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Economic Disruptor Award In association with Julius Baer

2018 finalists – London and The South

10 August 2018

4:38 PM

10 August 2018

4:38 PM

CEO: James Hind
Based: Westminster
Specialist area: Automotive

Carwow is a comparison website that aims to facilitate car sales in the smoothest way possible. Customers submit their ideal specifications and receive offers from approved dealers, removing the need to haggle.

CEO: Roger Hassan
Based: Marylebone
Specialist area: Healthcare

Echo is an app designed to make NHS prescriptions more efficient. Users download the app, select their GP, and input what repeat medication they need. The prescription is then delivered free via Royal Mail and Echo’s network of partner pharmacies. Smart reminders tell users when to take their meds and when they are about to run out.

CEO: Jamie McInnes
Based: Rowland’s Castle, Hampshire
Specialist area: Agritech

Hectare is aiming to reinvent farm trading by bringing the sales of livestock and cereals online via its pioneering websites SellMy Livestock and Graindex. SellMy Livestock provides a ‘full service history’ of an animal, even including their carbon footprint.

CEO: Peter Ramsey
Based: Brighton
Specialist area: PropTech

Movem bills its new Passport technology as ‘the first truly instant tenant reference’. Movem allows letting agents to check a tenant’s identity, income and rent in seconds, replacing a significant chunk of the letting process without any human administration.

CEO: David Sheridan
Based: City of London
Specialist area: FinTech

Onedox is an app designed to be your digital PA. Users add their bills – phone, electric, Spectator subscription – to their ‘household dashboard’ which then gives an overview of all outgoing spending, identifying any better available deals, and encouraging users to make savvy financial choices.

CEO: Michelle Kennedy
Based: Fitzrovia
Specialist area: Social Networking

Peanut is a match-making app for like-minded mums to meet, chat and share horror stories. Helping to combat the loneliness of motherhood, founder Michelle Kennedy’s Peanut already has over 300,000 users.

CEO: Virraj Jatania
Based: Fitzrovia
Specialist Area: FinTech

Pockit is a mobile banking app which – for a cost of 99p – aims to provide financial services to up to eight million underbanked Britons who are currently unable to shop online, secure a credit card or send money to family abroad without being charged extortionate fees. It also offers a service known as ‘LoqBox’, which allows customers to build their credit score over time.

CEO: Nikolay Storonsky
Based: Canary Wharf
Specialist Area: FinTech

Revolut is a digital banking and money transfer service which offers an international currency card, allowing customers easily to switch between pounds, euros, dollars without paying any extra fees. You can also buy and exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

CEO: JD McNeill
Based: Surrey
Specialist area: Software and computer game development

Slitherine is a software company that has used its background in the video games industry – Augmented Reality and AI – to construct real-life war-gaming scenarios for the US Department of Defence. After successful trials, their software is now being taken up by other militaries, including the UK, Australia and several members of NATO.

CEO: Jonny Ohlson
Based: Hampton, London
Specialist area: Biotechnology

Torchlight specialises in DNA synthesising and its potential applications. Their key development has been the creation of a novel ‘cell free’ process for the production of large scale DNA, which can produce genes ‘not otherwise possible’.

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