In need of a revamp: London Trocadero

Anthony Horowitz

11 October 2014

It was quite fun being named as the new writer of 007 — although actually I’d make a lousy spy. As my family knows, I’m hopeless at keeping secrets and… Read more

(Photo: Scott Barbour/Getty)

Jeremy Vine

4 October 2014

Last Tuesday I tried to sign up to a new life. My wife and I argued, slightly. ‘I don’t think this will work!’ she laughs, and I reply feebly: ‘But… Read more


Tom Bower

27 September 2014

This week marks another milestone in my 15-year battle with Richard Branson. Ever since he unsuccessfully sued me in 1999 to prevent the publication of my first damning biography, we… Read more


Mark Amory

20 September 2014

Until recently I used to claim that I had been literary editor of The Spectator for over 25 years; now I say almost 30. The trouble is I am not… Read more

Yes And No Campaigns Take To The Streets Of Edinburgh And Glasgow

Tom Holland

13 September 2014

I feel a bit about the Scottish referendum as I did about the 2005 Ashes series. In both cases, those of us in the know were gripped with a nervous tension… Read more


Paul Wood

6 September 2014

 Lebanon The Beirut press corps gather to remember the murdered journalist Jim Foley. People stand for a minute’s silence, drink in hand. Below the balcony, the nightly Beirut traffic jam… Read more

Martyr village of Oradour-sur-Glane Photo: AFP/Getty

Andrew Marr

30 August 2014

No, no, no, you don’t want a house abroad — the paperwork, the taxes, the piping, the cost of the pool. What you want are good, kind, generous friends with… Read more

John Betjeman Photo: Getty

A.N. Wilson

23 August 2014

Like many inward-looking children, I always doodled stories and poems. Knowing one wanted to be a writer is a different matter altogether. That moment came when I read Lytton Strachey’s… Read more

Radek Sikorski

Radek Sikorski

16 August 2014

I made a welcome escape from sweltering Warsaw to the cloudy cool of Bodø, halfway up the coast of Norway, north of Iceland. Bodø’s harbour stays ice-free all year round… Read more

David Frum Photo: Toronto Star via Getty

David Frum

9 August 2014

 Wellington, Ontario A British visitor to this village might be disoriented by the flags. They look almost exactly like the Union Jack, but not quite. These banners omit the Cross… Read more

Prime Minister David Cameron Announces His New Cabinet

Miriam Gross

2 August 2014

I knew that the historian Sir Richard Evans was a rather abrasive and quarrelsome man, but I was staggered by his vicious attack on Michael Gove in the Guardian last… Read more

All the golfers in the world or half an hour with Lucinda Green? It's a no-brainer.

Simon Barnes

26 July 2014

Sport is like love: it can only really hurt you if you care. Or for that matter, bring joy. You can’t explain sport, any more than you can explain the… Read more

Anthony Horowitz

19 July 2014

I have written a play, but a month after it was sent to half a dozen theatres, I have heard nothing. Either they’re being slow or they’re so shocked that… Read more

The Spectator Magazine Summer Party

Joan Collins

12 July 2014

Can there be anything more perfect than early July in London, when the sun is shining, the sky a cloudless azure and the temperature hovers in the mid-seventies? Sorry, I… Read more

Conrad Black back on familiar territory at The Spectator on 3 July. Image: Alan Davidson

Andrew Roberts

5 July 2014

The former proprietor of this magazine, Conrad Black, is in London at the moment with his gorgeous wife Barbara, and I’ve got very bad news for those of his enemies… Read more

A grand reunion for the revolutionary class of '89

28 June 2014

I’m an old conference hand going back to the Tories’ annual get-together of 1958. My headmaster, an Irish Christian Brother of firm nationalist sympathies, almost certainly felt that attendance was… Read more

Spain v Netherlands: Group B - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Dan Snow

21 June 2014

Could there be a more timely advert for the Better Together campaign than on the field of sport? What the England football team manifestly need is the man who is… Read more

Robert Harris Photo: Getty

Robert Harris

14 June 2014

To Paris, for the launch of the French edition of my novel about the Dreyfus affair. As we land, I isolate three anxieties out of my general sense of unease.… Read more

Irvine Welsh Photo: Ulf Andersen/Getty

Irvine Welsh

7 June 2014

I’ve been heading east in a circle around the world from Chicago, taking in New York, London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton, Paris, Geneva, Barcelona, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne and LA. Now… Read more

ussian President Vladimir Putin attends Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum Photo:Getty

Peter Mandelson

31 May 2014

My trips to meet Russians in Russia these days are a little less controversial than my encounter with them in Corfu. The Corfu trip, though, did have the bonus of… Read more


Peter McKay

24 May 2014

Having dampened local republican ardour during their recent tour of New Zealand and Australia, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit thinking-about-breaking-away Scotland next week. They’ll tour Glenturret Distillery near… Read more

Madresfield Court, Malvern Photo: Cellach / Maggie

Christopher Buckley's diary: How to fit a cow into your bedroom

17 May 2014

My wife and I spent the winter in Worcestershire. This allowed me to tell everyone back home in the States: ‘We are wintering in Worcestershire.’ This may be a sentence… Read more

Shangri-La Hotel Opens In The Shard

Paul Johnson

10 May 2014

I feel an intense antipathy for Vladimir Putin. No one on the international scene has aroused in me such dislike since Stalin died. Though not a mass killer on the… Read more

2011 Toronto International Film Festival - 'The Hunter' Portraits

Sam Neill

3 May 2014

I am back in the UK for work. Great time to turn up — after the grim, grey grind of the British winter. Here in Manchester, people stroll in shirtsleeves… Read more

Freddy Highmore and Vera Farmiga star as Norman and Norma Bates in Bates Motel

Joan Collins

26 April 2014

Ahh! Spring has sprung at last! Or has it? Leaving a warm and sunlit London last month we expected balmy weather in Los Angeles but the skies were grey and… Read more