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What happened to the other Dukes of York?

23 November 2019

9:00 AM

23 November 2019

9:00 AM

Old Dukes of York

Prince Andrew is the 14th royal to have held the title Duke of York (three were styled the Duke of York and Albany). What happened to the other Dukes of York?
— Two were killed in battle: Edward of Norwich at Agincourt in 1415 and Richard of York at the Battle of Wakefield in 1460. One, Richard of Shrewsbury, was murdered; he was one of the ‘princes in the tower’ who disappeared in 1483.
— Barring unexpected events, Andrew will be the first Duke of York since Prince Frederick in the early 19th century not to progress onto the throne. Unlike Andrew, Prince Frederick moved closer to the throne throughout his life and was heir presumptive when he died in 1827 of overindulgence. He left vast debts incurred through gambling. Since then, the title was held by the future George V and George VI.

Battle royal

How popular are European monarchies?

Liechtenstein 85%
UK and Commonwealth (2018) 81%
Norway (2017) 81%
Denmark (2014) 77%
Luxembourg (2016) 70%
Netherlands (2019) 68%
Spain (2017) 61%
Sweden (2017) 55%


Climbing the brackets

Do the wealthy pay enough tax? Average rate of income tax paid by income group
in 2018/19:

£11,850–£15,000 2.1%
£15,000–£20,000 5.7%
£20,000–£30,000 9.5%
£30,000–£50,000 12%
£50,000–£100,000 20%
£100,000–£150,000 30%
£150,000–£200,000 34%
£200,000–£500,000 38%
£500,000–£1m 40%
£1m–£2m 40%
Over £2m 39%

Source : ONS

Foreign investment

Which countries saw the most foreign
direct investment in 2018 (in billions
of dollars)?

US 277
China 139
Hong Kong 116
Singapore 78
Netherlands 70
UK 64
Brazil 61
Australia 60

Source: UNCTAD

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