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Give and take

Taki lives the High Life

14 August 2010

12:00 AM

14 August 2010

12:00 AM

On board S/Y Bushido

Sailing down the eastern coast of the Peloponnese I thought I spotted some anti-Semites adrift, but they turned out to be Norwegians, flying a British flag. Although becalmed they needed nothing but a breeze, so we wished them good day and motored off. Ever since Shimon Peres accused the UK of anti-Semitism, I’ve been very careful to whom I offer help on the high seas. Peres, who once upon a time made some sense, recently claimed that the English were pro-Arab and anti-Israel. He was also rude about my new best friend, David Cameron, who referred to Gaza as a ‘prison camp’.

But now that the wind has suddenly picked up and we are gliding along at ten knots, I am inspired to tell a few truths to old Shimon about the English. I agree with him that they should not be trusted because they love money too much — and have sold their souls, wives and women to the disgustingly rich Gulf Arabs who park their cars in front of Harrods. But I do part with old Shimon on several issues: what he needs is a two-hour session on board Bushido with Professor Taki to put him straight. The prof is a wonderful teacher because he believes in give and take. Take, for example, the arrival of a certain Edmund Allenby in 1917 in the Holy Land. His plan was to ignite conflict between the local population, which he did by promising the whole kit and kaboodle to both Arabs and Jews. But there was one problem. There were very few Jews down there back then. So the Rothschilds and the Brits started to import them in the same manner the Brits now import Muslims.

When Palestinian Arabs claimed a national identity, the people Shimon Peres thinks are anti-Semitic turned very brutal. Against them. They brought in more troops than they had in the entire Indian continent, and along with Zionist terrorists made mincemeat of the Palestinians. From 1936 — the miracle year that saw the birth of Professor Taki — until the outbreak of the war in 1940, more than 5,000 Arabs were killed by the anti-Semitic Brits fighting along with their Zionist buddies. Whole villages were destroyed as were political and economic systems. The anti-Semite Brits knew what they were doing. The Palestinian social fabric was ripped asunder, never to recover. The 1936–39 war against Palestine was thought out by the English and carried out by the English, but try to tell it to old Shimon.

And another thing. When the Nazis began to go after the Jews in Germany in the early 1930s, Palestine became the glittering prize. Of the nearly 500,000 Jews who lived in Palestine, most had arrived during the late 1930s. With the help of the British. The Zionists know that, obviously Professor Taki knows it, but try to get some wild-eyed settler to believe it. Once the film Exodus was made, with Peter Lawford playing an anti-Semitic English officer, the game was up. Never mind Lord Moyne’s assassination, never mind Deir Yassin, Menachem Begin’s chef d’oeuvre; the Brits have been painted as anti-Semites ever since. In the meantime, the poor Palestinians have become third- or fourth-class citizens in their own country while Jews the world over pour into Israel. Still, Shimon whines about anti-Semitism.

And he whinges about Gaza being called a prison camp. Mind you, I’d take Ford anytime over Gaza. At Ford you can have medical help, water and a good night’s sleep. Not in Gaza. B’Tselem is an Israeli human-rights organisation which courageously points out the outrages perpetrated daily by (mostly) American zealot settlers against local Palestinians. The latter live wretched lives as water and other basic human needs are denied them by the settlers. Hebron is a verdant place where the settlers have decided to drive out the Palestinians through hardship. The settlers have water piped in while the Palestinians collect rainwater. The settlers plant trees and gardens; the Palestinians don’t have enough water to drink while they tend their sheep and camels. Meanwhile the settlements continue to grow.

And it gets worse. An even larger share of the Israeli army’s officer corps now comes from the Orthodox or settler group. These are people who see the Palestinians as subhuman, however unpleasant the word may sound to a Jew.

Well, for some strange reason I don’t think old Shimon will be visiting me on Bushido. I’m sure my old Etonian accent has painted me as an anti-Semite. Too bad. Israel had a chance once upon a time to be a legitimate democracy, unlike the rest of the Arab countries surrounding it. It failed miserably because of its mindset. And that of rich American Jews who encourage unacceptable and brutal behaviour against innocents. Professor Taki is angry as hell and will not take it any more.

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