1 August 2015

What we’re building Sir: I was surprised and frustrated to read Ross Clark’s piece on housing associations in last week’s edition of your magazine (‘Stop moaning, start building’, 25 July).… Read more

25 July 2015

Don’t write off Assad Sir: Ahmed Rashid refers to our ‘Arab allies’ supporting al-Qaeda (‘The plan to back al-Qaeda against Isis’, 18 July). Clearly they are no allies of ours,… Read more

18 July 2015

Greek cowboys Sir: In the leading article in The Spectator Australia of 11 July 2015, the editor says: “Like the black sheriff of Rock Ridge in Mel Brooks’s Blazing Saddles,… Read more

18 July 2015

Unions led astray Sir: Leo McKinstry’s article on the current problems in the trade unions (‘Counter-strike’, 11 July) brings back unhappy memories of the last time a similar situation arose.… Read more

11 July 2015

Heavenly choir Sir: Having just read Christopher Akehurst’s article on Pope Francis’ recent Road to Damascus-like conversion to Gaiaism, he doesn’t venture an opinion as to whether in his newly-found… Read more

11 July 2015

The case for Daesh Sir: For once the admirable Rod Liddle has got it completely wrong (‘You can’t take the Islam out of Islamic State’, 4 July). We absolutely shouldn’t… Read more

4 July 2015

Response to Michael Easson Sir: I have been afforded an opportunity to respond to the review of my book “The Case for Palestine”, which review was written by Mr. Michael… Read more

4 July 2015

How to fix Detroit Sir: When I last flew over my native Detroit five years ago, vast tracts of it still resembled Machu Picchu. From the ground, it was little… Read more

27 June 2015

Hidden Reids Sir: In his piece on Alan Reid Peter Coleman has asked if there are other hidden works on Australian politics waiting to be discovered. There certainly are. Initial… Read more

27 June 2015

Free trade with Africa Sir: Nicholas Farrell suggests that a naval blockade is the only solution to Italy’s immigration crisis (‘The invasion of Italy’, 20 June). Examining the causes of… Read more

20 June 2015

Growing congregations Sir: I would like to take issue with Damian Thompson (‘Crisis of faith’, 13 June) and his assertions that England’s churches are in deep trouble. Last Saturday 250… Read more

13 June 2015

The long arm of the FBI Sir: The White House may be less willing than it was to play the role of the world’s policeman in international affairs, but the… Read more

6 June 2015

Targeting aid Sir: The way that our aid is being spent is a national scandal (Leading article, 30 May). This is because Dfid has outsourced its professional advice and thus… Read more

30 May 2015

Baume strikes gold Sir: It is interesting that the above competition between the two largest exporting countries is at last getting some public exposure albeit in the context of the… Read more

30 May 2015

Why we don’t need mayors Sir: There are a number of arguments against Steve Hilton’s call for more than 10,000 mayors (‘We need 10,000 mayors’, 23 May). One is that… Read more

23 May 2015

Soldiering on Sir: Max Hastings’s article about demobbed army officers trying for a job after the war struck a chord (‘Demob unhappy’, 16 May). The problem prevailed. I left as… Read more

16 May 2015

Modern migrant families Sir, In recounting the positions in print of the likes of Miranda Devine from the Right, and Jeff Sparrow of the Left ( Rebels with a jihadist… Read more

16 May 2015

Scotland’s silent majority Sir: Hugo Rifkind’s article (‘Scotland’s nasty party’, 9 May) is a first for the media. It expresses the dismay, disbelief and incomprehension felt at the rise of… Read more

9 May 2015

Bees vs Belgians Sir: To answer Rory Sutherland and Glen Weyl’s question: yes, everyone should vote and no, just because someone is more interested in politics, his opinion should not… Read more

2 May 2015

An instinctive Tory faith Sir: For once Bruce Anderson does not exaggerate: David Cameron did indeed win golden opinions for his ‘high intellect and low cunning’ at the 1992 election… Read more

25 April 2015

Enemies within Sir: I thought Matthew Parris was typically incisive in his last column, but perhaps not quite as much as the person who wrote its online headline, ‘Scotland knows… Read more

18 April 2015

The real road menace Sir: I write in anger after reading Mark Mason’s malicious attack on mobility scooters (‘Hell on wheels’, 11 April). The motorcar has, since its invention, killed… Read more

11 April 2015

Fraser’s Folly Sir: Thoroughly enjoyed the tributes to Mr Fraser (Spectator Australia 28 March). So Peaches has his trousers; I thought that was a myth. I’ll tell you of one… Read more

11 April 2015

In defence of Catholicism Sir: Michael Gove gives an excellent defence of Christianity (4 April), but his embarrassment about the Roman Catholic part of the story is unnecessary. He writes… Read more

4 April 2015

Unity’s modern equivalents Sir: I don’t understand why David Pryce-Jones is still banging on about the Mitfords (‘You are always close to me’, 28 March). Of course my great-aunt Unity was… Read more