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And now YouGov...

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You want more numbers? Well, the YouGov figures for the Sun have just come in, and they are: the Tories on 35 percent (no change), Labour on 28 percent (down two), and the Lib Dems on 28 percent (up 4). So far tonight, all the polls have been in hung parliament territory (on an uniform national swing). And most have Labour and the Lib Dems more or less on level-pegging.

More polls here and here.  There's a good handful still to come, so keep your seat calculators to hand.

UPDATE: YouGov also conducted some marginals polling. Here are Peter Kellner's words from the YouGov website, by way of an explanation:

"We also polled nearly 2,000 respondents in Labour-held marginal seats that would go to the Conservatives on a swing of 3-7%:

Con 36% (+3 since 2005)

Lab 33% (-11)

Lib Dem 23% (+6)

Others 8% (+2)

Sample: 1,909, polled on 4th and 5th May 2010.

This means the swing from Labour to the Conservatives is 5% nationally, but 7% in key Labour marginals.

On these figures I would expect the Conservatives to gain around 100 seats from Labour.

It will be a closer race for second place in overall votes, and it’s harder to call Con-Lib and Lab-Lib marginals. But I would expect Liberal Democrats to gain more from the Tories than they lose - and for them to gain up to 20 seats from Labour.

Overall, my prediction of the outcome tomorrow is:

Conservative: 300-310 seats

Labour: 230-240

Lib Dem: 75-85

Others: around 30

If that’s right, then David Cameron is likely to be Prime Minister by Friday night, at the head of a minority government."