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Will more babies be called Archie now the royals have chosen it?

18 May 2019

9:00 AM

18 May 2019

9:00 AM

Royal name games

Will more children be called Archie following the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son? How have other names fared after being picked by royalty?
— George was the 6th most popular boy’s name in 2012, the year before Prince George was born. In 2014 it fell to 18th.
— Charlotte was the 17th most popular girl’s name in 2014, the year before Princess Charlotte was born. In 2016 it rose to 15th.
— Louis did not make the 50 most popular boys’ names in 2017, the year before Prince Louis was born, although Louie was 36th. We haven’t got figures for a full year since his birth last April, but it failed to make the top 50 in 2018.
— Archie was the 15th most popular boy’s name in 2018.

Junk food

The government’s food surplus and waste champion said we are in the ‘midst of a food waste epidemic’. Which foods do we throw away most in tons?

Potatoes 359,000
Bread slices 328,000
Apples 190,000
Meat and fish mixed meals 161,000
Naan, tortilla, ‘world breads’ 102,000
Vegetable mixed meals 96,000
Pasta mixed meals 87,000
Bread rolls/baguettes 86,000
Rice mixed meals 85,000
Bananas 84,000

Source: Waste Resources Action Programme

Poll position

The Conservatives are polling between 10 and 15 per cent for the European elections on 23 May. How does that compare with the party’s most dismal performances in previous nationwide elections?

2014 European elections 23.1%
2004 European elections 25.9%
1994 European elections 26.8%
2009 European elections 27.4%
1997 general election 30.7%
2001 general election 30.7%


Electric revolution

Sales of electric cars rose by 14 per cent in 2018 — lower than the average rise of 48 per cent across Europe. In which countries do electric cars have the biggest market share?

Norway 39%
Iceland 12%
Sweden 6.3%
China 2.2%
UK 1.7%
Germany 1.6%
US 1.2%
Japan 1.0%

Source:  International Energy Agency

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