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An Alaska-Stockholm Summit?

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It's too late now, of course, but there's at least one head of state Sarah Palin has something in common with. King Carl Gustaf XVI of Sweden who has just come out in favour of shooting wolves.

Bonus: Sweden's moose-hunting season opened last week, and moose - or elk - hunting is increasingly popular amongst women:

Some 300,000 moose, or elk as they're known in Europe, roam Sweden's woods during the summer months, and about a third of those are killed off each autumn during the hunt.

"Society has changed over the years. Now people can pursue their interests, regardless of gender and there's nothing stopping them..." Anja Kjellsson, a game manager in the northern county of Västerbotten and who runs a network for women hunters, told AFP...

"The hunt has always been a little traditional, but now it's really caught on among women," she says, noting that the change started in earnest in the 1980s...

According to the Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management, the share of women passing the hunting exam has risen from 18 percent in 1995 to 25 percent this year.

Some 14,200 women in Sweden have now paid the annual hunting conservation fee required to hunt - including Sweden's glamourous, 24-year-old blonde-haired blue-eyed Princess Madeleine (who shot a roe deer last year) as well as Communications Minister Ulrica Messing.

[Hat-tip: Certain Ideas of Europe]

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