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31 October 2007

3:35 PM

31 October 2007

3:35 PM

‘Nobody would be happier than me if, in 50 years’ time, the Prime Minister, the Archibishop of Canterbury, the Poet Laureate, the Lord Chief Justice, the Regius Professor of History at Oxford and the editor of the Times were all non-white.’ So wrote Stephen Glover last week, just in time to further embarrass James Watson, the Nobel laureate and renowned co-discoverer of the structure of DNA.

My first reaction was to wonder how thrilled, say, Kenyans might feel if someone were to write how happy they would be if Kenya’s President, Chief Justice, editor of the Kenya Times and Archibishop of Nairobi were all white in 50 years. The irony is that Africa could be saved from itself if Europeans recolonised it, the way the Chinese are doing as I write. The problem is that Mao’s children are there for the same reasons we used to be. To exploit Africa’s resources. My spies tell me there are no more hated people in Africa than the Chinese because of the way they treat the locals.

But I’m getting away from Glover and the non-whites he’d like to see run this country in 50 years’ time. I wonder what makes a man write such rubbish. Mind you, the article he penned was in favour of a Britain that would still be recognisable in 50 years, and was only making a point in order to show he was no racist. Personally, I would not want this to happen, and if it did, I’d visit Britain even less frequently than I do now. In fact, I would not set foot in it as I plan to be dead in 50 years’ time. All that unlimited immigration no matter from which part of the world has done to Britain is make the place extremely unpleasant and very, very crowded. High crime rates, severe drug problems and poor education are the results of Blair’s open borders, but for some strange reason he and his family have chosen to live not in Hackney or Newham, or even Middlesbrough, but in more salubrious surroundings.

And Dr Watson? For over 50 years this great man has made immeasurable contributions to science, and he has now become a non-person for saying something many people agree with. One wrong word and you’re out is the way the PC system now works, and to hell with 50 years of improving mankind, not to mention co-discovering the structure of DNA. I had dinner with Dr Watson about five years ago in New York. He was typically absent-minded and very gracious. His wife kept asking me about Princess Diana and what she was like. They were both charming and we kept the conversation light and frothy. What I don’t get is how a great man can be pushed out of the chancellorship of the prestigious Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York over remarks he made to the London Sunday Times. As always I thought he made a mistake to apologise. He should have told the free-speech-deniers to go to hell and be done with it. The Americans were even worse. The laboratory’s board of directors suspended him quicker than you can say DNA in case some race hustler came and demonstrated outside.

The multiculturalists insist that all humans share something like 99 per cent of their genes with one another and that we are all virtually identical twins under the skin. Yes, but we are also 98 per cent chimp, but I don’t see anyone being fired for writing that chimps are less intelligent than people. Relatedness is always relative to others with whom we compete for scarce resources. Show me a society where parents routinely think their neighbours’ children are 99 per cent as good as their own and allocate their bounty according to this principle, and I’ll show you a failed society, like in the Kibbutzim. So I ask you: if it is moral and normal for parents to give preferential treatment to their children so long as they do not harm the neighbours’ offsprings, why is it stigmatised to prefer our own ethnic kind? Glover might be extremely happy to see a black British prime minister, but personally I would prefer a white one because I’m white. No big deal, just

common sense.

And while I’m at it, if those bums in Brussels let Turkey into the EU, that country’s Islamic society with a different culture and a different approach to things would signal the end of the Union, not a bad thing in itself. Its entry would make it impossible to refuse membership to, say, Morocco and in no time the European peninsula would be totally swamped. I do not wish to live in a Muslim society just as devout Muslims do not like to live among us whoremongers and boozers. The trouble is that once among us they demand we go the Sharia way, while when we’re among them we have to drink undercover and can’t even be allowed to look at bare legs. I know that life’s unfair, but why do we tolerate mosques in Europe when there are no Christian churches in Saudi Arabia, the country which paid for the mosques in the first place. Enough is enough.

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