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Deal with the debt, George Osborne? You’ve hardly even started

25 October 2014

George Osborne has declared victory over Ed Balls, the IMF and all the others who warned that his austerity measures would throw Britain back into recession. But his triumphalism obscures… Read more

If Turkey turns on the West, what hope is there for Syria and Iraq?

18 October 2014

Turkey has long been a bridge between the West and the Middle East. Its record on free speech may be lamentable and it treats its Kurdish minority shoddily, but against… Read more

There is a way to beat Ebola (and we're already doing it)

11 October 2014

There is something depressing about the fact that it has taken a sick Spanish nurse to put Ebola back on the front pages. Since the summer, some 3,400 West Africans… Read more

Britain doesn't need hateful laws to defeat hate preachers

4 October 2014

If the Labour party conference in Manchester felt like a funeral, the Conservatives’ gathering in Birmingham had the air of a wedding. It had jazz bands, champagne bars and a… Read more

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Griff Rhys Jones

25 October 2014

In order to promote the Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia festival, I am trying to persuade… Read more

Prue Leith

18 October 2014

‘Please God, make me good, but not yet.’ I know the feeling. As I get… Read more

Anthony Horowitz

11 October 2014

It was quite fun being named as the new writer of 007 — although actually… Read more


25 October 2014

Health check Sir: I have to take issue on (at least) three counts with Dr… Read more

25 October 2014 Aus

Cultured Brisbane Sir: Re Culture Buff 11 October. One sore point. I could do without… Read more

18 October 2014

Nothing to fear Sir: So long as we are not breaking any law, we have… Read more

11 October 2014

Faith and flexibility Sir: What a contrast in your two articles on religion last week:… Read more

Ancient and modern


Why the Ancient Greeks thought adultery was worse than rape

25 October 2014

A footballer serves his sentence for rape, insisting on his… Read more

Hannibal (and Alexander the Great) vs the Islamic State

18 October 2014

Whatever the Islamic State hopes ultimately to achieve by its… Read more

What Aristotle would have made of Brooks Newmark's selfies

11 October 2014

News that the soon-to-be-ex-Tory MP Brooks Newmark has sent pictures of… Read more