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Don’t agree with me? You must be a Nazi

Also in Barometer: which ethnic minorities do best at getting into Oxford University?

28 October 2017

9:00 AM

28 October 2017

9:00 AM

Littler Hitlers

Cabinet secretary Damian Green appealed to commentators to halt the ‘ridiculous rise of routine comparisons to Hitler’. A small selection of examples in the past week:
— Chants of ‘Go home, Nazis’ met a white supremacist rally in Florida, where at least one attendee was in a swastika T-shirt.
— Ex-US vice president Joe Biden asked universities to respect free speech, saying ‘don’t give the Trumps of this world the ability to compare you with Nazis’.
— An ultra-orthodox Jew protesting against military service called Israeli police ‘Nazis’.
— Ex-National Front and BNP campaigner Kevin Wilshaw said he had ‘completely wasted’ his past life as a ‘Nazi’.

Race winners

Oxford University was criticised because one in three colleges had not admitted any black Britons. How many applied and were accepted from various ethnicities in 2016?

Ethnicity Applications
White 26,200
Mixed white/Asian 1,090
Mixed white/black African 189
Mixed white/black Caribbean 225
Chinese 691
Black/black British: Caribbean 124
Arab 166
Black/black British: African 702
Refused to give ethnicity 493
Ethnicity Accepted
White 25%
Mixed white/Asian 25%
Mixed white/black African 24%
Mixed white/black Caribbean 20%
Chinese 18%
Black/black British: Caribbean 15%
Arab 13%
Black/black British: African 11%
Refused to give ethnicity 27%

Them too

Over a million people tweeted with the hashtag #metoo to say that they had been sexually harassed or assaulted. How many people in England and Wales reported sex offences in the year to June 2017?

Rape of female over 16 29,168
Rape of female under 16 6,424
Rape of male over 16 1,786
Rape of male under 16 867
Sexual assault of female over 13 31,886
Sexual assault of female under 13 8,407
Sexual assault of male over 13 4,635
Sexual assault of male under 13 3,553


The film director Ken Loach says Bath, his home town, is being ruined by tourism. Here are some towns he could move to which, according to VisitBritain, received fewer than 1,000 tourist visitors last year:
Barnard Castle, County Durham
Denbigh, North Wales
Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales
Girvan, Strathclyde
Peel, Isle of Man
Builth Wells, North Wales

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