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Audio: Wimbledon champion Andy Murray says he’s ‘a British winner’

Audio: Wimbledon champion Andy Murray says he's 'a British winner'
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A Scot has ended Britain's 77 years of hurt: it's a glorious day, and Andy Murray's was a glorious victory. Anticipating this, there were three party leaders watching. From the moment Alex Salmond settled down in Centre Court, you knew what he was up to: he'd have packed a Saltire in his lunchbox and would wave it when the cameras were on him. He was planning to photobomb.

Why? Because, to the SNP, sport is more political than politics: their world is all about what flags you wave, which sportsmen you cheer - and which you don't. The First Minister even tried to hawk the idea of 'Scolympians' last year, trying to divide the British Olympic team between Scots and non-Scots. It was a ludicrous notion, as Sir Chris Hoy said later.

Political leaders often watch grand finals, but they seldom pack massive flags to wave in hope of making a point. Salmond loves to say how he is Scottish and European, but not British — but, as he was to learn, it's not a sentiment shared by Andy Murray.

Here's an extract from Murray's post-match interview. He was asked about Henman Hill, outside Centre Court, where hundreds had gathered to roar their support. It was a sea of Saltires and Union flags, a wonderful spectacle Scottish and English fans joined to cheer on a fellow countryman. Murray was asked about that support:-

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