Peter Hoskin

A clearer position?

A clearer position?
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Recently, the Tories haven't quite been giving us the full picture on Europe.  Sure, they've opposed the Lisbon Treaty, and have been pushing for a referendum on it.  But they've also been tight-lipped about what a Cameron Government would do should the Treaty be ratified.  Would they pull out of it?  Would they hold a retrospective referendum? etc. etc.  

As Three Line Whip points out, the Tory MP David Heathcoat Amory may have made things a little clearer.  Here's what he told The House Magazine:

"The next Conservative government will renegotiate our relationship with Europe and finally the people will have a vote on this."

A party spokesman has already batted down expectations, with a coy "We'll go into more detail when the time is right".  But it's an encouraging sign nonetheless.