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Which town is most proud to be English?

9 June 2018

9:00 AM

9 June 2018

9:00 AM

Ready for take-off?

That Heathrow timeline in full:

1949 Labour government proposes an additional two runways for newly opened Heathrow airport.
1990 Conservative government publishes plan for third runway.
2003 Labour government produces white paper proposing short third runway, involving demolition of 700 homes.
2007 Consultation begins.
2009 Gordon Brown decides to go ahead with third runway.
2010 David Cameron elected on promise to ditch third runway, ‘no ifs, no buts’.
2012 Cameron commissions Sir Howard Davies to look into airport expansion.
2015 Davies recommends a third runway.
2016 Theresa May’s cabinet decides to go ahead with third runway.
2018 Theresa May’s cabinet re-decides to go ahead with third runway.

Time and money

The inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire could last years. What have been the most expensive public inquiries in recent times?

Bloody Sunday £191.5m, 12.5 years
Rosemary Nelson (N Ireland) £46.5m, 6.5 years
Robert Hamill (also NI) £33m, 7 years
Billy Wright (also NI) £30.5m, 6 years
Harold Shipman Inquiry £21m, 4 years
Chilcott Inquiry £13m, 8 years
Leveson Inquiry £5.4m, 1 year


Track records

Which train companies run the greatest and least number of late trains?

% of services cancelled or seriously late

First Hull Trains 13.0
Grand Central 11.2
TransPennine 10.1
Virgin East Coast 8.8


Chiltern 1.6
Merseyrail 1,8
East Midlands 1.9
South Western 2.2

Source: Network Rail

Pride of place

Where are people proudest to be English?

Boston, Lincs 73%
Castle Point, Essex 71%
W Norfolk and N/NE Lincs 70%
Carlisle and East Riding of Yorks 68%


Hackney 37%
Lambeth 38%
Tower Hamlets 40%
Southwark 42%
Westminster 43%

Source: YouGov

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