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July Mini-Bar

6 July 2013

9:00 AM

6 July 2013

9:00 AM

Gordon Ramsay is a terrible fraud. Friends of ours lived near him, and one Christmas their little boy made mince pies. ‘Do you think Mr Ramsay might like my pies?’ he asked, and his parents, a little nervously, assured him he would. So the lad left a plate outside the Ramsay door, and next day got a note back saying, ‘Those were the best mince pies I ever ate!’

So he’s not the monster he is on television. I hope he doesn’t sue me for saying so. I mention this only because our first choice this week (from the amazing FromVineyardsDirect) is house wine in all of Ramsay’s three-star restaurants. It’s Château Bauduc 2010 (2), a delectable white Bordeaux made by a British couple, Gavin and Angela Quinney. We’ve offered an earlier vintage of this before and it was hugely successful. A blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon, it has a depth and richness which make it wondrous as an aperitif or with food. At £9.75, it’s perfect for when friends come round — or for hoarding yourself.

Imagine a Meursault for under £17! This Domaine Michelot 2011 (3) comes close. It’s made by one of the leading growers, Bernard Michelot, in the village of Meursault, but just outside the appellation, so it can’t call itself a Meursault, though basically it is. If you follow me. And it is vinified in the same way as the far more expensive first growths. A tremendous -bargain.

Our bubbly wine also comes from Burgundy. It is a vintage 2009 Crémant de Bourgogne from Lugny (1), and it’s made traditionally so that many people who try it assume it is Champagne. It’s silky, fruity and very stylish. I love Prosecco, but if the occasion required something a shade classier, I would go for this. £13.75 is half what is charged for some inferior Champagnes.

Finally, something to encourage you to order fast. FVD sells a huge amount of de-classified wines to Spectator readers. This ‘generic’ Margaux 2006 (4) is from one of the most famous châteaux in Bordeaux — you would pay ten times as much if it had that name on the label — but strict French laws mean that only a certain amount can be sold under the echt title. This is not the very best of their output, but it comes close, and will go on improving for ten years. There are only 100 cases left, for ever, so make sure you bag yours. Just £19.95.

Delivery is free, and there is a sample case containing three of each wine.

Prices include VAT and delivery on the British mainland. Payment should be made either by cheque with the order, payable to the wine merchant, or by debit or credit card, details of which may be telephoned or faxed.

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