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And the trains even sort of run on time...

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Brilliant. From the Sydney Morning Herald:

After recent items on weird conditions for public transport there has been a flurry of mail, but we may have to close the correspondence after this, from Kim Meredith, of Ainslie, ACT: "My favourite ticketing system was in Mumbai, India," Kim enthuses. "No one actually buys a ticket, but you can buy 'ticket insurance' from private entrepreneurs who work at the entrance of the station. The 'ticket insurance' is about half the price of a regular rail ticket. It gives you a guarantee that, in the extraordinary event that you are booked by a railways inspector for taking a free ride, your fine will be paid. A relative was once booked and the ticket insurer paid the fine exactly as promised."

[Via Tyler Cowen whose new book, Discover Your Inner Economist has a) just been delivered to me by the nice folk at and b) looks super-fab.]


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