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Wine ClubWe make an offer every two weeks – either a selection of six wines in the Wine Club or a smaller offering of four special cases of wine in the Wine Vaults. These are not cheap supermarket wines, and neither are they the expensive French classics which only the wealthy can afford. But they are all wonderful value: fine wines at good prices, discounted for Spectator readers, with free delivery right to your doorstep. Many of our wines are just as delicious as the more famous highly priced names, and they are all made with care, love and pride – none of your mass produced rubbish here. They are all tried and tested by our wine writer Jonathan Ray, who tastes around twenty options for each offer and makes a selection for our readers. Our merchants have a close relationship with our readers, and are always ready for a chat about your selection. And they'll happily change or refund anything that disappoints – which almost never happens!

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September Wine Club

5 September 2015

It’s back to Tanners this month, whose offer in June was such a great hit with readers. We’ve another fine selection this time too. There is no theme as such… Read more

August Wine Vaults

22 August 2015

James Franklin of Corney & Barrow presented a very strong selection for this offer, any bottle of which I would have been happy to recommend. We did finally narrow it… Read more

August Wine Club

8 August 2015

A really strong team of wines from The Wine Company this week, drawn from France, Italy and New Zealand and including two delicious oddities. And so proud of our final… Read more

July Wine Club

25 July 2015

We seem unusually focused this week — never an easy task after one of our Wine Club tastings — with all six wines coming from France. We didn’t plan it that way.… Read more

July Wine Vaults

11 July 2015

We are in the middle of a heatwave as I write. Roads are melting, rails are buckling and tempers are fraying. My train to London today took twice as long… Read more

June Wine Club II

27 June 2015

We’ve a selection of simple summer quaffing wines this week, full of bright flavours, courtesy of our old chums Tanners of Shrewsbury. I am confident that you will find the… Read more

June Wine Club I

13 June 2015

Pol Roger is The Speccie’s favourite fizz and no event here is complete without it. In fact, judging by the heroic amounts we get through — notably at the summer… Read more

Domaine de la Jasse Offer

6 June 2015

One of the most warmly received wines we offered in cahoots with The Wine Company last year was the 2011 Domaine de la Jasse Vieilles Vignes, a beautifully structured, Bordeaux-style… Read more

May Rosé Offer

16 May 2015

After the thundering success of our last rosé offer, courtesy of FromVineyarsDirect.com, we make no apology for having something of a re-run featuring once again the pink wines from Sacha… Read more

May Wine Vaults

9 May 2015

Despite being the old man of St James’s, Berry Bros & Rudd is anything but stuffy. Yes, of course Berrys is traditional, selling plenty of cru classé claret, vintage port… Read more

April Wine Club II

18 April 2015

When I was pondering a theme for this week’s offer with Mark Cronshaw, operations director of The Wine Company, he sucked his teeth, stared into the distance and came up… Read more

April Wine Club

4 April 2015

Private Cellar is the Jack Russell of the wine trade, tiny but tenacious, nipping in and snuffling out first-rate everyday wines that others either miss or require in greater quantities… Read more