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The maddest road signs from around the world

30 March 2019

9:00 AM

30 March 2019

9:00 AM

Silly signs

The Department for Transport ordered councils to remove ‘obsolete and unnecessary’ road signs. Some examples of the art from around the world:

— ‘Sign not in use’ (UK)
— ‘Please do not throw stones at this sign’ (Ireland)
— ‘Road unsafe when this sign is under water’ (US)
— ‘Caution: water on road during rain’ (US)
— ‘Caution: road unsuitable for some types of vehicle’ (UK)
— ‘Caution: no warning signs’ (US)
— ‘Caution: this sign has sharp edges’ (US)

Packing in fans

Tottenham Hotspur held the first match in its new stadium. Which English clubs can pack in the greatest number of fans?

Manchester United 75,811
Spurs 62,062
Arsenal 60,260
West Ham 60,000
Manchester City 55,000
Liverpool 54,074
Newcastle 52,339
Sunderland 49,000
Aston Villa 42,785


Popular petitions

A petition on the government website to revoke Article 50 surpassed 5 million signatures. The other most popular current petitions (as at 25 March):

Ban all Isis members from

returning to the UK 591,388
Leave EU without a deal 542,237
Ban the sale of fireworks to the public 305,141
School should start at 10 a.m. as teenagers are too tired 186,936
Grant People’s Vote if parliament rejects the EU withdrawal deal 141,892
Make ‘netting’ hedgerows to prevent birds nesting a criminal offence 140,302


Robot takeovers

Which districts have the highest and lowest percentages of jobs at high risk from automation, according to the Office of National Statistics?

Boston 29.5
Sedgemoor 16.1
Hambleton, Arun 15.1
Peterborough, East Staffs 14.1
Hull 13.6


Wokingham 2.4
Bexley 3.7
Bromley 3.9
Bracknell, West Berks 4.1
Solihull 4.4

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