Peter Hoskin

A grim reminder of the Islamist threat?

A grim reminder of the Islamist threat?
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Yesterday's attempted car-bombing in Times Square doesn't really tell us anything beyond that there are sociapaths willing to blow people up, and that sometimes luck – rather than judgement – foils their bloody plans.  But, given the Pakistani Taliban's claim that they were responsible for the attempt, it does serve as a grim reminder of the poison seeping out of that region.  

The question now, and for the next few months, is whether the West will somehow become more engaged inside Pakistan.  It's notable how British ministers have increasingly namechecked the country when justifying our presence in Afghanistan – but, still, it seems that the Taliban and other Islamist groups have strengthened their foothold there.  And, if today's claims are to believed, they are now striking outwards.

Either way, whoever wins this week's election faces an international situation every bit as ominous, and as tricky, as our domestic woes.  The next Prime Minister's position will hardly be enviable.