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The way we live now

24 March 2018

4:00 AM

24 March 2018

4:00 AM

We hear a lot about what EU leaders think and want. But how do the people who actually live in the European Union feel about the way it operates, and how do they view the future? That’s what this supplement aims to get to grips with, with the aid of data from the Századvég Foundation’s Project 28 survey.

The Századvég Foundation was established in 1993 as the first conservative think-tank in Hungary, and has been conducting public opinion research and political and social analysis ever since. Its studies cover a wide range of areas, including economic policy, foreign and security policy, demography, and youth and family policy issues.

With this in mind, in 2016 Századvég launched an annual EU-wide public opinion poll – its flagship Project 28 survey – which solicits views across the EU on a wide range of topics in a bid to understand the issues affecting its citizens. Of course, the results vary from country to country, but as Douglas Murray finds, sometimes we are more similar than you might think.

What about Brexit? We are nearly a year into the negotiations but as Ross Clark discovers, people’s opinions about us leaving have barely changed. The divorce proceedings might be tricky, says Anthony Browne, but there are potential benefits for everyone once we get through this stage.

Elsewhere, Colonel Tim Collins explains why a European army would be hopelessly ineffective. And William Cook profiles Austria’s Sebastian Kurz, the youngest national leader in the world. Europe is changing – but into what?

Camilla Swift, Editor


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