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So are public-sector workers really underpaid?

No. Plus: What government departments fine one another, and the biggest sporting crowds

12 July 2014

9:00 AM

12 July 2014

9:00 AM

Public benefit

Public sector unions held a strike over pay. How well are public-sector workers paid compared with their counterparts in the private sector?
— Comparing jobs like for like, public sector workers earn between 2.2% and 3.1% more than private sector workers in April last year.
— In the lowest-earning 5% of workers, public sector workers earned 13% more than private sector workers.
— In the highest-earning 5%, public-sector workers earned 6% less than private sector ones.
Source: ONS

Fine, fine, fine

Network Rail was fined £53 million for running late trains. We are used to public authorities fining us, but how much do they fine each other?
£2.5m: Fine imposed upon York hospital by government for missing A&E targets.
£185,000: Amount that the Department of Justice Northern Ireland was fined by the Information Commissioner’s Office for selling a filing cabinet full of papers relating to victims of terrorism.
£20,000: Fine imposed by the HSE on Renfrewshire Council after an elderly tenant fell through the floor in her block of flats.

Reporting abuse

The government announced an inquiry into child sex abuse. Are recorded offences more prevalent than a decade ago?

Rape of female under 16 3,010
Rape of male under 16 322
Sexual assault on female under 13 4,490
Sexual assault on male under 13 1,230
Rape of female under 16 2,800
Rape of male under 16 352
Sexual assault on female under 13 4,170
Sexual assault on male under 13 1,270

Source: Home Office

Great sports

Six million spectators are estimated to have watched the Tour de France during the three stages held in England. Which sports pull the biggest crowds?
538,000 attended Phoenix Open golf championship over four days in 2008.
394,000 watched the Calcutta Test match between England and India in 1982.
257,000 was the estimated crowd for Indianapolis 500 motor race in 2004.
199,900 watched Brazil play Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup.
190,000 attended a pro-wrestling event in May Day Stadium, Korea, in 1995.

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