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Economic Disruptor Award In association with Julius Baer

2018 finalists – The North East

10 August 2018

4:38 PM

10 August 2018

4:38 PM

CEO: Gary Gallen
Based: Kingston-upon-Hull
Specialist Area: Legal

rradar is a company that wants to ‘change the way that people see lawyers’. Diagnosing prevention as being as important as the cure, rradar has established a vast online resource for clients seeking legal advice, a database for risk management, and the opportunity to contact a team of experts who can respond quickly to their queries.

CEO: Brian Waligora
Based: Leeds
Specialist Area: Heathcare/infection control

Surfaceskins have developed push pads for the fight against superbugs. Designed to be placed at hand height on doors they dispense an alcohol-based gel when pressed. The gel disinfects the user’s hand, leaving the door germ practically germ-free for the next person, cutting down dramatically on potentially deadly infections.

CEO: Darren Jobling
Based: Newcastle
Specialist Area: Automotive Technology

ZeroLight uses immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality to create an ‘Intelligent Car Configurator’. Operating in exquisite detail, the configurator functions as a virtual car show room allowing customers the chance to explore the vehicle, inside and out. An experience proven to drive sales.

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