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Christmas Mixed Case

12 December 2013

4:00 AM

12 December 2013

4:00 AM

This is our positively final offer of the year, and the famed old St James merchants, Berry Bros. & Rudd, have come up with a stunning mixed case which would see you through a deliciously bibulous Christmas. Together we have selected five table wines (there are two bottles each in the case) plus single bottles of a fine, fizzing champagne and an excellent port.

The good news is that this brilliant dozen has been reduced to under £200, a saving on list prices of £66, give or take a few pence. But the less exhilarating news is that to snap up this bargain you need to act fast. BBR cannot deliver in time for Christmas in the UK any orders received after this Wednesday, 18 December. So get on the phone or go online, lickety split, and you’ll be fine.

Wines are not available separately by the case, though of course there is nothing to stop you buying further supplies later at list price if you are taken by a particular bottle.

Our champagne is a non-vintage from Gardet, their brut reserve. This is roughly one-third Pinot Meunier, one-third Pinot Noir and one-third Chardonnay, with a fair splash of older oak-aged wine, which gives it extra biscuity depth. This is drinking well now, but will also improve over the next few years, if you can keep your twitching hands away from the cork. There’s £6.50 off the list price.

The everyday drinking white is an Albarino, one of the great grapes of Spain. Bone dry, yet slightly scented — pineapple and spices — it has subtlety and finesse, remarkable for wine that is being sold under under £9, or £3 off the list price. A lovely aperitif or with a seafood starter.

Our next choice is a very classy white Burgundy, a 2010 Pouilly-Fuisse Terroir de Vergisson, that normally sells for £27 but here has been reduced by £6.75 a bottle. Since Burgundies are generally named after a nearby village rather than a specific grower, there can be great variations in quality. But, trust me, this is very good indeed. It would certainly stand up to your turkey, having a terrific flavour plus enough acidity to cut through all that fat and gravy.

Our glugging red is a Chianti Riserva from Corliano, made in the magnificent year of 2009. It is reduced by £3.75. Tuscan wines just go on getting better and better, and I know you will enjoy this rich, fruit-filled number with its smack of damsons and sour cherries. A great food wine — with the Boxing Day cold meats?

St Joseph from the northern Rhône can be slightly thin for my taste, though not this rich, dark, musky, luscious 2010 from the celebrated J-L Chave. As I have said, the Chinese are now catching on to Rhône wines, so prices can only rise, which makes this £6 a bottle reduction all the more terrific.

For claret fans we have a 2004 Grand Cru St Emilion, nine years maturing, reduced by £6.75. What is not to like here? Merlot is ripe and soft and velvety, and here the tannins have beautifully lost their edge. Open this a couple of hours before you drink, decant it, and it will turn an ordinary traditional Christmas dinner into something quite exceptional. (Cooks hate it if you give more attention to the wine than the food.)

Why don’t we drink more port? It is amazing value. The William Pickering 20-year-old tawny (named after one of BBR’s founding fathers) may be non-vintage but it is utterly delicious, smooth, perfumed, stylish, absolutely perfect with pudding or with cheese. Or just on its own.

This case costs £197.74. Prices include VAT. As always with our offers, delivery is free. But if you are interested I suggest you get your order in as fast as you can.

Prices include VAT and delivery on the British mainland. Payment should be made either by cheque with the order, payable to the wine merchant, or by debit or credit card, details of which may be telephoned or faxed.

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