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The Burkini story: proudly born in Australia (and only 60% Muslim)

Also in our Barometer column: drowning, subjects with few A*s at GCSE, and quiet trains

3 September 2016

9:00 AM

3 September 2016

9:00 AM

Behind the cover-up

Some facts about Burkinis:
— The Burkini was invented by Ahedi Zanetti, a Lebanese-born Australian businesswoman, in 2004 after watching her niece trying to play netball in a hijab.
— Muslim lifeguards started wearing them on Sydney beaches in 2007.
— According to Zanetti, 40% of her customers are non-Muslim.
— Two years ago, several swimming pools in Morocco were reported to have banned them for hygiene reasons.

Drowning by numbers

Five men drowned at Camber Sands in Sussex after being trapped playing football on a sandbank. Where did the 311 people who drowned in Britain last year die?

Coast/beach 95
River 86
Out at sea 26
Harbour/marina 23
Lake/loch 23
Canal 22
Bath/jacuzzi 11
Reservoir 7
Pond 6
Swimming pool 5
Quarry 4
Drain 3
Source: National Water Safety Forum

Low-grade options

Is it easier to get a grade A* at GCSE in unconventional subjects?

% of candidates who score an A*
Biology 13%
Business studies 3.3%
Chemistry 15%
Citizenship studies 2.3%
Engineering 0.9%
English Language 3.3%
English Literature 5.1%
Health and Social Care 2.7%
History 8.7%
Hospitality 2.4%
Latin 34%
Leisure and Tourism 1.7%
Maths 5.7%
Media/film/TV studies 3.2%
Physics 15%

Quiet carriages

Some rail services on which Jeremy Corbyn definitely would get a seat:

9.22 (Friday only) Stockport to Reddish South (54 people used Reddish South station last year, using the one train a week).
11.05 (Sunday) Darlington to Teeside Airport (32 people used Teeside Airport station last year, via the one weekly service).
11.36 Paddington to Ruislip One service a day — reports of one person using it.

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