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Why doesn’t the Facebook abuse of Tony Abbott prompt outrage from the moral guardians?

The left are still drunk on the poisonous propaganda they have long consumed

14 September 2013

9:00 AM

14 September 2013

9:00 AM

Oh how the sanctimonious Left bemoaned the slightest criticism of Julia Gillard. Egged on by Gillard’s own rants, and abetted by heavy-hitting propagandists such as David Marr and Robert Manne, the leftist blogosphere and Twitterverse manufactured a strange demonology, wherein Tony Abbott and his supporters were transformed into a misogynistic army of haters.

Such character assassination remains the most overused technique from the Left’s current playbook: A deliberate reverse ad hominem manoeuvre whereby genuine political disagreements from opponents are spun to appear as personal hate-motivated slurs. Media attack dogs for the Obama administration overuse this tactic so often it borders on the comical. You don’t want Obamacare? You’re a racist! Want to keep your guns? How racist! Think tax rates are too high? Racist! You’re a Republican? RACIST!

While Gillard once complained of her internet detractors being ‘misogynists and nutjobs’, the recent federal election demonstrated, more than ever, on just what side of the political fence most of the web’s crazies reside. Andrew Bolt has already commented on the rapid appearance of hate-filled Facebook pages that sprang up post-election.

Including: ‘Tony Abbott should be assassinated’ and ‘Tony Abbott should just die’. A reader of Bolt’s blog was able to track the location of the Facebook user who created the assassinate Abbott page: a trade union hall. No real surprises there. One suspects Bolt was also aware of, but too much of a gentleman to even mention, other disgraceful Facebook hate pages such as ‘Furiously Masturbating To Tony Abbott’s daughters’, or the more innocuous sounding, but equally disgusting page titled ‘Tony Abbott’s Daughters.’ Both are filled with the vilest of sexual descriptions, including incest and bestiality, depraved fantasies that seem to resonate in the souls of too many sickos on the Left.

Like millions across this great land, I watched the election results on Saturday 7 September. One eye on the TV — as my friend Carlos surfed between the various channels’ coverages — the other on Facebook and Twitter. As heartening as the results coming through the TV may have been, the reactions from lefty netizens were beyond disturbing. I don’t exaggerate when I say much of what I read was unpublishable. A slew of deviant comments similar to those on the Facebook pages mentioned above filled my screen. Rage at how the majority of their fellow Australians had voted. Crass sexualised commentary aimed at Abbott’s wife and daughters. Even threats of rape and violence. Just despicable. A smattering of some of the more moderate tweets in this vein follows. In keeping with the Left’s relentless assertion of Abbott’s misogyny, it seems fitting to focus on those of a misogynist bent:

@MusicMelbMary: ‘What would Tony Abbott do if one of his daughter’s became a prostitute?’ @AndyDwyerSays: ‘Tony Abbott’s daughters now snorting lines off toilets at Lib HQ #ausvotes’. @MichelleBlogna: ‘Can’t wait for a leaked sex tape of the @TonyAbbottMHR daughters #ElectionProject’. @mffyrg ‘Shower @TonyAbbottMHR’s repulsive daughters with rotten fruit and veg at every opportunity. The Whores of @LiberalAus.’ @vila900 ‘Tony Abbot’s [sic] daughters look like men. Ugly. #TonyAbbott’. @JcliffordSmith: ‘Tony Abbott’s daughters look like trannies 2nite #ausvotes’. @bernietb: ‘Tony Abbott groping his daughters live on national TV’. @dailydoseofjess: ‘Tony Abbott’s daughters glad they can finally stop playfully stroking their dad’s chest.’ @JazzyAds: ‘Tony Abbott lusts after his daughters. Margie looks like a man, no wonder perv Tony can’t keep his hands off them. #tonyabbott #pervtony’.

Again, as disgraceful as the above tweets may be, they pale in comparison to much of the abject filth that appeared on Twitter and Facebook attacking Abbott and his female family members. But don’t expect outrage from lefty moralists anytime soon. Any more than they ever criticised the treatment of Sophie Mirabella, who was a regular victim of internet abuse. (Indeed, when she looked set to lose her seat, multiple tweeters and Facebookers exclaimed in malicious delight: ‘The Witch Is Dead!’)

And what about the late, great, Margaret Thatcher, whose actual death was celebrated by glee-filled and hate-riddled leftists both on the web and on British streets? How about the relentless vilification of Pauline Hanson? Or the despicable belittlement of Sarah Palin? Hello progressive defenders of the sisterhood? Are you there? Any accusations of misogyny? Of course not. Any woman right of centre — or, as our most recent federal election as proven, even the female family of a centre-right politician — is grist for the Left’s vindictive mill.

When the practice of demonising your opposition is encouraged by Labor’s leadership and intellectual vanguard, it should come as no surprise that their goose-stepping followers start reaching for torches, pitchforks and nooses. Contra the wailing and finger-pointing of the Left, it’s not News Limited, Alan Jones, or even their great Satan — Tony Abbott — who are responsible for the ugly divisiveness in modern Australia.

The paranoid strain in Australian political thought originates from the Left’s own propaganda machine, long geared to portraying the ‘unelectable’ Liberal leader as a misogynistic, homophobic, racist monster. Thank God that most of Australia didn’t fall for their lies. But a seething minority of true believers and fellow travellers, their own souls overflowing with the hatred they project onto others, are still drunk on the poisonous propaganda they have long consumed. It is almost a case study demonstrating why the Left are always so ready to accuse others of the politics of hate. Because they know exactly what it looks like. And if they ever have to check, verification is always just a mirror away.

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