Billy Bragg performs at the Americana Music Festival Photo: Getty

Billy Bragg

12 October 2013

A great night to be in Pittsburgh. The local baseball team, the Pirates, were attempting to reach their first play-offs in 21 years. Meanwhile in Washington DC, a Republican party rejected… Read more

(Picture: Getty)

David Hare

5 October 2013

So mysterious, the Conservative party. In every poll, our five most admired institutions are the NHS, the BBC, the Royal Mail, the armed forces and the monarchy. The Conservative party… Read more

Labour Annual Conference 2013

Damian McBride

28 September 2013

They say nothing beats the feeling of seeing your book in print. But for me, the proudest moment was presenting the first copy to my Mum. She’s been ill recently… Read more

Rowan Atkinson

Max Hastings

21 September 2013

The looming centenary of the outbreak of the first world war offers an opportunity to break away from the Blackadder/Oh! What a Lovely War vision, which dominates popular perceptions. Nobody… Read more

BBC Proms In The Park Photo: Redferns via Getty Images

Simon Schama

14 September 2013

‘Wider still and wider, may thy bounds be set,’ the ecstatic throng sang at the Last Night of the Proms. They were partying like it was 1902, even though it… Read more

Secretary Of State John Kerry Speaks On Syria At The State Department

Harold Evans

7 September 2013

Days ago, I’d have bet that even the most bitterly partisan Congress in generations would jib at humiliating their commander-in-chief. More than two thirds of the population, according to the… Read more

Andrew Marr Appears At The Edinburgh Book Festival

Andrew Marr

31 August 2013

It’s been a strange summer. After a stroke, holidays are not what they used to be. We went to Juan-les-Pins for a week in a hotel. It seemed perfect because… Read more

Women In Film And TV Awards 2011

Kirsty Wark

24 August 2013

There isn’t a Scottish politician in living memory who hasn’t been on the Caledonian Sleeper. I always imagined Donald Dewar folding himself up in his berth, he was so tall.… Read more

Chelsea Flower Show - Press & VIP Preview Day

Kirstie Allsopp

17 August 2013

If you haven’t scuffled you haven’t lived, and our local scuffle is the best of the best. A scuffle is a sort of off-road bumper cars in 4x4s, and it’s… Read more


Roger Scruton

10 August 2013

Hay-making was easy this year, and over in good time for a holiday. I am opposed to holidays, having worked all my life to build a sovereign territory from which… Read more

Conrad Black

3 August 2013

The astonishing level of enthusiasm over the birth of the new prince goes far beyond the pleasure that people naturally feel for an attractive young couple who have had a… Read more

Douglas Murray

27 July 2013

The pilot refuses to get going until everyone is seated and quiet. When we take off there are raucous cheers. I am on a midday budget-airline flight to Ibiza. Louder… Read more

Nigel Farndale

20 July 2013

Next time I’m in a sauna I’m going to say: ‘It’s like a school sports hall on prize day in here.’ As the mothers fanned their faces with the programmes,… Read more

Raymond Tallis

13 July 2013

The frantic promotion of the proposed HS2 rail line — a white elephant in the making — is a reminder to those of us living outside London that we suffer… Read more

Christopher Sykes

6 July 2013

I began my week with a trip to Bridlington, the closest seaside town to my childhood home. ‘Brid’, as it’s known to the locals, has a special British charm, comprising… Read more

Is Boris John scared of Pippa's challenge? Illustration: Carla Millar.

Pippa Middleton

29 June 2013

Ah, good old Wimbledon: a fortnight of rhythmic ball thumping, ooh-ing at Federer’s forehand, aah-ing at Djoko the elastic athlete, and praying against common sense for good weather and British… Read more

Is the cupcake invasion over?

Jenny McCartney

22 June 2013

The calendar of British summer events often involves a master class in surviving a deluge cheerfully, and recent years have tested that cheer almost to destruction. On Saturday it was… Read more

US President Barack Obama looks at a per

Anne Applebaum

15 June 2013

I am trying very hard to understand why everyone is shocked — shocked! — by news that the US government helps itself to the massive data flows generated by Google,… Read more

Pianist James Rhodes Performs At Queen Elizabeth Hall In London

James Rhodes

8 June 2013

This was the best kind of week. It started with a three-hour road trip with my manager/surrogate father/shrink/bodyguard to Monmouth to record album no. 5. Glenn Gould (whom I worship… Read more

Justin Cartwright

1 June 2013

Too often, I go to South African theatre with a sense of foreboding: I anticipate something overwrought, tendentious, poorly acted and emotionally exploitative. So I arrived at the Hampstead Theatre… Read more

Norman Lamont as seen by The Spectator's Peter Brooks during his reign as Chancellor.

Norman Lamont

25 May 2013

I was surprised to be told, by the editor of this magazine, that next week will mark the 20th anniversary of my standing down as Chancellor. The anniversary had entirely… Read more

Margot Asquith

Susan Hill

18 May 2013

I bet you remember your first fountain pen. Mine was a Conway Stewart with marbled barrel, I had it for starting Big School and I used to polish it. That… Read more

Prince Harry visits New York this week Photo: Getty

Harry Mount

11 May 2013

At evensong in Trinity College, Cambridge last Sunday, Ann Widdecombe was preaching. The pews were packed, with many in the congregation bagging seats half an hour before the service began.… Read more

A-Bomb Dome and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Japan Photo: AFP/Getty

Anthony Horowitz

4 May 2013

It was a perfect spring day in Hiroshima last week. I was there for my 25th wedding anniversary, which may sound odd, but my wife and I both work on… Read more

A burned out car sits on a roundabout ne

Peter Oborne

27 April 2013

One of the first world statesmen to send a message of sympathy to Boston after last week’s outrage was Gerry Adams, president of Sinn Fein. ‘Just watching news of the… Read more