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‘Religion of peace’ to execute Christian woman for ‘blasphemy’ in Pakistan

'Religion of peace' to execute Christian woman for 'blasphemy' in Pakistan
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Not long to go now before a middle-aged Christian woman, Asia Bibi, is hanged in Pakistan for allegedly having said something disparaging about the prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him etc.

Exactly what it was she said about old Mo’ isn’t entirely clear. Something a bit snippy, I would guess. She’d been arguing with some Muslim women who objected to Mrs Bibi using their communal drinking cup - because as a Christian she is, of course, unclean.

Two politicians who tried to help her were assassinated. When the convicted killer appeared in court, al-Jazeera reports, he was 'showered with rose petals and praise'. Mrs Bibi meanwhile has just lost her appeal, presumably much to old Mo’s quiet satisfaction. Life in the stone age, then, under the religion of peace ©.

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