a sporadic bombardment of small pebbles against the door of Downing Street. Justin Welby has changed all… Read more

Say no to devolution without democracy

8 November 2014

Imagine if, in one of her first acts as First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon announced that, in spite of the result of September’s independence vote, Scotland was to declare… Read more

How to fight Ukip

1 November 2014

In the 2005 general election this magazine supported the Conservatives, with one exception — we urged voters in Medway not to vote for a deeply unimpressive Tory candidate by the name… Read more

Portrait of the week



Richard Madeley

22 November 2014

Oh God, it’s happened again. Another evening where I’m surrounded by people I know personally… Read more

Alexander Masters

15 November 2014

Two million pounds can buy you consideration for a place on a medical trial! Every… Read more

Barry Humphries

8 November 2014

Do fish have loins? Last Tuesday, in a pretentious restaurant, I ordered a ‘loin of… Read more


22 November 2014

Let’s subsidise weddings Sir: Fraser Nelson (‘Marrying money’, 15 November) points out that marriages tend to… Read more

15 November 2014

The state of Italy… Sir: Ambassador Terracciano’s letter (Letters, 1 November) about Nicholas Farrell’s article… Read more

8 November 2014 Aus

Well-meaning Whitlam Sir: Over recent months we have been subjected to an unprecedented amount of… Read more

8 November 2014

Mind games Sir: I hope that people are not unduly put off by Melanie McDonagh’s… Read more

Ancient and modern


Aristophanes on Mazher Mahmood

22 November 2014

Undercover journalist Mazher Mahmood, otherwise known as the Fake Sheikh,… Read more

The lesson of Athens: to make people care about politics, give them real power

15 November 2014

Voters explain their apathy about politics on the grounds that… Read more

No, Richard Branson, our greatest achievements don’t come from our greatest pain

8 November 2014

Explaining the death of a pilot testing a Virgin Galactic… Read more