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George Osborne has bet the house, and other people’s houses, on there being no new crash

29 August 2015

George Osborne visited Sweden, Finland and Denmark on Monday and the stock markets of each country promptly fell by about 5 per cent. As soon as he left, they recovered.… Read more

British Prime Minister David Cameron Total Oil Depot Visit

At last, Britain can have its shale gas revolution

22 August 2015

Over the past week, the government has finally made a decisive move to kickstart a fracking industry in Britain. Licences have been issued for shale gas exploration and the planning… Read more

General Election - National Health Service

To defend the NHS, stop health tourism

15 August 2015

Speaking after the Stafford hospital scandal in 2010, the then newly appointed Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, grandly announced plans for a charter to support whistleblowers. The government, he said, would… Read more

Edward Heath conducting the annual carol concert at the Grand Ballroom, Broadstairs, Kent in 1963. (Photo: Erich Auerbach/Hulton Archive/Getty)

Edward Heath and a very modern witch-hunt

8 August 2015

There was a grim inevitability that the name Edward Heath would one day be trawled up in connection with allegations of sexual abuse of children. As one of our few… Read more

The State Opening Of Parliament

Look beyond the Sewel video: the House of Lords still works

1 August 2015

The shaming of Lord Sewel was a classic tabloid exposé. The fact that a peer of the realm (albeit one appointed by Tony Blair) was caught on camera apparently ingesting… Read more

A RAF plane lands carrying the coffins of Britons killed in the Jihadist attack in Tunisia (Photo: Getty)

If you want military interventions, Prime Minister, you'll need more of a military

25 July 2015

“Whether it’s in Iraq, Syria, Libya or elsewhere — as Prime Minister, if I believe there is a specific threat to the British people, would I be prepared to authorise… Read more

Can we trust Iran? (Photo: Getty)

Iran can’t be trusted

18 July 2015

Iran is, beyond doubt, a sponsor of terrorism and this week it has been made much stronger. It has (again) agreed not to make a nuclear bomb and in return… Read more

UK Budget Day 2015

Osborne's living-wage wheeze will decide the fate of one-nation Conservatism

11 July 2015

In his hastily scripted victory speech, David Cameron hit upon a mission that he wanted to define his remaining years in office. ‘I want my party, and I hope the… Read more

Protestors outside Lancashire County Hall (Photo: Getty)

Britain needs to get fracking

4 July 2015

That democracy is a superior form of government to any other goes without saying. But in order to function, it has to be conducted in such a way and on… Read more

Michael Gove is sworn in as Lord Chancellor (Photo: Getty)

Why lawyers deserve Michael Gove

27 June 2015

A great test of political leadership is how well you deal with vested interests on your own side. In his first speech as Lord Chancellor this week, Michael Gove has… Read more


Greece should remember the lesson of Black Wednesday

20 June 2015

The campaign to keep Greece in the euro has resulted in five years of groundhog days. The unfortunate country seems to be forever approaching a day of repayments it cannot… Read more

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Cameron’s EU referendum tactics make Harold Wilson look clever

13 June 2015

David Cameron is now facing the biggest challenge of his leadership: how to renegotiate Britain’s membership of the EU without destroying his party. His dilemma mirrors the situation of Harold… Read more


This time, on surveillance, the Americans have it right

6 June 2015

Britain and America, as George Bernard Shaw is reputed to have said, are two countries divided by their common language. As of this week they are divided by something else,… Read more

Cameron Aid

There’s only one sane way David Cameron can meet the foreign aid target

30 May 2015

In this week’s Queen’s Speech, the government promised as usual to cut red tape for businesses. But David Cameron is remarkable in his enthusiasm for simultaneously wrapping his own government… Read more


Isis is our worst possible enemy

23 May 2015

In recent months, as the country went through a general election, our focus has been on our own domestic debates. Meanwhile, the situation in Iraq has deteriorated significantly. After intense… Read more

David Cameron Visits General Dynamics

'One nation' politics works. Just ask Nicola Sturgeon

16 May 2015

As David Cameron lined up beside Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband at the Cenotaph on the day after the general election, he said that he had thought he would be… Read more


Do you think the age of boom and bust is over? All our party leaders are betting that it is

9 May 2015

After working for Bill Clinton, the political strategist James Carville said he had changed his mind about where power really lies. ‘I used to think that if there was reincarnation,… Read more

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The Tories are now the party of the many — Labour is the party of the few

2 May 2015

When election day dawns, it’s worth bearing in mind that two million more people will be going to work than when David Cameron came to power. On an average day in… Read more

Nicola Sturgeon's party is dominating this election campaign (Photo: Getty)

Cameron is the only leader who can deliver an EU referendum. Why is he ashamed to say so?

25 April 2015

The election campaign is becoming increasingly dominated by a small party whose raison d’être is to preach independence from membership of a union it claims is hindering national ambition. But… Read more

The new boat people

Cameron led calls to remove Gaddafi. Why is he silent on Libya's drowning refugees?

18 April 2015

One Friday, 28 people were rescued by the Italian coastguard when the boat on which they were fleeing Libya capsized in the Mediterranean. Arriving homeless and without prospects in a strange land,… Read more


Won't somebody please try to win this election?

11 April 2015

The age of two-party politics is over: we know that because everyone keeps saying so. We are entering an era of coalitions, apparently, where compromise is king and a wider… Read more

David Cameron speaking in Edinburgh before the Scottish independence referendum. He said he was ‘a passionate believer in our United Kingdom’ – will he be passionate when campaigning on the Conservatives’ principles and achievements? Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

What Cameron's campaign is missing

4 April 2015

When launching the Conservatives’ campaign this week, David Cameron told party activists that the general election was ‘on a knife edge’. He is right. His chances are little better than… Read more

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How to fix our defence budget mess

28 March 2015

With the exception of 1983, when Michael Foot promised unilateral nuclear disarmament, defence has played little role in modern election campaigns. This is not least because the two main parties… Read more

David Cameron talks to UK border agency officials Photo: Getty

The Conservatives should be the party of immigrants — and here’s how they can be

21 March 2015

For a long while, the Conservatives have been puzzled about their lack of popularity among immigrants. In theory, the Conservative party should be the natural home of new voters who… Read more

James McAvoy Photo: Getty

James McAvoy is wrong – the arts are better off without subsidy

14 March 2015

The season of cringe-making acceptance speeches at arts awards ceremonies is nearly over, thank heavens. But it hasn’t passed without a most fatuous contribution from James McAvoy as he accepted… Read more