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March Mini-bar

14 March 2013

9:00 AM

14 March 2013

9:00 AM

Adam Brett-Smith of Corney & Barrow says this offer contains two of the least expensive fine wines in the world. He’s probably right. We are offering both, plus a couple of less pricey wines for parties, restoring the tissues, or any occasion. Prices are reduced, and there is the Brett-Smith Indulgence, whereby you can knock £6 a case off an order of three cases, or two within the M25. Hurry before the falling pound really begins to hurt.

The very classy white is the Mâcon-Verzé from Domaines Leflaive 2008 (3). This is made from grapes grown in the Mâcon by Anne-Claude Leflaive, scioness (is there such a word?) of arguably the greatest dry white wine estate in the world. The wine is actually made at the family HQ in Puligny-Montrachet; it has style and panache. It’s not as majestic as the stuff labelled Puligny-Montrachet, but it costs half to one-third as much, and is gorgeous, combining flintiness, peaches, a touch of honey, a hint of spices. It is beautifully balanced, sophisticated, and entirely biodynamic. They even fret about the phases of the moon, since its gravitational pull helps remove tiny particles that might cloud the wine. Mâcon quality is rising fast, and I have had many inferior wines at higher prices from the Côte d’Or. A £2.25 discount takes it to £16.50.

Now a Danish wine, but made in northern Spain by Denmark’s Peter Sisseck, who set himself the task of making the finest possible red. His leading wine, Domaine de Pingus, sells for hundreds of pounds a bottle, but this Psi 2009 (6), his third wine, is reduced by a generous £4.70 to bring it in at just £18.80. This is is an amazing bargain. The wine is subtle, sinuous, perfumed and velvety. Give it an hour in a decanter and it will be luscious.

The less expensive white is a Domaine Les Escasses 2012 (2) from the celebrated Plaimont Co-op. Fresh, zesty, lemony, crisp – perfect to drink into spring, and just £6.89.

Our cheaper red is Corney &Barrow’s superlative house claret 2009 (5), at £8.08 — incredible because it is every bit as good as some classed growths. Adam went to Sichel in Bordeaux with his brief, and they suggested various blends. After much fiddling with test tubes and jars they came up with this juicy, cedary, aromatic beauty. A joyful wine.

You can also beef up your order with Corney & Barrow’s excellent house wines. Delivery is free, and there is a sample case containing three each of the wines described.

Prices include VAT and delivery on the British mainland. Payment should be made either by cheque with the order, payable to the wine merchant, or by debit or credit card, details of which may be telephoned or faxed.

Click here to take advantage of this offer (subject to closing date)

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