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Where in Europe has the smallest gender pay gap? Surprisingly, Romania

Also in Barometer: who drives for Uber, and who sent the first postcard?

30 September 2017

9:00 AM

30 September 2017

9:00 AM

Lost in the post

Postcard maker J. Salmon is to close after almost 140 years, because holidaymakers now send phone selfies rather than cards.
— What is believed to be the very first postcard was a selfie of sorts. It was a caricature of postal workers that practical joker Theodore Hook sent to himself in Fulham using a penny black stamp in 1840, the year the penny post was introduced.
— It was another 30 years before postcards were officially accepted by the Royal Mail, and the now standard design of a picture on the front, address and message on the back was established only in 1902.
— Mr Hook’s card was sold at auction in 2002 for £31,750.

Pay walls

Which countries have the largest pay gaps between men and women, in a survey of 33 countries? The figures below give female earnings as a percentage of male. (Only in three countries, Egypt, Nigeria and UAE, are women paid more than men overall.)

Mexico -31
Brazil -30
UK -29
Netherlands -25
Egypt +34
Nigeria +7.3
UAE +0.7
Romania -9.3
Mexico -2.9
Brazil -1.6
UK -0.8
Netherlands -1.0
Egypt +0.1
Nigeria +0.4
UAE +2.1
Romania -1.9

Source: Korn Ferry Hay Group

Steering group

Transport for London refused to renew Uber’s licence to operate cabs. In a survey of 20 American cities, Uber drivers were:

Male 86%
Aged 18-29 19%
30-39 30%
40-49 26%
50+ 24%
Have degrees 48%
White 37%
Black 18%
Hispanic 16%
Asian 15%
Married 50%
Parents 46%

Source: Uber

Wordless protest

Some players in America’s National Football League are refusing to stand for their national anthem in a racism protest and in defiance of President Donald Trump. But would they even know the words? Percentage of citizens who know the first verse of their national anthems:

Australia 71%
(figure for second verse, 2014 poll by Jack Daniel’s)
UK 68%
(YouGov 2014)
Switzerland 56%
(DemoSCOPE 2011)
USA 39%
(ABC 2004)

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