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Wine ClubWe make an offer every two weeks – a big one once a month, and a smaller 'mini-bar' in the fortnights in between. These are not cheap supermarket wines, and neither are they the expensive French classics which only the wealthy can afford. But they are all wonderful value: fine wines at good prices, often discounted, with free delivery right to your doorstep. Many of our wines are just as delicious as the more famous highly priced names, and they are all made with care, love and pride – none of your mass produced rubbish here. Our merchants have a close relationship with our readers, and are always ready for a chat about your selection. And they'll happily change or refund anything that disappoints – which almost never happens!

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Wine Club

August Wine Club – The Wine Company

9 August 2014

It is noticeable how the nights are drawing in now, added to which the leaves in our garden are ever so slightly but definitely beginning to turn. Nevertheless, we’ve still… Read more

Spectator Wine Vaults – Berry Bros. & Rudd

26 July 2014

Mark Pardoe MW, Buying Director of Berry Bros. & Rudd, was in charitable mood last week. Not only did he put up a particularly mouth–watering selection of wines, he also… Read more

July Wine Club – Yapp Bros.

12 July 2014

We’ve a great selection of regional French wines this week from my old chum Jason Yapp. With carefree al fresco imbibing in mind, during what promises to be a blisteringly… Read more

June Wine Club – FromVineyardsDirect

28 June 2014

It baffles me that German wines are still something of a hard sell in the UK. I imagine that they’re all too readily associated by consumers with that ghastly German… Read more

June Wine Club – Corney and Barrow

14 June 2014

A lovely, summery offer this, with some great wines chosen especially for outdoor drinking; for barbecues, picnics, lazy afternoons and long evenings idling in the garden and for stashing in… Read more

June Wine Vaults – Tanners

31 May 2014

There are mixed views — to put it mildly — concerning the quality of the 2013 Bordeaux vintage. It’s not a complete write-off by any means, for there are certainly… Read more

May Wine Club – FromVineyardsDirect

17 May 2014

Like many who started their drinking careers in the late Seventies, I grew up – and threw up – on Mateus Rosé. I’ve still got the bottle lamps to prove… Read more

May Wine Club – Private Cellar

3 May 2014

We’re thinking ahead with this offer, with summer firmly in our sights. Think of barbecues, picnics by the river, summer fêtes and lazy days on the beach. And think of… Read more

April Wine Club – Yapp Bros.

19 April 2014

For many years, Languedoc-Roussillon was a byword for lousy wine. The region was infamous for producing vast amounts of grim fare which appealed to nobody except the French army who… Read more

April Wine Vaults – The Wine Company

5 April 2014

A really tasty selection from The Wine Company this week at very generously discounted prices. There is a theme of sorts: I wonder if you can spot it. Made exclusively… Read more

March Wine Club – Berry Bros. & Rudd

22 March 2014

When I worked at Berry Bros & Rudd 20 years ago, I had a wonderfully eccentric customer who liked to ring up during bathtime. He was a confirmed claret lover… Read more

March Wine Club – FromVineyardsDirect

8 March 2014

What I most admire about FromVineyardsDirect (apart from the quality and quirkiness of their wines and the ease of ordering) is the brevity of their list. There’s no messing about… Read more