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Economic Disruptor Award In association with Julius Baer

2018 finalists – The Midlands

10 August 2018

4:38 PM

10 August 2018

4:38 PM

CEO: Dr. David Jehring
Based: Worcester
Specialist Area: Healthcare IT

Black Pear’s principle activity is software research and development in the healthcare sector. Its greatest innovation has been the use of the public cloud to create an electronic ‘Shared Plan’ for patients, enabling their medical data to be shared quickly and easily between all health care professionals involved.

CEO: Benedikt von Thüngen
Based: Cambridge
Specialist area: Speech recognition technology

Speechmatics has developed speech recognition software it claims can understand ‘any English accent in the world from Owen Jones to Jacob Rees-Mogg’. The company has recently developed a unique AI-powered framework called ‘The Automatic Linguist’, which uses machine-learning to ‘build’ any language in the world in a matter of days.

CEO: Steven Greenall
Based: Tamworth
Specialist Area: Music and Education

Warwick Music Group has created a range of musical instruments for children from plastic. The plastic designs are typically more portable, more durable and cheaper than traditional instruments. Launched in 2012, the world’s first plastic trombone – pBone – has since become the biggest-selling trombone worldwide.

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