James Forsyth

‘The end of men’ debate

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Hanna Rosin’s ‘the end of men’ thesis is one of the more interesting socio-economic and cultural arguments out of there. Rosin’s view is that women are simply better suited than men to the new economic environment and thus will increasingly pull ahead of men, reversing old gender dynamics.

Rosin points out that, in the US, 13 of the 15 professions expected to grow the most over the next decade are female dominated, that around 60 percent of bachelors and masters degrees are earned by women and that young women earn more than young men. Intriguingly, where parents in US fertility clinics are trying to determine the gender of their child, they are aiming for a girl three quarters of the time.

In her Atlantic piece setting out her argument, Rosin speculates that a new middle class will emerge in America dominated by African-American and white women where marriage is unusual. This would have a whole series of knock-on effects on politics and culture.

Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan