Andy Burnham and ‘posh coffee’ - a brief history

Andy Burnham and 'posh coffee' - a brief history
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This evening, Andy Burnham has whipped social media into a frenzy after the Labour MP decided to wade into 'barista-gate'. Following reports that the Home Secretary is considering plans for ‘barista visas’ -- which would allow young Europeans to work in the hospitality industry after Brexit -- Burnham has taken to Twitter to let it be known that he is unimpressed.

The former shadow home secretary says the 'right-wing' policy is bizarre as 'God forbid the idea of waiting longer in the morning for their posh coffee'.

Alas (as tends to be the case with flip flop Burnham) the Labour candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester's comments don't appear to be particularly well thought through. The 'posh coffee' industry employs 110k people and there is a booming artisan (aka 'posh') coffee scene in Manchester. What's more, Burnham appears to be partial to a 'posh coffee' himself -- recently been snapped out with one.

And the baristas of Manchester (particularly those who have served him) are not best pleased:

What's more, it wasn't so long ago that Burnham was calling for more coffee shops:

Mr S hopes Burnham wakes up and smells the coffee before it's too late...

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